Teaching career change, graduated, gap year? 11 reasons to take a TEFL course

Teaching career change
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Teaching career change, graduated, gap year? 11 reasons to take a TEFL course

Is a teaching career change right for you?

A teaching career change could be what you are looking for. If you are: bored with your current situation, just graduated and unsure about what to do or simply want to take an extended break from your current job, a teaching career change could be just what you need.

Age is a benefit in Teaching English as a foreign language. It’s one of the few jobs where employers value age as it equates to life experience. On the EBC course we’ve had people as old as 68 take the course and then find work.

Here’s a list of 11 reason why you should consider a teaching career change. Have a look through them and if they look good to you then a teaching career change could be just what the doctor ordered.

11 good reasons for a teaching career change

  1. A lower budget career change alternative to university – As an example, our program costs 1,250 Euros and takes 4 weeks to complete. University can cost from $60,000 to $100,000 or even more and takes a few years to finish. After you’ve finished, how many more years to repay the loans ?
  2. Get trained in a new skill – Being able to teach is an invaluable skill that you will be able to use throughout your personal and professional life. Transmitting knowledge is a highly regarded skill that is sought after in education and in the corporate world.
  3. Travel – Teaching English abroad is a great idea if you want to travel. Explore the world and pay for it by teaching English. There are thousands of English teaching jobs abroad in many different countries. The only limit on your travel will be where you want to go.
  4. Learn another language – Just because you’re teaching English abroad, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to learn the local language. You’ll have to go shopping, go to the bank, mail letters etc. There is no better way to learn a language or brush-up your existing language skills than by living in a country where it is spoken. Many people can only dream of immersing themselves in a foreign language like this, but you’re one of lucky ones who can really do it by teaching English abroad.
  5. Experience life in a different culture – Life is full of many different cultures. Your own culture is probably made up of many things imported from other cultures. Your life at home just gives you a slight taste of overseas cultures. Teaching English abroad will give you the opportunity to experience life in another culture to a much greater depth than 2 weeks on holiday or by following what it says in your Lonely Planet guidebook.
  6. Just graduated and you don’t know what to do – If you’re exhausted after finishing your degree or masters and don’t want to rush straight into the rat-race, teaching English abroad is ideal for taking some time off, travelling, getting some new life experiences and taking a time-out to think through some alternatives.
  7. Bored with your current job and want a teaching career change – Teaching English abroad is a great opportunity to do something totally different. It will allow you to travel, visit other countries and it gives you some time to think about new careers.
  8. Expand your life-awareness – Break free of your current situation and put on your explorers hat. There’s nothing like an adventure. You’ll surprise yourself about what you learn about you and the other cultures you choose to live in. National Geographic is one thing, but being there is a completely different story.
  9. Think outside of the box – Many people wouldn’t consider teaching English abroad let alone living in a different country because it goes against their cultural programming. Step outside of your “box” and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see and learn. Career success is usually given to people who think outside of the box and have multi-cultural experiences.
  10. Earn a decent wage – There are many areas of the world where English teachers are in demand. Teaching English as a foreign language is a professional skill and is usually highly regarded regardless of which country you are in. Financial compensation varies but in general you’ll earn enough to have a fairly decent life-style. Certainly enough to explore the country you’re in. IMPORTANT: Don’t just convert the salary on offer to your currency and then get worried if it’s a lot less. You MUST compare the cost of living to where you are right now. This will put the salary into proper perspective. A good site to use for cost of living comparisons is Expatistan.
  11. Beef up your resume – If you’ve learned how to teach a classroom full of non-English speakers, you have the fundamental skills needed to teach almost anything. You’ll have to learn a new subject, but the mechanics and techniques of teaching and knowledge transmission remain the same. If you can teach in a classroom, you’ll be able to teach, explain and present to others in the workplace. All employers like people who can successfully and efficiently transmit knowledge to others.

So is a teaching career change for you? If it is, you won’t be disappointed.

Our final word about a teaching career change is a hidden benefit. If you do decide to make a teaching career change, you will help to shape the lives of your students. You will give them essential language skills that will help them improve their lives. Aside from the 11 teaching career reasons shown above, it’s a great feeling to know that you have directly helped others using your skills.

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