Four week TEFL courses with guaranteed lifetime worldwide job placement

Four week TEFL courses from EBC. Accredited TESOL and TEFL training. Guaranteed lifetime, worldwide, proactive job placement. Accommodation options.

Four week TEFL courses

EBC’s four week TEFL courses give you:

  • Accredited TESOL and TEFL training in TEFL job hotspots overseas
  • Optional accommodation for your 4 week TEFL course
  • An EBC International TEFL certificate and an EBC International Certificate in TESOL
  • Guaranteed lifetime, worldwide, proactive job placement
  • 16 hours of teaching practice and 8 hours of demonstration classes
  • Accent tolerant TEFL courses


Here are some very good reasons: An accredited course; Experience; Top quality trainers; Approachable staff; 24 hours of teaching practice; Teacher/Student interaction; International recognition; Student intake quality; Training quality: designed for teachers by teachers, EBC NEVER cancels courses; Student satisfaction; Great cities to study and work in; and lastly but most importantly Jobs – Our unrivalled, lifelong commitment to helping you find work.


EBC’s four week TEFL courses are built to get you a job asap after graduating. The TEFL courses are practical and thorough. They are designed for candidates with no previous experience teaching English. They are also suitable for candidates with some experience but no formal TEFL training. During EBC’s four week TEFL courses you will become familiar with the principles of successful EFL teaching. You will learn the practical skills needed to teach effectively and get an English teaching job. Our worldwide, lifetime, job placement programme finds jobs for you.

Simple, step by step course application: choose your course, select your start date, enter your details and that's it.

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