Hybrid TEFL course | Blended dual TEFL and TESOL certificate course

A hybrid TEFL course with job placement

All EBC online TEFL courses are hosted on a MOODLE platform. Visit the EBC online TEFL course home page.

Our hybrid TEFL course combines our online TEFL course and a classroom based teaching practice course taught in Madrid, Spain.

Your teaching practice is taught in our Madrid centre and you can choose to study either full-time over 2 weeks or part-time over 4 weeks.

There are two didactic components in the hybrid TEFL course:

  1. A ten unit online component
  2. Either a two week full-time or four week part-time course covering teaching skills and teaching practice.

The teaching practice course is a total of 80 hours. Click here for more details about the teaching practice course.

Hybrid TEFL course online component contents

Please refer to our online TEFL course pages for more details.

Hybrid TEFL course classroom component

You can choose to study full-time over 2 weeks or part-time over 4 weeks. Morning classes run from 10 am. to 1 pm. and afternoon classes run from 2 pm. to 5 pm.

Full-time students will attend both morning and afternoon sessions for 2 weeks.

Part-time students will attend either morning or afternoon sessions over 4 weeks.

The classroom component gives you face-to-face contact with your peers and our trainers.

Your classroom sessions will cover:

  1. What you have learned so far during the online course.
  2. Teaching workshops to improve and practice your classroom teaching skills.
  3. Lesson planning workshops to improve your organisational skills.
  4. Demonstration classes given by your trainer.
  5. Trainer review and feedback from your online course written assignments.
  6. Observed teaching practice classes given to non-English speakers at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.


EBC’s hybrid TEFL course includes:

  • Online training
  • Part-time classroom training
  • Observed teaching practice given to non-English speakers at all levels (A1 to C2)
  • A TEFL and a TESOL certificate
  • Job placement help to get you working asap
  • Small classroom session sizes of between 8 to 10 participants

Course fee

This hybrid course certificate gives you a TEFL and a TESOL certificate.

1,275 Euros – the awards are: the EBC International TEFL Certificate and the EBC International Certificate in TESOL. The fee includes the online and teaching practice courses.

The fee is paid in two parts. 638€ for the online component and 637€ for the teaching practice component. The teaching practice component is paid after you finish the online component.

Optional extra services

If you are coming from abroad, we offer you four week’s accommodation in a shared apartment or with a Spanish family for 625 Euros. The accommodation is pre-screened and has been used by previous EBC TEFL course students.

If you would like to study Spanish, we can arrange Cervantes Institute certified Spanish classes for you. The cost of the course depends on how long you want to study. A sample fee for an 80 hour, one month course is 650 Euros.

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