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In order to become a good English, it is necessary to have a series of skills. The first step is, without a doubt, that the person is a native English speaker or a non-native English speaker with an advanced level of English.

This is fundamental for teaching English because you will have to explain English to your students. It is not so important that the future English teacher is a native English speaker because what is crucial is that he has an in-depth knowledge of the English language to be able to teach grammar, spelling, phonetics and other essential aspects of English.


At EBC we have face-to-face TEFL courses, online and hybrid courses in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Chania, and Boracay. On these courses we teach you all the practical, linguistic and technical skills you will need to become an excellent English teacher. If you are a native English speaker and don’t score 100% on the EBC English teacher test, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Thanks to our straightforward testing, we can measure your verbal competency, comprehension and ability to reason logically in English. This basic test consists of a small questionnaire that you will complete in just a few minutes.

To be able to send you the results of the test and verify your identity, send us a valid email address.

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To become an English teacher all that is required is some of your time to take one of our EBC training courses. Once you graduate, EBC gives you lifetime, worldwide career support that will get you working quickly and will always be there for you when you want a change.