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Best Idea Ever: The Trinity College CertPT course for practising teachers

Trinity College CertPT courses for practising teachers – the Best Idea Ever

Increase your value as a teacher by taking Trinity College CertPT courses (Certificate for Practising Teachers) which award an Ofqual level 6 qualification and support your professional development as a teacher. The Trinity CertPT is for teachers seeking to update, improve and enrich their professional teaching skills. EBC offers four great Trinity CertPT courses in Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), teaching English online and Business English. These courses will increase your skills and value.

Online Trinity CertTESOL course

Online Trinity CertTESOL course – why should I take this course?

This article goes through some of the most frequently asked questions our course applicants ask. Tita Ashton, our CEO, takes you through these questions and answers. We’ve also added some recent comments from our course graduates who have found out that EBC walks the talk and are very happy with what they learned and got as EBC course graduates.

Spanish student visa documents

How to get your Spanish student visa documents

Read this step by step guide on how to get your Spanish student visa documents. The process is easy if you know how. We have been helping students get student visas for over 15 years so take advantage of our expert knowledge.

Best student visa programme in Spain comparison

Best student visa programme in Spain comparison

EBC is the best, value for money TEFL + Spanish + one-year student visa programme in Spain. This article compares prices and value-for-money for a few organisations offering a one-year Spanish student visa programme.

The EBC Spanish student visa programme gives you three certificates, the Trinity CertTESOL or CertPT, the EBC International TEFL Certificate and the DELE (*). In addition, you get a one-year Spanish student visa. All of this at a lower price than any of our competitors who only give you 1 or 2 certificates. Interested? Read more.

How BREXIT affects the EFL teacher for the good and for the bad

How BREXIT affects the EFL teacher for the good and for the bad

Don’t let BREXIT ruin your chances of living and working in Spain. A simple process to get a student visa for Spain replaces the freedom of movement that was lost to BREXIT. This article looks at the Spanish student visa process and a few more options that let you live and work in Spain.