Student tax refund for TEFL training

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Student tax refund for TEFL training

Student tax refund when you take a TEFL course

Get a student tax refund after you’ve taken your TEFL course. If your country accepts academic study programms as being eligible for a student tax refund and you are interested in getting an extra tax deduction because you studied with EBC, please read on!

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Can I really get a student tax refund for my studies with EBC?

If your country allows you to file for a student tax refund for academic studies, in three simple words – YES YOU CAN!

EBC is a legitimate, externally moderated, accredited TEFL teaching course so as long as your country allows you to file for deductions for education and training, you can submit your EBC tuition fee for a student tax refund.

As long as your country allows you to declare your tuition fee as a tax deduction you can use your EBC tuition fee to lower your taxable income and get a tax refund.

  • EBC graduates have been successful in claiming a student tax refund because of the TEFL course they took with us.
  • Some EBC graduates have been able to get a student tax refund of anywhere between 400 USD – 800 USD (over 50% of the tution fee!).

When you file, list your EBC tuition as a deduction and attach your EBC TEFL course receipt as proof of payment.

How much will I get back?

Some countries do not allow academic studies as a tax exemption so if they don’t, you won’t get a student tax refund.

If your country does allow academic studies as a tax exemption, the amount of the student tax refund depends on how much you earned in the tax year you are filing for. If you didn’t earn anything, then, sad to say, you won’t get a refund because you didn’t pay any tax. If you did earn, the amount of the refund will depend on how much tax you paid during the year.

Since we aren’t tax accountants, if you need any tax advice, please don’t ask EBC, ask your accountant.

EBC cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to get a student tax refund or, if you can, how much you will receive. These are government issues which means that EBC has nothing to do with the tax refund procedure.

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