Student visa Spain program – TEFL course and a one year student visa

Student visa Spain + TEFL course program and Spanish course

This program is designed to provide you with:

  • Accredited TEFL training,
  • Spanish language training at ALL levels from beginner through to DELE preparation,
  • A one year student visa,
  • Complete flexibility and control over your weekly schedule.

It is designed to be non-intrusive on your week so that you can virtually schedule all your classes (TEFL and Spanish) whenever you like. Both EBC and the Spanish school can adapt your studies and your study hours to the schedule you want to keep.

Are you American, Canadian, Australian or from New Zealand?

If you are and you want to stay legally in Spain, the Road2Spain program is for you.

EBC offers a complete study programme designed for people who want a trouble free stay in Spain

  • A 4 week, officially accredited TEFL and TESOL training course
  • A TEFL certificate
  • An accredited TESOL certificate
  • Worldwide, lifetime and proactive job placement
  • Ongoing, lifetime continuing professional teaching education
  • A one academic year Cervantes Institute Spanish course
  • A one year student visa
  • Optional four weeks accommodation for your initial TEFL course study

Gold Package: TEFL + one academic year Spanish + one year student visa is 2,255 Euros

Road2Spain Package: TEFL + one academic year Spanish + one year student visa + 4 weeks accommodation is 2,880 Euros

For more information about prices and everything that is included, look at our Gold and Road2Spain packages.

Check more accommodation options

If you prefer to arrange your own accommodation, look at our Madrid student accommodation finder page.

TEFL course Madrid study Spanish through Road2Spain

Meet even more friends on your Cervantes Institute accredited Spanish course

Student visa Spain benefits

The Spanish school is an official Cervantes Institute school, is a member of the Federation of Spanish as a Foreign Language schools and the Association of Madrid Spanish Schools.

This offer is backed with a no questions asked, money-back guarantee if you are refused your student visa because our partner Spanish school is not recognised by your Spanish consulate.

Cervantes Institute accredited Spanish course

The course covers Spanish at all levels from beginner through to expert and includes grammar, reading, writing and speaking. The Spanish courses are serious but enjoyable.

You will learn Spanish in a fun and lively atmosphere so that you can enjoy yourself in Spain and get a deeper appreciation of the rich Spanish culture that is available in abundance in Madrid and surrounding towns.

Spanish course benefits

Our Spanish course will develop your practical communication skills. We place special emphasis on speaking, pronunciation and listening. By learning and practising Spanish in imaginative and well structured lessons, you achieve greater fluency in everyday Spanish. By the end of your studies you will be able to:

  • Use Spanish more effectively and with confidence
  • Develop a much wider vocabulary, and learn local expressions
  • Get to know Spain and its cultures and customs
  • Socialise more confidently - meet new people and make lifelong friends
  • Get to know the extensive bureaucracy should you wish to live or work here
  • Develop a genuine local accent and fit right in with the locals!