If you are looking to really gain the knowledge that you need to be an efficient TEFL teacher, then this is the perfect school for you. I am fully prepared to start working as a teacher here in Madrid, after a very informative and intensive four week course.
Tami Sarver
Tami S.
EBC is a great certificate program to prepare anyone who is interested in teaching English, regardless of the country/native language where they want to teach English. The hands-on practice that you get teaching actual classes is probably the most helpful part. There are also a variety of teaching resources made available to you, including activities, expert teaching guidance and direction, and printing assistance for materials.
Andrew Bavelock
Andrew B.
Great course! I learned a lot and at the same time had loads of fun. Madrid is a great city to have fun and work as an English teacher. Staff were wonderful too, Jon was an excellent teacher and William always very helpful.
Isa Ashton
Isa A.
gloria olayinka
gloria O.
I had a good time doing my TEFL here in Madrid with EBC. The classes always started on time with a very realistic approach used to teach. I would recommend people to do TEFL from EBC to learn good ways to teach English and make it fun for students.
gaurav swamy
gaurav S.
Highly Recommended! Everyone is helpful and the course itself was very helpful, especially for people who have no teaching background and would like to change careers.
Cheyenne Albon
Cheyenne A.
This was exactly the right course for someone trying to make the transition to another part of the world as a language teacher. They struck a perfect balance between providing you with information and allowing you to practice on classes and gain confidence as a teacher.
Christopher Board
Christopher B.
I've just finished my EBC TEFL course. It was a great experience. I definitely recommend this course. John is an amazing teacher and he is very professional. It was just a pleasure. Thank you so much and good luck!
Natalia Egorova
Natalia E.
It was a great and intensive course! I learned and enjoyed this whole learning how to teach experience. Thank you very much for your time and knowledge. I feel well-prepared now. EBC Madrid, 2017.
Michele Buitron
Michele B.
Juan José Fernández
Juan José F.