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You want to teach English in Spain but you are not sure how?

It has never been simpler to come and teach English in Spain. Is it difficult? No, not if you do things properly. EBC has launched its Road2Spain program specifically for anyone interested in coming to teach English in Spain.

Whatever your reason may be:

  • a gap year,
  • career change,
  • stuck for a decent paying job back home or,
  • like many of our students, you want some adventure in your life,

EBC’s Road2Spain programme may well be what you are looking for. EBC’s Road2Spain program includes everything except flights and meals

EBC offers a complete study programme designed for people who want to spend time teaching in Spain

  • A 4 week, officially accredited TEFL and TESOL training course
  • A TEFL certificate
  • An accredited TESOL certificate
  • Worldwide, lifetime and proactive job placement
  • Ongoing, lifetime continuing professional teaching education
  • A one academic year Cervantes Institute Spanish course
  • A one year student visa
  • Optional four weeks accommodation for your initial TEFL course study

Gold Package: TEFL + one academic year Spanish + one year student visa is 2,255 Euros

Road2Spain Package: TEFL + one academic year Spanish + one year student visa + 4 weeks accommodation is 2,880 Euros

For more information about prices and everything that is included, look at our Gold and Road2Spain packages.

So why come and teach English in Spain?

If there is one city in the world that can be considered as having a lively spirit or “mucha marcha”, that is none other than Madrid in Spain. Madrid is the capital of Spain and is its largest city. It is famous for having a vibrant nightlife and a multitude of tourist attractions to offer its visitors.

If you read some tour guides, one comment that you will probably find is “when do the Madrileños go to sleep?” Did you know that Spanish has a verb for “to go out partying all night”? – “Madrugar” – learn it! Taking the TEFL course Madrid Spain program should be at the top of your list. Apart from the most obvious tourist destinations that you can visit, there are plenty of off-the-beaten track places to discover. There are hidden parks known only to the locals, small shops and colourful neighbourhoods like La Latina, Malasaña and Lavapies. The Madrilenian culture is also a delight. Madrid has many cultural attractions as well. Add to this Real Madrid and a nightlife that has to be seen to be believed. Madrid is a truly unique city.

Getting a job to teach English in Spain

There are many reviews and comments about this, “It’s hard”, etc. All we can say is that anything worth doing may appear to be hard, unless you know how to do it or know someone that does. Most “It’s hard” comments come from people who wing it without research.

Our Road2Spain program includes everything you will need to get started and it works.  It has been working since we started in 2002. No headaches, no hassles, no problems as long as you follow established procedures.

Three good reasons to teach English in Spain

  1. An ongoing need for English teachers: Spain is a non-English speaking country, it is growing again and it has finally realized the important of English. Its citizens need to learn English to survive in today’s international markets.
  2. Easy access to jobs if you are properly qualified: No matter what your nationality is: American, Australian, Canadian or New Zealander, you can get an English teaching job in Madrid as long as you are an accredited TEFL teacher.
  3. A great place to be: OK, so you are in Madrid, you have finished teaching for the day so, do you go home to eat, shower, watch TV and go to bed? NO WAY! Nothing beats the nightlife. Madrid is full of great places and local culture. Bars, cinemas, restaurants, museums, art galleries, disco’s, cultural and sporting events abound.

The Road2Spain program will make sure that you get work in Madrid paying full market rates within a week or less of finishing your course.

Madrid is still a TEFL hotspot and our Road2Spain teach English in Spain program gives you world-class, professional TEFL training that will absolutely establish you as an English as a foreign language teacher in both TEFL and TESOL classroom environments.

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