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The best TEFL course reviews are from the students that took the course. We have many course reviews on video that our course graduates kindly allowed us to make.

The videos showing EBC’s TEFL course reviews were spontaneous and honest. The content of each of the TEFL course reviews was solely made by the student. If you want to see our EBC TEFL course reviews, visit our YouTube channel.

EBC also has written course reviews some of which can be seen below. It comes as no surprise that EBC is one of the most valued TEFL course available today. EBC doesn’t say this, our students do. Based on our TEFL course reviews you’ll see why. It’s also no surprise that 80% of our course attendees are recommended by friends, associates and acquaintances who have took the EBC TEFL course. It’s not just limited to graduate recommendations, top language schools also recommend unqualified applicants to take the EBC TEFL course.

Graduate teaching videos

This is how you will be teaching.

Watch our graduates’ teaching practice videos and see what you can accomplish.

TEFL teaching practice is crucial to your success as a teacher. No decent school will hire teachers unless they have done a course with TEFL teaching practice.

If you are interested in teaching English abroad, this is a good place to start as it will give a a true insight into what TEFL teaching practice is all about and what it’s like to teach an English class.

If you want to see our graduate teaching videos, visit our YouTube channel.

Graduate Video Reviews

Aubrey Corbitt, USA
Aubrey Corbitt, USA


Cynthia Harger, USA
Cynthia Harger, USA


Danielle Stewart, UK
Danielle Stewart, UK


David Sim, UK
David Sim, UK


James O'Maille, Ireland
James O'Maille, Ireland


Joseph Ferrell, USA
Joseph Ferrell, USA


Madison Dearie, USA
Madison Dearie, USA


Miles Avery, USA
Miles Avery, USA


Cynthia Gale, United States
Cynthia Gale, United States


Latifa Alkhanjary, United Kingdom
Latifa Alkhanjary, United Kingdom


Jasmin Dharsi, Germany
Jasmin Dharsi, Germany


Jannik Blair, Australia
Jannik Blair, Australia

Read Jannik's story

Charlotte Rolfe, UK
Charlotte Rolfe, UK


Jacob Buchanan, United States
Jacob Buchanan, United States


Smita Jha - Singapore
Smita Jha - Singapore


Jordan Albrizio, United States
Jordan Albrizio, United States


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EBC graduate reviews on Google

Great teacher and staff! EBC TEFL course helped me to acquire knowledge about the different teaching techniques and strategies. I believe that the EBC team helps it learners to be great future teachers! Thanks a lot EBC!
Maria Ruth Manondo
Maria Ruth M.
I took the course almost 6 years ago, and I am now a mentor teacher working in a university in Vietnam. The course is very well structured with good support from the trainers. Almost every aspect of teaching is covered, and the practice classes are exciting opportunities to put into practice what you have learned. There are plenty of opportunities around the globe and EBC will try and support you all the way.
Andrew Moore
Andrew M.
I studied in EBC TEFL and it was great. Their training programme offers practical ideas to develop teaching skills which helps you to become a successful professional teacher.
Gerliza's Milieu
Gerliza's M.
EBC International TEFL Certificate is truly amazing. Our training has a lot variety and very educating. They help us discover our true potentials. The Professor helps nurture our English skills even better. He makes learning English more fun. This TEFL training experienced prepares us to become equipped and be the best English Teachers we could possibly be. Having John as a professor is a great pleasure. William has helped us all to make sure everything is perfect in our teaching practiced and provides an outstanding service to entire students. And the director has been very helpful by empowering and giving us smart advices to pursue our goals. It is definitely unforgettable experienced to be able to have awesome classmates from different places of the world. Thank you for everything. Keep up the marvellous work.
Kae16 kae
Kae16 K.
I had a good time doing my TEFL here in Madrid with EBC. The classes always started on time with a very realistic approach used to teach. I would recommend people to do TEFL from EBC to learn good ways to teach English and make it fun for students.
gaurav swamy
gaurav S.
I learned so much from this class. John is an amazing teacher.
Danielle Nieves
Danielle N.
The course has been really useful and the teacher, John, made the classes so much fun and very interesting. It is has been a great experience and has helped me realise how much I really enjoy teaching. It has also been a bit intense at times but I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to become an English teacher.
Natasha Jimenez
Natasha J.
I had a great experience at EBC. It can be a bit overwhelming at first but it's worth it.
Raul Chavez
Raul C.
Excellent classes with excellent teachers. The attention is great. I will definitely recommend EBC Madrid if you want to become a TEFL teacher.
Jon Anselmi
Jon A.
I've just finished my EBC TEFL course. It was a great experience. I definitely recommend this course. John is an amazing teacher and he is very professional. It was just a pleasure. Thank you so much and good luck!
Natalia Egorova
Natalia E.

Reviews from schools that appreciate EBC’s quality

Here are some of the unedited language school reviews from schools that appreciate EBC’s training plus our graduates knowledge and professionalism. These language school reviews are 100% unsolicited. These language school reviews are a direct result of EBC’s training quality and our course graduates hard work and dedication.

“From experience of interviewing and employing both EBC and TT Mxxxxx teachers, as a rule EBC teachers, come through much stronger in all areas at interview and subsequently we employ more with better results.”

“Do you have more graduates available?”

“I am the coordinator and teacher in an institute that gives in-company lessons. As the experience working with qualified native speakers graduated from your school has been highly positive, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could send me the names of native speakers that have recently completed TESOL courses in your school. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks in advance!”

“My name is Kristin Lauria, and I am an EBC TEFL cert. graduate. My husband, Richard Judkins, and I completed the EBC course in the summer of 2004. We subsequently moved to China and taught English for nearly four years. We had a great experience and were very grateful for our EBC training. I am writing to inform you of a teaching opportunity for TEFL certificate program graduates. The government-run school where we worked for 3 years is currently looking for new teachers. They prefer teachers with TEFL certificates and require a Bachelor’s degree as well. They’re hoping to find teachers from native English-speaking countries. If you know of any current EBC students or recent graduates who might be interested in this opportunity, please feel free to pass along my email address and I will gladly provide additional info.”

“Thanks a lot for sending us more candidates. We will not hesitate to take them into account for the following academic year, which we start in September. If you have more candidates we will be pleased to receive their CVs.”

“Nosotros hemos tenido muchos profesores de EBC y estamos encantados de su conocimiento y profesionalismo.”

[“We’ve taken a lot of teachers from EBC and we are very happy with their knowledge and professionalism.”]

“Thank you for the CVs. I would also like to take the opportunity to tell you that Peter Arant has been working out wonderfully and that the students are very happy with him. I hope we have him on board for the long haul.”

“Thanks for sending all the CVs over the years. As you probably know, we have hired quite a few and have had pretty good results in the classroom thanks to them.”

“Thank you for sending us your candidates, we find they are of a very high quality.”

“Thank you very much! These student CV’s are absolutely helpful!”

“Once again, thank you very much for referring teachers to me. Keep doing so … it’s really helpful!”

“Your e-email could not be more timely as right now I am looking for native speakers to cover positions in my company. Thank you very much for referring Melissa to me. I’ll contact her right away and, please, keep sending me potential teachers, I always need teachers!”

“First of all, thank you so much for sending us information about EBC graduates. Two of them are already part of our team: Jacob Baynes and Michael Euell. We are currently recruiting teachers for 2 important projects and I was wondering whether you could circulate this among EBC recent graduates.”

“Just to say thanks for the teachers that you’ve been sending us this year, we’ve been in touch with many of them and come to agreements with quite a few to collaborate with us. Please keep sending their CVs and feel free to encourage your graduates to pop by or phone us here as we are always looking for teachers. We can offer block academy hours as well as well paid business hours within a professional yet informal atmosphere.”

“I got your email from one of our teachers that studied with EBC, Oliver Winants. We are looking for teachers to teach in companies urgently. Can you provide me with some teachers who might be interested?”

“There´s a teacher who’d like to work with us and I suggested he took the TEFL Certificate with you: shall I give him your email address or just the phone number of your offices here in Buenos Aires?”

“I really appreciate all the names of graduates you are sending me.”

“This is Andrew from English World Madrid. I’m in need of English teachers to start next week and the following. Please if you can send me some, I would appreciate it very much.”

“Just to say thanks for sending the CV´s. Very much appreciated.”

“Thanks for sending CVs of teachers. Please keep sending them.”

“I am very happy you have contacted. At the moment, my school has hired EBC teachers and we are all quite satisfied.”

“Thank you for each and every CV that you are sending us. We really appreciate it.”

“I was wondering if you will have more certified teachers soon as we still need to hire some. Pls, forward cvs if there are teachers available.”

“I wanted to thank you for the individual CVs you have been sending us with interesting candidates. Interviews have been productive and fruitful, and we will be employing some of them.”

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