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Accredited TEFL courses from Trinity College London

EBC is a global leader in TEFL certification with worldwide, lifetime job placement that prepares you for teaching English as a second language jobs

TEFL courses for all learner levels – Get in touch to learn about teaching English abroad, earning and travelling with EBC.

EBC TEFL courses prepare you for teaching English as a second language jobs and qualify you to teach English abroad and teach English in Spain, EBC’s home base.

Does this sound like you?

There are a lot of people thinking about taking a TEFL course who want to teach English abroad, and some of them also want to travel and earn. One of those people is Tyler.

Almost every day, Tyler dreamed of teaching English abroad but never knew how. Yet, Tyler always knew that she wanted to teach in another country.

Then one day, Tyler learned that taking a TEFL course to prepare for teaching English abroad was the best way to do it.

Because of that, Tyler decided to get certified and chose to get her TEFL certification on an EBC TEFL course because it was compatible with her schedule in the USA and is a highly-recommended TEFL course. After passing the course, Tyler asked EBC to help her with the EPIK programme to get an English teaching Job in South Korea.

And because of EBC’s job help and her Trinity CertTESOL certificate, Tyler breezed her way into the EPIK programme. In her own words, “the EBC programme that we did made me well-equipped, and I was honestly more equipped than EPIK even expected me to be”.

Finally, Tyler now has a Job teaching English abroad in South Korea because she had the backing of EBC and the Trinity CertTESOL.

Tyler explains how well EBC prepared her for teaching English as a second language jobs.

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No teaching experience?

The Ofqual Level 5 Trinity CertTESOL course is for you if you have little or no teaching experience.

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Some teaching experience?

Our Ofqual Level 6 Trinity CertPT CPD courses take your teaching skills to the next level.

Courses start every Monday.

Teach English in Spain

Don’t have a European passport? Live in Spain and teach English with our Road2Spain programme, 

Teach English abroad

All EBC courses include guaranteed proactive, worldwide, lifetime job placement.

Limited budget?

You need our EBC 200-hour CertTESOL+TEFL online course or our TEFL Pearls skills courses.

Online courses start every day.

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Do you want to teach English in Spain like Alycia?

Alycia’s Spanish TEFL story

Alycia was a teacher in the States and was “teaching” but was not qualified. Alycia wanted to make sure that she knew what she was doing.

For the next year, Alycia thought about getting TEFL certified. She looked at other TEFL programmes, but they didn’t seem to be as personalised or focused. In Alycia’s words, “It was more like – Hey, come here, we’ll teach you this, and then we’ll put you to work, and you don’t have to worry about anything”. She thought that promises like that did not seem realistic.

Then Alycia found EBC and was able to realise her ambition because she wanted to continue to pursue teaching English and stay in Spain to teach English.

Because of that, Alycia now has the self-confidence to say with certainty, “yes, I’ve been certified in this, and I know what I’m doing, or I know how to figure out how to do it”, and has a one-year student visa with work authorisation.

And because of that, Alycia can stay in Spain and continue Spanish classes.

Now Alycia has a Job teaching Business English in Spain because she had the backing of EBC and the Trinity CertTESOL.

Alycia explains how well EBC prepared her for teaching English as a second language jobs.

Why choose our TEFL courses?

Our accredited TEFL courses are the perfect start to your international English teaching career. They prepare you for teaching English as a second language jobs.

Benefits for you

  • Enables you to travel, work, enjoy and see the world.
  • Gives you the skills you will need to teach anywhere in the world.
  • Jump the hiring queue because all language schools worldwide prefer the Trinity CertTESOL certificate.
  • A platinum standard TEFL certificate externally moderated by Trinity College London.
  • Accepted and recognised by the British Council and language schools worldwide.

Unique to EBC

TEFL certificate guarantee

  • Other TEFL schools cannot guarantee British Council acceptance, we can.
  • Your Trinity CertTESOL certificate is also accepted by worldwide international language schools and employment programmes like EPIK.
  • The Trinity CertTESOL is one of two certificates that opens doors to British Council schools in 109 countries with good pay and conditions.
  • With other TEFL schools, you will get a course that is not externally moderated and you may get a TEFL certificate that schools refuse to recognise.

What’s in it for me?

  • A TEFL certificate that stands head and shoulders above the rest and helps you nail interviews and land job offers.
  • A TEFL certificate with unquestionable international recognition.
  • A free proactive, worldwide lifetime job placement programme.
  • More job opportunities with access to our network of worldwide partner language schools.
  • Membership of an excellent teaching network where you can contact EBC and former students for help and guidance.

I want to work in Spain

  • We can arrange this even if you do not have a European passport.
  • EBC has the best-priced one-year study and work programme in Spain; the Road2Spain.
  • Road2Spain includes a Trinity CertTESOL or CertPT course + a one-year Student Visa + a one-year Cervantes Institute Spanish language and culture programme.
  • Your one-year student visa has an automatic 30 hours a week work entitlement.
  • Your Road2Spain destinations are Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian or Malaga.

Not from Europe and want to work in Spain?

We offer the lowest-priced 100% accredited one-year student visa programme in Spain.

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