Our standard online TEFL course and hybrid/ blended course are temporarily discontinued. Check out our new online CertTESOL course.

Online CertTESOL course

Blended TEFL course extended information

Your course covers:

  1. What you have learned so far during the 150 hour online TEFL course.
  2. Teaching workshops to improve and practice your classroom teaching skills.
  3. Lesson planning workshops to improve your organisational skills.
  4. Demonstration classes given by your trainer.
  5. Trainer review and feedback from your online course written assignments.
  6. Observed teaching practice classes given to non-English speakers at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.


EBC’s blended TEFL course includes:

  • Online training
  • Part-time classroom training
  • Observed teaching practice given to non-English speakers at all levels (A1 to C2)
  • A TEFL and a TESOL certificate
  • Job placement help to get you working asap
  • Small classroom session sizes of between 8 to 10 participants

A description of the blended online TEFL course with teaching practice

Blended TEFL course online learning

You begin the EBC blended TEFL course by taking the EBC online TEFL course.

Blended TEFL course teaching practice

After passing the EBC online TEFL course you will take the 80 hour teaching practice course to learn the practical skills you will need to teach effectively.

The course is intensive and includes 16 hours of teaching practice, 4 hours observing experienced teachers and the completion of 6 written assignments.

Teaching practice is observed and critiqued. You will deliver lessons that you will create to non-native English speakers. You will get feedback so that you know how you are progressing and help you prepare for the moment when you go solo in your teaching career.

You will be taught how to communicate effectively using different methods and media. The EBC training style demands active and pro-active student participation. Your ability to work in a team is essential.

An essential part of our TEFL TESOL teaching method is the ability to explain and teach in English supported by classroom aids, body language etc. For this reason you are not allowed to use the local language when you are teaching.

Your final grade is based on 3 key areas:

  • Teaching practice performance
  • Successfully completed written assignments and lesson plans
  • Professional development

Blended TEFL course key features

Key features of the 80 hour TEFL teaching practice course

  • Online certification is a pre-requisite
  • Total of 80 hours including homework
  • Dual award TESOL and TEFL certificate awarded upon graduation
  • QCF level 5 course material
  • Full-time: 5 days a week over 2 weeks, 10 am. to 5 pm.
  • Monday to Friday
  • 1 hour lunch, a.m. and p.m. breaks for the full-time course
  • 60 classroom hours
  • 8 hours observed teaching practice
  • 20 hours homework (8 assignments)
  • 4 hours trainer demonstration classes
  • 4 hours trainer observed micro-teaching (*)
  • Grading by weekly continual assessment
  • Accent, grammar and spelling tolerant
  • American and British English tolerant
  • Prepares you to teach all ages
  • Prepares you to teach business English
  • Course work externally assessed on content, spelling and grammar
  • Teaching practice to non-English speakers
  • Teaching practice at all levels (A1 to C2)
  • Worldwide, lifetime English teaching job placement is included
  • Accommodation, travel, insurance services
  • Full support from first contact

* Micro-teaching is EBC terminology for dress rehearsing your lessons in front of your classmates and trainer before you teach your actual teaching practice class. Practice makes perfect so EBC makes sure that you get a lot of practice.

Classroom based training

You will be taught language analysis and usage, theory and practical application, classroom management and lesson planning/evaluation through the following:

  • Seminars and lectures;
  • Trainer demonstrations;
  • Group role-playing exercises.

Teaching practice classes and written assignments

Teaching practice

You will teach 8 x 1 hour classes to non-native English speakers. You will teach your practice classes every Thursday and Friday afternoon.

Your teaching practice is composed of the following:

  • Eight, one hour teaching practice classes given to groups of non-native English speakers;
  • Supervised group teaching practice;
  • Peer group teaching;
  • Feedback.

Written assignments

Part of your online course was to create 4 lesson plans. When you attend you must bring these as they will be the basis for your first 4 lessons. The rest of the written assignments must be completed before the end of the 2 week teaching practice course.

  • 8 complete lesson plans including post-lesson notes (you will already have 4 of them from the online course);
  • An essay on the theory and practice of motivation in the classroom;
  • A one to one assignment showing an extended study plan designed to meet the specific learning needs of a non-English speaker. This is a special exercise designed to get you used to teaching Business English.

How the course works

The blended TEFL course comprises two parts:

  1. The EBC 150 hour online TEFL course
  2. The EBC 150 hour online TEFL course

You must pass the 150 hour online TEFL course before you take the two week teaching practice course.

Similarly, the fee is paid in two parts:

  1. 300€ for the EBC 150 hour online TEFL course
  2. 800€ for the EBC two week teaching practice course

The two week teaching practice component is paid after you finish the 150 hour online TEFL course.

The blended course awards are: the EBC International TEFL Certificate and the EBC International Certificate in TESOL. The price includes the online and teaching practice courses.

The price includes everything from the online course plus a two week full-time or four week part-time teaching practice course covering teaching skills given to real language learners under real classroom conditions.

Optional extra accommodation and Spanish course services

If you are coming from abroad, we offer you four week’s accommodation in a shared apartment or with a Spanish family for 625 Euros. The accommodation is pre-screened and has been used by previous EBC TEFL course students.

If you would like to study Spanish, we can arrange Cervantes Institute certified Spanish classes for you. The cost of the course depends on how long you want to study. If you are interested, contact us and we will send you a price quote.

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