Live-streaming online TEFL course benefits + Spanish student visa

Live-streaming online TEFL course benefits + Spanish student visa

Here are three questions to set the scene and get started talking about live-streaming online TEFL course benefits.

  1. Are there any live-streaming online TEFL course benefits?
  2. Does a live-streaming online TEFL course mean that you get an inferior TEFL certificate?
  3. Do you want to save around $1,800 US?

The answer to question one is yes, and this article explains why.

The answer to question two is complicated because it depends on which course you take.

In our case, the answer is no; you do not get an inferior certificate because you get a Trinity CertTESOL TEFL certificate. It is the same certificate you would get if you had taken the TEFL course in a classroom. In addition, the Trinity CertTESOL is a gold-standard TEFL certificate, and you will see its name on English teaching job advertisements.

However, other online course certificates do not have the same recognition as the Trinity CertTESOL. Therefore, some employers will not accept them.

You probably already know that the Trinity CertTESOL is one of the best two accredited TEFL certificates in the world, so we will say no more about it in this article.

The answer to question three depends on you. Do you want to save $1,800?

The benefits of a live-streaming online TEFL course

The word that best summarises the benefits of taking a live-streaming online TEFL course is flexibility.

You get to study at home with classmates under the guidance of an expert trainer. When you finish the course, you can look for a job. There is no need to travel to attend a TEFL course. Therefore, there are no extra costs for accommodation and living expenses if you have travelled to take a TEFL course.

At the end of the course, there is no immediate pressure to get a job to keep financing those extra costs. You can take your time finding a job. You may decide to teach online for a language school, or you may choose to go freelance and find your own students. If the job is in another country, you can get it set up before you travel rather than going to a country and hoping you find a job. Now we move on to why this is an excellent thing if you want to teach in Spain.

Train, travel, land and teach in Spain

In the past, people usually had to travel to a country, get TEFL certified and then find an English teaching job. We now offer a better and more reliable way to achieve the same goal.

Not only is our new way better, but it is also more flexible, less risky and cheaper.

The Road2Spain package

Road2Spain is a programme that contains:

  1. A four week live-streaming online Trinity CertTESOL course,
  2. A one-year Cervantes Institute accredited Spanish language programme and
  3. A one-year Spanish student visa.
Live-streaming online TEFL course benefits + Spanish student visa

You get to choose where you want to take your Spanish language programme. Your choices are Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and San Sebastian. In addition, our free job placement programme helps you get work in these locations.

You are TEFL trained before you buy your ticket

By taking your live-streaming online Trinity CertTESOL in the comfort of your home, you are qualified before you make travel arrangements and buy your ticket.

You can take your time

There is no rush. You can take your time deciding when you want to come to Spain and where you want to teach, live and study Spanish.

There is less risk

Because you are a Trinity CertTESOL qualified teacher before you leave, you can make arrangements for your job before arriving in Spain. If you organise it, you will walk into your English teaching job when you arrive.

You don’t have to decide where you want to live in Spain immediately

By studying at home, you can decide whether you want to live in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga or San Sebastian after passing your Trinity CertTESOL course. By comparison, if you’re going to take your Trinity CertTESOL face to face in Madrid, you have to decide BEFORE passing your Trinity CertTESOL course. If you do that, you cannot change your decision. Imagine coming to Madrid for the face to face Trinity CertTESOL course and choosing Madrid for your one-year Spanish language programme, and you do not like Madrid! We recommend that you do not paint yourself into a corner.

You save a lot of money

You save four weeks accommodation and living expenses because you study at home. In Spain, this is about $1,800 US that you do not have to spend.

Summary of live-streaming online TEFL course benefits

Our Road2Spain package with our live-streaming online Trinity CertTESOL is the most flexible one-year study programme in Spain.

  1. Get qualified at home and save money
  2. Decide where you want to live, teach and study Spanish in Spain
  3. Get your student visa
  4. Organise a job using our job placement service
  5. Make your travel arrangments
  6. Arrive in Spain and start living, teaching and studying.
Live-streaming online TEFL course benefits + Spanish student visa

EBC offers the best value for money TEFL and Spanish one year student visa programme in Spain. No one beats our quality or our price.