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4 simple steps to a job teaching English
  • EBC trains and places you in English teaching jobs abroad
  • Guaranteed lifetime, worldwide job placement

Our worldwide, lifetime job placement programme has been very effective for the last 16 years. Our job placement is ONLY for our EBC TEFL course graduates. If you are not a graduate of EBC, please do not ask us to find you an English teaching job.

English teaching jobs abound but getting the right connections is not easy. If you want to teach English abroad, join EBC and use our TEFL job placement programme. Would you like us to help you get a job teaching English abroad? Would you prefer that we get your CV delivered direct to hiring managers’ desks? If you prefer to do it yourself, we’ll help but why bother? We get your CV/resume sent directly to hiring managers’ desks along with a professional letter of introduction. We have been helping people teach English abroad since 2002 and we have a never had anyone say that they could not get a job.

English teaching jobs, learn to teach English, teach English abroad

1: Select your EBC TEFL course

English teaching jobs that  pay well are hard to come by unless you are properly trained. Good schools will not hire people who are not TEFL trained. EBC offers the following training courses:

  1. Four week, EBC international TEFL course
  2. Blended online TEFL course with virtual or classroom teaching practice
  3. 150 hour online TEFL course
English teaching jobs, learn to teach English, teach English abroad

2: Select your destination

Come and take your TEFL certificate training course in one of our great international TEFL training centres. Get English teaching jobs after you graduate.

  New! Our TEFL school in Madrid is now a Trinity College accredited centre.    Trinity CertTESOL

English teaching jobs, learn to teach English, teach English abroad

3: Get your TESOL & TEFL certificate

EBC TEFL courses are rigorous and demanding but when you pass, not only will you get international TESOL and TEFL certificates, you’ll also have a great feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

Whether you study online or in one of our training centres, you’ll find that your EBC TESOL and TEFL certificates are your passport to living your dreams abroad.

EBC’s mission is to ensure you get English teaching jobs and get started on a successful EFL career.

Come and learn and earn the EBC TEFL way.

English teaching jobs, learn to teach English, teach English abroad

4: EBC English teaching jobs

Quickly get English teaching jobs through EBC’s exclusive, pro-active, lifetime, worldwide TEFL job placement programme. On the last day of the course, EBC sends your professionally formatted CV and a PERSONALISED introduction to the best language schools in your location.

You don’t need to look for work. Language schools will email or phone you to ask you to come and interview.

Based on demand, schools may call from between an hour (yes we are serious) to a few days of your CV being sent out. Any longer, you probably mistyped your phone number!

Find your TEFL job with us!

  • Work for EBC
  • Work for other excellent language schools
  • We help you to distribute your CV and manage your CV distribution

The EBC TEFL job placement program is:

  • Unrivalled,
  • Proactive,
  • Fast,
  • Efficient,
  • Lifetime,
  • World-wide,
  • Exclusive to all EBC graduates.


  • What is the EBC job placement programme?
  • Do you guarantee jobs?
  • Will you help find me a job after the course?
  • How the EBC job placement programme all fits together
  • Some cautionary tales from people who did not study with EBC

These and other answers in our English teaching jobs FAQs

  • EBC trains and prepares course students to succeed as English language teachers.
  • We operate at a higher level than most other courses
  • Our TEFL/TESOL certificate courses are written to QCF level 5 standards
  • Our job placement programme is unrivalled with a 100% success record

TESOL / TEFL courses from EBC

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