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Best Idea Ever: The Trinity College CertPT course for practising teachers

Trinity College CertPT courses for practising teachers – the Best Idea Ever

Increase your value as a teacher by taking Trinity College CertPT courses (Certificate for Practising Teachers) which award an Ofqual level 6 qualification and support your professional development as a teacher. The Trinity CertPT is for teachers seeking to update, improve and enrich their professional teaching skills. EBC offers four great Trinity CertPT courses in Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), teaching English online and Business English. These courses will increase your skills and value.

Accredited teaching English online course, Trinity CertPT Online

Accredited teaching English online course – Trinity CertPT Online

Learn diploma level online English teaching skills. Do you want to earn more as an English teacher? Do you want to grow as a modern educator? Take an advanced level course in teaching English online. The accredited Trinity CertPT in teaching English online makes you more marketable. If you have a white-label TEFL certificate, why not upgrade to a recognised and accredited Trinity CertPT Online?

How BREXIT affects the EFL teacher for the good and for the bad

How BREXIT affects the EFL teacher for the good and for the bad

Don’t let BREXIT ruin your chances of living and working in Spain. A simple process to get a student visa for Spain replaces the freedom of movement that was lost to BREXIT. This article looks at the Spanish student visa process and a few more options that let you live and work in Spain.