On July 24 we successfully completed our first classroom based Trinity CertTESOL course since the strict COVID lockdown in Madrid was removed in June 2020.

The Trinity CertTESOL course succeeded without incident because of our COVID protocol that is fully aligned with the strict rules applied by the Madrid State Government ("La Comunidad de Madrid").

We maintain the strictest measures to make sure we keep everyone in the school safe. We adhere to the following procedures which were strictly enforced on the July 24 course and will continue to be strictly enforced until we are instructed otherwise by the Madrid State Government.

The EBC COVID Protocol that must be respected at all times

EBC reserves the right to tell anyone to leave the school premises who does not respect these extremely important COVID rules.
  1. Entry into the EBC school is forbidden to anyone who is not wearing an approved face mask.
    No face mask, no entry, no exceptions.
  2. Anyone (staff included) who wants to enter the school must submit to a body temperature check - no exceptions.
  3. Anyone who refuses a body temperature check is not allowed entry to the school - no exceptions.
  4. Body temperature is checked by using a near instant readout forehead thermometer.
  5. If the thermometer shows a body temperature over 37ºC (98.6ºF), entry into the school is forbidden - no exceptions.
  6. If you are wearing an approved face mask and pass the temperature check, you must apply the hand sanitiser we provide - no exceptions.
  7. You must wear your face mask at all times while you are inside the school.
  8. If you remove your face mask, you will be told to put it on.
  9. If you refuse to wear your face mask, you will be told to leave the school - no exceptions.
  10. Bottles of hand sanitising liquid and disinfectant spray are available in all rooms and the kitchen area as well.
  11. You are free to use the hand sanitising liquid and disinfectant spray whenever you want.
  12. For the sake of personal hygiene, we only use paper towels in the bathrooms and paper cups for the water dispenser.
  13. You may bring food as long as it is kept in closed hermetically sealed containers.
  14. Any food found in the fridges or any other places in the school that is not stored in this type of container will be thrown out - no exceptions.
  15. We observe social distancing.
  16. When you leave the school we will ask you to apply more hand sanitising liquid.
  17. The entire school: chairs, tables, desks, study areas, toilets, floors, etc. is sprayed with an industrial disinfectant spray everyday after everyone has left the school.
  18. We limit teaching practice attendance to 5 English language learners per teaching practice class so that classes are small and social distancing is maintained.
  19. All teaching practice attendees must also comply with this protocol.
  20. We discourage all physical contact.
  21. If we see any people in the school making physical contact, we will ask them to stop and remind them of the rules.
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