English teaching resources: How to cook your favourite dish.

English teaching resources: An English dictionary. Vocabulary related to cooking. Objective: Practising how to explain a dish and how to make it, in a foreign language. Introduction Most people like eating and are interested in different food traditions. Dishes, ingredients, tastes and flavours are parts of a country´s culture. It may sometimes be difficult to…
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English teaching resources: Games/ competitions

English level: A1, A2 Objective: Practising listening and speaking by asking questions. Vocabulary practice. Introduction In general, it is important to maintain a high motivation level among students in foreign language classes, and specifically if students are beginners, children or adolescents. Having fun-based activities, light-hearted competitions and games are some ways to keep the students´…
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English teaching resources: Adjective formation

English level: B2 / A1 Objective: Being able to express feelings, views and opinions in a varied way. Introduction There are many words that are used to express feelings, views and opinions. Look at how the adjective 'unexciting' is formed by adding 'un-' at the start and replacing the '-e' with '-ing' at the end.…
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English teaching resources: Idioms

English level: A1 Objective: Trying to understand some frequently used idioms in English writing and speaking. Introduction When teaching English abroad, you’ll notice that most students at a high level are quite interested in idioms and would like to know their exact meaning. You can have a lot of fun translating the idioms word-for-word to…
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September 19, 2019 | by

English Teaching Resources: Describing Dishes

English level: A1- B2 Objective: Describe what dishes in different countries contain and how they are made. Introduction: Have you ever tried to describe or translate a foreign dish to someone? You may have experienced that it could be rather complicated, especially if the dish doesn´t exist in other countries. You will then very often…
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Learn to speak Spanish in record time with these tips.

Spanish is derived from the country’s name Spain so it’s not surprising that if someone wants to learn the Spanish “de la madre patria” (from the mother country), they study on the Road2Spain programme. And learn to teach English in Madrid at the same time they improve their Spanish. Afterschool activities At EBC, we organise…
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