TEFL courses Madrid

TEFL courses Madrid - The accredited Trinity CertTESOL

TEFL courses Madrid – The accredited Trinity CertTESOL

There are a few TEFL courses in Madrid. None of them offers you the accredited, internationally recognised, British Council accepted Trinity CertTESOL. You can get this prestigious, gold-standard certificate awarded by Trinity College London with EBC.

Is the EBC Trinity CertTESOL course right for you?

The EBC Trinity CertTESOL course in Madrid is hands-on and practical. It is a course designed for people like you who have little or no previous experience teaching English. It is also suitable if you have some experience but no formal training in the TEFL TESOL field.

An overview of the course

During the 4-week TEFL course in Madrid, you will learn the principles of successful EFL teaching. You will learn the practical skills that you will need to teach English effectively.

The EBC Trinity CertTESOL course allows for different accents. If you are American, you can teach using American English. If you are British, you can teach using British English, and so on. You can teach the style of English with which you feel most comfortable. However, it must be consistent and correct.

Spending four exciting weeks with us is your passport to living your dreams abroad. EBC has been running a highly successful 4-week intensive TEFL certificate course since 2002. EBC has trained and placed thousands of satisfied TEFL TESOL course graduates in well-paying EFL teaching jobs.

Get a TEFL and a TESOL certificate!

The accredited EBC TESOL TEFL course is DUAL-AWARD. Dual-award means that when you graduate, you get two certificates covering both TEFL and TESOL. To conclude, we train you to teach in either a TEFL or TESOL environment.

Gold-standard accreditation

The Trinity CertTESOL is one of the two best TEFL certificates in the world. It is awarded by Trinity College London a British regulated educational institute, and it meets British Council requirements for teachers in its accredited schools. 

The EBC course is rigorous and demanding. You may find it stressful at times. When you finish, you will have an accredited, internationally recognised qualification. You will also have a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

EBC’s objective is to ensure that you achieve your teaching goal and help you get started on a successful EFL career.

Accredited TESOL certification with job placement

Accredited TESOL certification with job placement

Accredited TESOL certification with job placement highlights why employers are more demanding in their selecting teaching staff and what you can do about it. Don’t get left behind because you got the wrong certificate. Use EBC’s unique and exclusive, lifetime, worldwide, proactive job placement.

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