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TEFL Courses Spain. Trinity CertTESOL Madrid. TEFL Course Madrid.

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EBC was founded in 2002. EBC is staffed by teachers who believe in you, our EBC students.

You are the focus of our attention.

Our challenge is to help you find your natural teaching skills and show you how to turn them into a triumphant success.

The benefit of EBC training exceeds all others. You don’t just learn techniques, you also learn about you. You will learn the key technical skills required to teach English and you will find within yourself how best to transfer those skills to your English students.

Imagine that! Guided learning, self-discovery, success and an English teaching job all within four weeks.

It was a great and intensive course! I learned and enjoyed this whole learning how to teach experience. Thank you very much for your time and knowledge. I feel well-prepared now. EBC Madrid, 2017.

Michele Buitron

hace 12 meses
Highly Recommended! Everyone is helpful and the course itself was very helpful, especially for people who have no teaching background and would like to change careers.
Cheyenne Albon

hace 2 meses
i learned a lot of strategies in teaching.I took the intensive 1 month course and it was really hard work but it was well worth it. Thanks a lot to our amazing teacher. I was so happy to receive my Certificate.Thanks alot EBC for everything.
lhiz Velasco Cabales

hace 3 meses
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TEFL Courses Spain. Trinity CertTESOL Madrid. TEFL Course Madrid.



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