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The best time to get your accredited online Trinity Cert TESOL certification is now

Whichever course option you choose, only the best quality TEFL / TESOL certification will get you what you need. It will give you the tools and skills you need to teach abroad either online or face to face. Most importantly it will give you the biggest and best job opportunities.

As a Trinity College CertTESOL certified teacher, teaching ELLs (English language learners) wherever they may be will be possible. You can teach and earn as an English teacher through Zoom, Skype or face to face classes as you embark on your new career and adventure teaching English in an international classroom.

What the world has seen in the past months is unlike anything that we have encountered in our lifetime. The sudden and unexpected coming of the COVID19 virus highlighted the global infrastructure system’s inadequacies and shortcomings. Everything from the healthcare, banking, food, travel, educational systems were severely affected, impacting us all as a global community.

One aspect of our daily life that was badly impacted was our children’s education. Many of our children could not go to school and receive the ever-important education they need for the future. Many parents, family members, guardians were inconvenienced as they had to either go into isolation with their children, find alternative care while they were at work or find something to do with their children’s suddenly free schedules. However, with this came a big opportunity for qualified and certified TEFL teachers to help with these issues by providing important educational services while maintaining social distancing guidelines. In fact, remote or online teaching is looking to be the new norm for many children around the world, but let’s look at how your Trinity College CertTESOL certificate degree can help you find work during this time of crisis and at the same time give something back to the global community.

Certified and qualified to teach an important skill

When it comes to online or remote English-language teaching, no other qualification is as recognised and accepted as the gold standard Trinity College CertTESOL certificate. The Trinity College CertTESOL certificate, a British Council recognised, and accepted certificate literally stands above the rest. It will tell language schools that you are qualified, certified, and well trained to take on their clients. They will know that with your knowhow, English language teaching skills and CertTESOL certificate, you will be the ideal English teacher to help their ELLs (English language learners). With your gold standard Trinity College CertTESOL certificate and work experience? I leave you to be the judge of what the TEFL future has in store for you. 

Online teaching follows social distancing

Many ELLs are unable to attend their English classes in schools or private language academies. Online or remote English teaching removes the need of a classroom environment and enables the ELL to learn while maintaining social distancing. Online or remote English language teaching can help ELLs learn in the safety and comfort of their homes. This type of teaching is also good for English teachers as it cuts out the travel, the exposure to the virus and the expense incurred in moving from one school to the other.

People want to learn new skills

With COVID 19 leaving many global citizens both out of work and stuck inside their homes until the pandemic subsides, many have turned this extra time into learning a new skill. This new skill can help them find better work, can help them acquire a skill that will help them travel the world or also to keep them from the mundanity of being stuck at home. This means that there are more people than ever looking for good English teachers who can teach English remotely or online. Language schools or private students choose a teacher primarily on their certification, qualifications, and work experience. The Trinity College CertTESOL is a global name for excellence in TEFL and TESOL and the name will speak strongly for itself at interview time.

Preparing for “the new future”

How education is provided will need to be more flexible while making sure the students are safe and healthy while they learn. Many schools, educational organisations, language academies, private students will be looking to those teachers who are qualified to teach the but also are not restricted to being physically present to teach. The principles behind the Online Trinity College CertTESOL certificate course mean that the knowledge acquired must be applicable to both online and face to face learning and can be used interchangeably. Teachers who have a Trinity College CertTESOL certificate, are trained to teach online and face to face and therefore will be better suited for new distance teaching roles.

COVID-19 has proven that we were previously educating our students in an environment that could prove to be unsafe. As a global community, we are now paying the price for not having enough teachers trained to teach online to keep our learners safe and well educated as well. There has never been a better time to invest in your Trinity College CertTESOL certificate to jumpstart your teaching career or add an additional skill to complement your existing skill base. There are many schools asking for this complementary skill so getting TEFL trained now is an obvious choice.

Many schools are forced to close which has led to a big demand for TEFL teachers to teach remote or online. This has created a unique opportunity for certified and qualified TEFL teachers to earn money during the pandemic through TEFL. Many Online companies do not have enough qualified and certified teachers to cope with the current demand for online English teaching.

Can I Teach English Online?

Yes, you can! You can teach English online from home if you have a good internet connection. Beyond that, not too many additional tools are needed. You need the following:

  • A pair of headphones
  • A microphone
  • A webcam
  • A laptop
  • A method to receive payments like a PayPal account

Zoom and Skype are the most common means of class delivery when teaching English online as this enables you to teach all over the world.

How Can I Get TEFL Certified Online?

Without doubt the most efficient and convenient way to become fully TEFL certified is through the Online Trinity College CertTESOL certificate course.

You complete the course in 4 weeks and you get 6-months access to the online campus. With this flexibility you can tailor your learning to your own personal learning style, schedule, and willingness to start teaching!

You can access your online TEFL course from anywhere in the world, but its remote nature does not mean that you will be alone. You will be with your classmates doing the course via Zoom. Our experience and that of our Zoom experienced tutors will always be there for you to draw from when you are stuck. All throughout the course, we will be on hand to guide you complete your assignments via Zoom. What is more, the EBC Trinity College CertTESOL certificate course gives you the Worldwide, lifetime Job Placement Programme to help you work in any city of your choice after you graduate.

Our Trinity College CertTESOL course is accepted and recognised by the British Council, regulated by Ofqual (UK government department) and most worldwide educational organisations. Our course is a dual certificate course, you graduate with the Trinity College CertTESOL certificate and the EBC International TEFL certificate. You want to TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language), you want to TESOL (Teach English to Speakers of other Languages), you got it. Once you are finished with the 4-week Online Trinity College CertTESOL course, you are ready to teach online or in a classroom!

Learn how to teach online or in a classroom

Learn how to teach online or in a classroom

The EBC online Trinity CertTESOL

Get premium accredited TESOL certification without leaving home

What Are My Online Teaching Options?

Although the current global situation has accelerated the need for qualified and certified Online TEFL teachers, it is by no means a recent phenomenon. Teaching English online has been a popular choice among TEFL teachers wanting to live in a country and be able to teach in more than just the country where they are. You find some of our graduates living in Madrid, teaching in Madrid, in Russia and China, all without leaving home!

Many choose Online TEFL teaching for the flexibility and added independence it gives. It is also a good money earner or a good complement to their current face to face teaching. Trinity College CertTESOL certified teachers are making money, making a positive difference in the world, from the safety and comfort of their own homes so what´s not to love?

Looking into online teaching can be a bit overwhelming and it can be confusing as to who are good companies to work for. The EBC Trinity College CertTESOL course comes with our Worldwide, lifetime job placement service which means that our graduates have worked with many of our partner language schools offering only online English classes or both – Online and face to face.

With our Worldwide, Lifetime Job Placement Service, you can have exclusive access to the world, teaching EFL anywhere and everywhere you may want to teach. Welcome to the challenging and rewarding world of Online EFL teaching.

The EBC lifetime, worldwide job pacement programme

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