Top countries hiring English teachers. Teach and travel!

Top countries hiring English teachers. Teach and travel!

There are 7.6 billion people on our planet – even more since you started reading this blog! About 1.5 billion of the earth’s population speaks English. Of this massive 1.5 billion who speak English, almost 400 million are native speakers. Right, this is not a math lesson but with these stats, it’s understood that over a billion people on earth today somehow had to learn the English language.

What does this billion number mean to me?

You are on your gap year, on a career change, maybe retired and still raring to work and see the world or maybe you just want to travel Europe before the 3 M’s hit your life path. Okay, 3 M’s mean – Marriage, Motherhood, and Mortgage.

Many have taken the Trinity College CertTESOL certificate course in Madrid for the reasons mentioned above. Enjoy fun-filled Madrid during your course and set off for Shanghai, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo after the course. Of course, if you wish to stay longer in Madrid, no worries, Madrid is desperate for English teachers!

This is the beauty of the Trinity College CertTESOL course in Madrid. You can study, train, play and have fun in Madrid – “no problem!” Yes, we all know learning can be hard so training in a fun-filled city is the best antidote you can have. All work and no play make Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl so best to study and play hard in the city that never REALLY sleeps – Madrid.

After you graduate with your Trinity College CertTESOL and you can bear to leave Madrid (Be warned – it will be difficult to say “Adiós” to Madrid!), there are many countries like Spain where there is a big demand for English teachers.

List of countries with a high demand for English teachers

1. Spain

There are many cities in Spain looking for ESL/EFL teachers. The advantages of teaching English in Spain compared to other countries is that Spain accepts more foreign teachers than its neighboring countries and living in Spain is cheaper than in northern European countries. In addition, the rich culture and history, the fun filled social life, the warmth of Spaniards, their wonderful weather and food make everyone want to stay longer!

To be an ESL/EFL teacher in Spain, teachers are required to have a recognized TEFL certificate, such as the Trinity College CertTESOL certificate. They prefer native English teachers with a university degree. Though it’s possible to find a job as an ESL/EFL teacher in Spain at any time of the year, the peak months are September, October, January, and February. In these months, Trinity College CertTESOL graduates are working straight after the course.


2. Cambodia

Cambodia’s economy has experimented a fast growth in the last decade. The clothing market, the building industry, agriculture, and tourism has for almost two decades been the driving-forces of Cambodia’s economy. Cambodians now need to improve their English for the many job opportunities that abound.

Cambodia is full of wonderful hidden spots that will expand anyone’s mind and broaden a visitor’s perspective. Places such as Phnom Penh, Angkor, Siem Reap, Koh Rong, are just some of the incredible places for teachers to enjoy on their free time and weekends.

If you want to teach in Cambodia, it is highly recommended that you have a TEFL certificate such as the Trinity College CertTESOL. Any time of the year is good to find EFL/ESL teaching positions in Cambodia. Salaries are not high, but teachers can enjoy Cambodia to the fullest on a teacher’s salary.


3. Brazil

Good news teachers! Brazil, South’s America’s largest country and the country enjoying the biggest part of the Amazonia, is in high demand for English teachers. English teachers will be able to enjoy such wonders as Lençóis Maranhenses, Chapada Diamantina, Buzios, Pantanal, or Fernando de Noronha. The not-so touristy yet outstanding places to visit in Brazil are infinite.

International relations, trade and an increase in tourism (in 2018 more than 6 million tourists crossed out Brazil from their bucket list) have made Brazilians realize the potential of learning English.

Commonly, ESL/EFL teachers are not required to have a university degree, but it is preferred. Two cities hiring a lot of foreign teachers are Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. As in Spain, teachers are usually required to provide a TEFL certificate like the Trinity College CertTESOL. The best months to find an EFL/ESL job are March and August.


4. China

China, the Asian giant, is placing all its efforts into language learning. More than 300 million people are currently learning English in China. It is also worth mentioning that Spanish is gaining a lot of ground in popularity and is now a mandatory second language in some schools. When it comes to English, there is such a high demand that the hiring process is year-round, September being a very popular month.

The school you will work at will get you a working visa before your departure. To obtain that work visa, teachers are required to have a 4-year university degree and a TEFL certificate recognized by the British Council. The only 2 certificates the British Council recognizes are the Trinity College CertTESOL and CELTA. Native English speakers are preferred over non-native ones, but with the appropriate TEFL certificate, a good CV, a good professional outlook at interview time, non-native English teachers can also get a position in China!


5. Russia

What comes to mind when thinking about Russia? Russia is a huge country with infinite landscapes, astonishing cathedrals and museums and a fabulous history worth looking into. The culturally rich lifestyle in Russia compensates for the long, winter days. Russians now need a good level of English as it has entered international relations, world business and trade where English is the language used. level. With this big need for English come the need for qualified and certified ESL/EFL teachers.

The hiring season in Russia is year-round, therefore you can travel to Russia when it is best for you. Though teachers are not required to have a university degree, you must have a TEFL certificate before your departure. Many schools will ask for the Trinity College CertTESOL or CELTA certificate.


6. Colombia

Colombia is also experimenting a rapid growth in the need for ESL/EFL teachers. The government has set up an ambitious goal of having all its high school graduates reach an intermediate level of English. This is good news for ESL/EFL Teachers wanting to teach in Colombia.

Colombia is becoming more and more known and attractive to tourists from all over the world. Places such as Cartagena de Indias, Tayrona natural park, Bogotá or Medellín are waiting for you! ESL/EFL teachers in Colombia enjoy a two-for-one advantage: teaching English and learning Spanish in a wonderful country!

Though a 4-year degree is not required, those with a college degree and an official TEFL certificate stand out more than those who don’t. The peak hiring season is between January and March and the summer months (July and August).


7. Morocco

Moroccans are also realizing the potential of the English language in today’s global world. More and more tourists are interested in discovering this Northern Africa country with so much to offer. There is: Marrakech, Chaouen, Fez, Essaouira, Casablanca…imagine what it would be like to ride a camel through the desert, to gaze at the stars while feeling incredibly small in a huge universe!

To teach in Morocco, it will be preferable that you are a native English speaker with a recognized TEFL certificate like the Trinity College CertTESOL.


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