Online TEFL courses with teaching practice, the Next generation?


Online TEFL courses with teaching practice

Online TEFL courses with teaching practice! Has EBC done it again with its next generation TEFL courses?

We are not sure but we do not think that there is much out there to compete with what we are doing.

A bit of history

In 2006, we launched our first Moodle platform based online TEFL course. The course was very well received but we saw a huge flaw in online TEFL learning that scared decent employers away from hiring online only trained English teachers. No teaching practice.

We fought against this and in 2007 we were offering what we believe was the first true hybrid TEFL course. It was, until now, a mix of online and classroom learning. The online part teaches the theory and the classroom part allows us to teach the practical aspects of teaching. Two years after we launched our hybrid course, Cambridge launched their hybrid course.

Today’s reality

The hybrid style is OK but it is still limiting. It still requires looking around for somewhere to teach, the requirement to travel and if you are lucky, having a skilled trainer on-hand to observe you teaching. We have found these aspects limiting as travel is not part of what an online student wants.

So how do we solve the problem? In this case, we have thrown technology at it. Right now, technology is getting a lot of bad press but we are using it to bring people closer and as a vehicle to share knowledge with many people, not just a few.

We have developed a new and self-contained environment that combines private learning with interactive lesson, one-on-one training sessions and six hours of observed and recorded teaching practice.

There is now no need to travel anywhere until you are trained plus the training period runs for only 10 weeks. We include helping you find work around the world and for life as part of our premium online TEFL courses with teaching practice.

Where to from here?

We have several options open including extending our online TEFL courses with teaching practice by creating a purpose built learning studio using EBC trained teachers. The studio will enable language teaching to anyone with an internet connection and the desire to learn English.

We want to use this studio to train great teachers, get them working and most importantly, use all our efforts to help teachers and language students alike, improve their lives.

Welcome to EBC and our dream of helping people contribute to humanity.

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