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150 hour online TEFL course with an observed teaching practice option

All EBC online TEFL courses are hosted on a MOODLE platform. Visit the EBC online TEFL course home page.

This is a one-on-one learning experience. It is your own private TEFL course.

You get online training, feedback sessions with your trainer and even better, you get the option to attend our two week teaching practice course in Madrid.

We also add in a TEFL and a TESOL certificate plus our lifetime, worldwide job placement programme.

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Want to learn about EFL and ESL teaching but you don’t have the time to spare or finances are a bit tight at the moment? The EBC online TEFL course may be just what you are looking for.


Look no further, EBC offers the classroom training part of the accredited EBC International TEFL certificate residential course as an online TEFL course.

The course includes your own personal trainer who will mark your assignments, provide feedback, train and assist you during the course and finally observe, record and give you feedback and guidance for your six, one hour teaching practice classes.

Our premium online TEFL certification course includes:

  • all the theoretical training you will need,
  • a dedicated trainer,
  • lifetime, worldwide job placement,
  • a TEFL and a TESOL certificate,
  • bonus classroom material to get you started,
  • a practical eBook for teaching business English.

Worldwide job help after you pass the course

Job placement is included in this programme.

The EBC Online TEFL course

  • will give you a practical and thorough introduction to TESOL and TEFL,
  • will give you the skills you’ll need to teach in either a TESOL or TEFL setting,
  • will give you invaluable information about jobs and how to find them,
  • will help you get work after finishing,
  • will give you worldwide, lifetime job support,
  • will take 10 weeks to complete.

The course will teach you EFL ESL methodologies, teaching strategies, lesson planning and many other key areas about teaching English as a foreign language.

The course includes:

  • interactive lessons,
  • tests,
  • quizzes,
  • essay assignments,
  • video footage of teachers in action,
  • sample lessons,
  • and more …

You will also be assigned a personal course tutor who will mark your assignments, provide feedback and help you out with any aspect of the course.

Online Course Tutor support

This online course has full tutor support given by one of our highly qualified and experienced residential course trainers. Your tutor will mark your assignments and help you out with the course work when you need it.


Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded the:

  • EBC Online TEFL Certificate

A description of the online TEFL course

The EBC Online TEFL Certificate Course is divided into 10 Units.

  • Unit 1 – Learning Styles
  • Unit 2 – Motivation
  • Unit 3 – Classroom Interaction and Management
  • Unit 4 – How to teach English Grammar
  • Unit 5 – How to teach vocabulary
  • Unit 6 – How to teach reading and writing
  • Unit 7 – How to teach speaking and listening
  • Unit 8 – How to Plan Lessons Effectively
  • Unit 9 – The teacher in action
  • Unit 10 – Information, Resources and Jobs

Teaching resources

The EBC online TEFL course contains lots of useful material that you can use for your assignments during the course and of course after the course when you start teaching.

The material is divided into 3 sections:

  • Books
  • Useful internet resource sites
  • Ready-to-use classroom material

The book list is for reference only. You do NOT have to buy the books. The list is in case you’d like to refer to them in your local library.

The internet sites contain a range of resources ranging from lesson material through to the latest news, lesson plans/ideas/material, downloadable material, links to current affairs sites and other sites of general interest.

Ready-to-use classroom material is a section containing 26 different types of material including audio. Each ready-to-use resource set has reading and writing exercises. Some include an audio sample. The resources incorporate articles to test various the students levels of comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and reading skills. The texts are varied ranging from news sources to the lyrics of a popular singer and give you a good range of classroom resources to choose from.

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To become an English teacher all that is required is some of your time to take one of our EBC training courses. Once you graduate, EBC gives you lifetime, worldwide career support that will get you working quickly and will always be there for you when you want a change.