Online TESOL and TEFL course with trainer support

Online TESOL and TEFL course with trainer support. 200-hour CertTESOL+TEFL dual certificate course. Includes lifetime, worldwide job placement.

Online TEFL certification with trainer support and job placement

Welcome to the EBC CertTESOL+TEFL TESOL and TEFL certificate course.

  • Dual certification in TESOL and TEFL
  • Worldwide, lifetime job placement
  • Written to Ofqual level 5 standards based on our Trinity CertTESOL course material
  • Downloadable certificate issued the moment you pass

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Bonus – upgrade to the Trinity CertTESOL and get a 500€ discount

Any time after you pass the EBC CertTESOL+TEFL course, you can upgrade to a Trinity CertTESOL and we will discount 100% of your CertTESOL+TEFL course fee. That’s right, you only pay the difference to upgrade.

200 hour CertTESOL+TEFL course

  1. Dual certification in TESOL and TEFL
  2. Teaches you foundation English language teaching skills
  3. Trains you to be an English teacher
  4. Written to Ofqual level 5 standards
  5. Based on the EBC Trinity CertTESOL course material
  6. Study at your own pace and in your own time
  7. Convenient and accessible
  8. Includes worldwide, lifetime job placement
  9. Hybrid course comprising self-study and dedicated trainer support
  10. Assessed by online tests, quizzes and written assignments marked by your trainer
  11. Optional upgrade to the Trinity CertTESOL

EBC course reviews

Here are some reviews from course graduates.

Thinking about 2022, I realized that one of the most important events and achievements of this year was my study on the EBC Trinity CertTESOL and CertPT course. It was a very intensive, bright and useful course. I am grateful to director Tita Ashton for the amazing organization and support at all stages of training.The course consisted of a huge number of different activities - workshops, written analytical works, teaching practice, personal consultations, useful group brainstorming. We studied both general approaches to teaching English and specific topics on teaching grammar, speaking, listening and writing for students of different ages and levels. And my favorite section was "teaching an unknown language" - when we were learning Polish. We spoke exclusively Polish - in a short period of time we mastered a large amount of vocabulary, phonetics and grammar and began to communicate in a new language. I would like to express my admiration for our coach. I can say that Iza is one of the best teachers and methodologists I have met in my 30-year teaching career.I am very grateful for such an amazing opportunity for professional development. I really appreciate the support and professional attitude.Mitina Elena,English teacher and Director of language center.
This course was great. It was very useful to me and I am happy I picked this course. My trainers were fantastic and always very kind and helpful.
The EBC admin and teaching staff is amazing! Their clear instructions and assistance made this course fun and educational. With their help I passed the TEFL and Trinity CertTesol qualifications!
EBC TEFL course is a sound foundation for teaching English. All aspects of teaching are covered, from classroom management to methodologies of teaching grammar and vocabulary.The training and administration staff are courteous and are always on hand to help you if you are struggling for ideas.By far, the best aspect is the hands-on teaching. You get to put into practice all the theory that you learn, and the students are kind and willing to do almost everything you ask of them.After graduation, EBC will help you find work and will be great support as you develop your career.I am now a senior teacher at a university in Vietnam, with an MA and a Cambridge Delta. EBC have been available for support and references throughout my 11 years of teaching since I graduated with them.It's not easy work, mind you, but it's a challenge that is both enjoyable and rewarding. And EBC will be with you every step of the way.
I recently took the online TEFL/TESOL course and would definitely recommend this institution. I was given thorough advice and guidance right from the first email enquiry and the course delivered was probably above the standard I was expecting. Trainers/tutors are experts.
From start to finish, EBC’s Trinity CertTESOL course delivered exactly what it said it would, maintaining top-tier quality all throughout the four-week training period. Though the course is intense and requires a lot of diligence and focus, if you are willing to put in the work, you will not be disappointed, as the course is sure to help you grow exponentially in your craft.The material is top-tier, the trainers are excellent, and the course opens more doors than you can imagine. EBC even takes it a step further by helping graduates find jobs that match their preferences. More importantly, however, the trainers are passionate about what they do and genuinely want to see their trainees succeed. (Go ahead and try to name me a better team to work with—I’ll wait!)This course was life-changing for me, which is why I highly recommend it—especially to anyone who is serious about teaching English to speakers of other languages and wants nothing but the best quality. This experience gives you a return on investment that will last a lifetime.
The CertTeSOL prep course that I completed is excellent.First, as an English Teacher , I could learn how to make good lesson plans including time management.Second, I could learn how to give effective student-centered lessons by reducing teacher talking time and increasing more active tasks, I could review some important basic points of teaching such as grammar and pronunciation.Last but not least, not only my tutor, but also the whole team were outstanding. They made us feel very comfortable and were always really helpful.I am absolutely satisfied, and of course, I hightly recommend it.
The Trinity CertTESOL online course is well worth the time, work and money. If you want to be an effective TESOL/TEFL teacher, I highly recommend you get certified with EBC. The staff are knowledgeable, professional and passionate. It can seem overwhelming at first but you get the hang of things and meet some incredible people through it. Everyone considering teaching English abroad should consider EBC to get certified.
Excellent service. I completed my TESOL Certificate with them and I couldn´t be more satisfied. I learned a lot regarding teaching methodology and classroom management, very helpful teachers, detailed feedback and tasks and practice - oriented learning. 10 / 10.
One of the best! Studying on this course was the best decision I had ever done. After the intense four weeks of studies The reward to have my Cert helps me to finally get the job I love to do, to teach thank you EBC. The teaching methods I’d learned, all of it was very important,useful and effective. I’m currently working right now for almost four years in one language academy here in Madrid. Thank you EBC.
EBC delivers high-standard courses along with competitive moderators and keen methodology. Having said this, high-standards comes with high-expectations! If you put all the work and reel into the structure and rationale of the programme, you’ll exponentially enrich your educating skills in general. The evaluation they give when it comes to work output is fair. They constantly acknowledge your strengths and remedies your weaknesses. Having two moderators (and a student advisor) for check and balance plays an important role in sharpening teaching skills. I always believe that it is important, as an educator, to consider your learners. Their methods align with this personal take. EBC, in their programmes, carries out this approach while imprinting the same technique for their trainees to use during the programme itself and soon as they start with their careers. When it comes to application, registration, and the works, I didn’t encounter any problems as their student advisor is always available to assist. In the near future, I’d like to undergo another course with EBC. Best of luck!
I would recommend this course to anyone - a very well-structured and organised course with amazing teachers 🙂
Excellent director, tutors and staff for Trinity Certtesol course. They are always ready to help. An ideal place for this course in Madrid. I would definitely recommend this academy.
I studied both my CertTESOL and CertPT with EBC and the experience was great, the tutoring, support and organisation of the course was all top notch!
Very professional. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to teach English. I learned a lot as a native English speaker.
I would highly recommend EBC International to anyone who wants to get the CertTESOL. The course is well organized and trainers are very professional. I've been teaching English for three years already but I'm glad I did this course because I truly learned a lot about teaching.
This programme is second to none. Everything contained in this course has been highly useful and has shaped me as an ELT. You will not only obtain one of the most highly recognised certificates, but you will also acquire valuable skills and put them into practice. Thanks to our trainers and all the staff at EBC, especially Iza, an absolutely outstanding and dedicated professional.
The Online Trinity CertTESOL/TEFL course at EBC Madrid surpassed my expectations. As a native English speaker with some teaching experience, I expected a refresher course with an intensive workload. The programme turned out to be a one month challenge that has equipped me with the tools I need to be the best teacher I can be. I will be forever grateful to Tita and the exceptional trainers at EBC whose unending support was invaluable. If you want to excel as a professional English language teacher, I highly recommend EBC Madrid.
The Online CertTesol at EBC is an intensive program that will give you real and useful professional tools needed for a language teaching career. The course is given by professional and encouraging trainers, and the tasks given help you get a real insight of what teaching english as a foreign language is all about . It was a challenging yet rewarding experience which I truly recommend!
I did the online CertTESOL course with EBC and I have to say that I am beyond happy with the quality of the teaching, materials and support that you get before, during and after the course. It is a very intense course, but you learn a lot and most of all you have a lot of practice time!
I had a great experience at EBC and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become an English teacher. It is a very intensive course that requires daily work, but it is very rewarding. The strategies and techniques you learn here help you become a better professional, and they also offer assistance for job search afterwards. I only have good things to say about EBC and their staff.
It's a great opportunity to attend an intensive course and become a teacher. The teaching methods we obtained are unique and effective.
I really recommend this academy, they help you a lot, to improve in how to teach english, how to use the different techniques, for the learners, to make them understand all the concepts concepts to give in a class. Also they taught us how to have a good rapport in class and creating a good coherence with the learners, to create motivation for them.It has been a great experience, and know ready to for and teach what Iearn here.
I would definitely recommend EBC Madrid. The course organization and content both are brilliant. The course opened my mind about methodology and classroom management, increased my consciousness about learners needs and communicative methodology in general. Also, we had fun teaching and learning, especially with the Norwegian lessons.Without Tita and John's engagement and encouragement, it wouldn’t have been possible.EBC es un lugar ideal para este curso. Dudaba mucho antes de elegir academia, pero la experiencia con EBC ha merecido la pena. Me encantó el nivel de profesionalismo de los profesores: John es un ejemplo perfecto del profesor que sabe motivar a sus alumnos. En EBC me apoyaron en cada etapa del curso que me hacía sentir muy a gusto. Mil gracias!
I love EBC and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to teach English. However, it is not a cake walk and is an extremely intense course with daily submissions. It is extremely professional and has a dual certification of TEFL and Trinity CertTESOL. EBC also provides lifetime assistance for job search. EBC is genuine, has warm people and excellent staff. Brilliant learning and teaching experience!!
Gilt-edged input learning topped up with cutting-edge teaching quality and coupled with a most outgoing, fresh and knowledgable ambient. Whether you are a techer already, or a would-be, this course by far settles yourself in, this in virtue of the most up-to-date teaching acumen from Trinity College and delivered by EBC. Not only good value for money - but priceless!
I had a remarkable experience over here. Teaching is my passion but I had never taught a foreign language to a class of adult students. I learned a lot of teaching techniques and strategies over here. I had a good brush up of my English Grammar and was well prepared to teach in the real world. I had immense support and proper guidance from John and Tita, and a lot of co-operation from William throughout the course. So, a big thank you to the entire EBC team.
Thoroughly enjoyed my time at EBC. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an intensive, comprehensive teaching course. You should be prepared to do a lot of work, but it's very rewarding.
Highly Recommended! Everyone is helpful and the course itself was very helpful, especially for people who have no teaching background and would like to change careers.
I had a good time doing my TEFL here in Madrid with EBC. The classes always started on time with a very realistic approach used to teach. I would recommend people to do TEFL from EBC to learn good ways to teach English and make it fun for students.
worth the money..highly qualified instructor and staff.
i learned a lot of strategies in teaching.I took the intensive 1 month course and it was really hard work but it was well worth it. Thanks a lot to our amazing teacher. I was so happy to receive my Certificate.Thanks alot EBC for everything.
EBC is a wonderful academy. I attended an intensive course to gain my TEFL/TESOL qualification. The teaching was in-depth, covering skills, general and business English, as well as how to teach children and adults. All of this was imparted by our professional guide, John. Thank you to all the staff who went out of their way to be encouraging and helpful. It has been a memorable experience!
Great course with an awesome staff. All aspects of teaching, grammar, finding work and even living in Spain are covered in great detail. Would recommend highly to anyone looking to do their TEFL.
Excellent and very comprehensive programme. Our instructor taught us everything we need to know about teaching English. The practice teaching sessions we did are great experience for the real world and I now feel confident that I can teach professionally. Thank you John for your commitment and dedication.
Great classes, highly recommended.
Highly recommended course. The 8 practice lessons provide invaluable experience.
Great course! You'll work very hard (it's very intensive) but definitely worth it. I totally recommend it.
The class was very good. The instructor John is friendly and very thorough with his classes. William, in the front office, is a joy and is very helpful with all of my course needs. Tita, is very nice and was helpful in explaining different options for working and staying in Madrid.
John is a good teacher and he puts efforts inorder to understand your requirements. He teaches you in the right ways, like how to present the language in a simple way, how to keep the motivation on, etc.It´s a intensive course but it´s really worth !!Willam is a good administrator.Thanks for all the help and support. 🙂
The course is very intensive but IT IS REALY WORTH! If you are looking for a course that teaches you how to become an English teacher, well this is the best one. You really get the better skills for teaching English at all levels with a clear knowledge about what you are doing.The staff of the course is really nice and helpful. He is a really nice person who helps you whatever you need.Teachers here at really good and they really know how to train you as a English teacher very well.
EBC Madrid had equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills I need to be better in teaching. William is so nice and is very accommodating to us students. And, John is the best teacher who can simplify and make the students understand even the most complicated grammatical concept. Kudos!
The course is very intensive but it helps a lot to bring out the best in me. John is an amazing teacher and he is very professional. I'm very thankful for all the guidance and help that I received from EBC. I highly recommend it.
The course is really useful. It makes you equipped with the right knowledge, training and attitude. Things you need to have that confidence to go out and face the world as an English teacher. Highly recommended!
I wanted to know some new modern methods of teaching foreign labguages and it was the main idea I had , but it didn't happen.This course was just a nice posibility to communicate in English a lot. Thank you
I'm very satisfied with the course, I really learned a lot of teaching skills and important techniques that I really could utilize in the future.
This is a great place to get your TEFL certification. The staff is kind, organized and very helpful. It was such a comfortable learning environment that I enjoyed very much. I liked the personalized attention and I got a lot more confidence and experience to be an English teacher. Thanks for everything!
I found the instruction throughout the course to be very effective and I finished the course feeling excited and prepared to begin teaching. There is nothing fancy about the EBC facility, however this doesn't in any way reduce the overall quality of the course. John, the instructor, has extensive experience (both as an TEFL teacher and a TEFL course trainer), which is evident in the thoughtful organization of the course. My class had only five students, which created lots of time for personal attention and advice. Make sure you come prepared to work hard!
It was a great and intensive course! I learned and enjoyed this whole learning how to teach experience. Thank you very much for your time and knowledge. I feel well-prepared now. EBC Madrid, 2017.
Great experience. John is the best teacher. He explains English Grammar easily and even makes it fun to learn.I will, without any doubt, recommend the course. All subjects are very helpful. It´s been hard work but very productive and interesting.El mejor curso para profesores de Inglés que se puede encontrar en Madrid.
This was a wonderful experience that has prepared me very well. The staff is very helpful and understanding.
I've just finished my EBC TEFL course. It was a great experience. I definitely recommend this course. John is an amazing teacher and he is very professional. It was just a pleasure. Thank you so much and good luck!
I highly recommend EBC madrid.. It's a very busy 4 weeks, it's a very INTENSIVE class but it's worth it I learn too much from Professor John and I think his one of the Master's in Grammar. And also thank you Tita and William.
I learned so much from this class. John is an amazing teacher.
its was the best school form teacher
The course has been really useful and the teacher, John, made the classes so much fun and very interesting. It is has been a great experience and has helped me realise how much I really enjoy teaching. It has also been a bit intense at times but I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to become an English teacher.
EBC International TEFL course in Madrid, class of August 2017.. A very intensive 4 weeks but very well spent one. Thank you William, Tita Ashton and especially to our teacher John.. I am very thankful for all their guidance,motivation and patience. Two thumbs up for the EBC Madrid team..thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 I highly recommend EBC training center in Madrid. Cheers for more success!
Class of August 2017.It's been a busy stressful 4 weeks but I am happy the group and I have all made it and we have TEFL certificates to show for all our hard-work and sleepless nights.Much thanks to our trainer John for his patience and ability to find solutions and guidance to help you find your way and energy throughout the course.EBC international is the best place to learn and share your knowledge of teaching. And for people like me who has no idea how to teach things like grammar and also to learn the grammar...this is the place to be!
I had learned a lot with this course. I appreciated to much all the employees with their full support. The trainor is very supporttive and very patient in motivating his students. Eventhough the course is very short time, i learned so many things to improve my ability specially in teaching methods. I highly recommend this course to others. Thank you for all the support.
I appreciated very much the way ebc taught. They have an excellent trainor with whom we learned a lot. I learned a many methods of teachings and I would highly recommend ebc center for those who would like to learn how to teach English. I enjoyed with other students and learned from them too. Thanks to all the staffs of ebc
Excellent course. Highly recommended to learn how to become an efficient English teacher. Be aware though that the course is INTENSIVE, and that you may not be able to have time to think about anything else besides the course for 4 weeks.
This is a great course but it is very intensive. You must be prepared to work hard but you will learn a great deal. The instructor, John, is a true master teacher and it was great learning from him. Would highly recommend.
One thing I consider a necessary evil in my chosen profession is the tedious and arduous task of lesson-planning. Fortunately, I consider my training in this regard to be one of the best (courtesy of EBC). The four weeks I spent with them to eventually gain my certification in TEFL/TESOL were some of the most grueling I've experienced. And despite my graduating five years ago, I am still regularly in touch with them, whether for random things, or to specifically ask for help in going over material for my students (help which, I must say, they're more than happy to give).
Wanted to become a teacher in just 1 month schooling? I recommend you to enroll in EBC Madrid. They will teach you everything for you to become a proficient teacher. So, don't waste time. Go and enroll now!!!
If you're looking for an easy TEFL course, EBC is not for you. If you are interested in one that will make you a well-qualified teacher however, I would not hesitate to recommend EBC Madrid. I found the quality of the instruction to be excellent and for me, the emphasis on Business English was especially important.
I was very pleased to find a passionate instructor and rigorous content in what could otherwise be a dull, routine and nominal certificate course. High praise for John, our trainer, and the entire EBC staff for creating such a rich curriculum and engaging experience - all in just four weeks!
Un curso muy intensivo e intenso, se trabaja mucho pero se aprende muchísimo. Muy recomendable si quieres ser buen profesor de inglés, aprendes todo lo que no sabías que habías olvidado de gramática inglesa. El profesor es excelente y sabe muchísimo sobre gramática, técnicas de enseñanza y motivación, y métodos de aprendizaje. Acabo el curso muy cansada pero satisfecha y lista para empezar a trabajar. A mejorar: las instalaciones son un poco vetustas, no ponen la calefacción, las fotocopias podían ser más oscuras para que los alumnos vean bien los trabajos, y el ordenador que hay para el uso de los alumnos es gótico, aunque el WiFi funciona muy bien.A very intensive and intense course, lots of work but you learn tons! Mandatory if you want to teach ESL and pick up lots of resources and tricks. You will relearn everything you didn't know you'd forgotten about English grammar. The teacher is highly knowledgeable about all areas related to teaching ESL, and gives lots of support and ideas. I have finished the course quite tired but content and ready to teach. Areas that could improve: the premises are a bit aged, they don't turn the heat on, students have a hard time with the quality of the photocopies, and the one computer they have for student use is from the last century, although the WiFi is very good.
Its been an extremely intensive training. I have learnt a lot and am looking forward to applying all the concepts.I am completely satisfied and happy I signed up for this.Thank you EBC team.
Doing the TEFL course through EBC has been great. I have learned so much and feel very confident about teaching now.I highly recommend it.
EBC and the TEFL course in Buenos Aires have been a great experience!! The course is very comprehensive, efficient and really focus on your teaching practice. The course load is pretty heavy but you get lots of support throughout the course and the tutors make sure you get all the help you need.The best part was that I could start my first job right after the course. It was incredibly easy to find work once I was certificated.I can definitely recommend the EBC TEFL course!Thanks a lot EBC Team Buenos Aires!
EBC is a great certificate program to prepare anyone who is interested in teaching English, regardless of the country/native language where they want to teach English. The hands-on practice that you get teaching actual classes is probably the most helpful part. There are also a variety of teaching resources made available to you, including activities, expert teaching guidance and direction, and printing assistance for materials.
This was exactly the right course for someone trying to make the transition to another part of the world as a language teacher. They struck a perfect balance between providing you with information and allowing you to practice on classes and gain confidence as a teacher.
The instruction was well given . I really appreciated the practical experience that came with the course. It really helped me prepare for teaching in the real world.
Not only did I find a TOP OF THE LIST institute where to learn the best teaching techniques from incredibly talented teachers, but also a place ran by amazing, welcoming, and supportive people. My experience at EBC International was unforgettable!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed the EBC International TEFL Certificate Course thanks to the wonderful experience the excellent staff offered by providing an all-inclusive training, as well as practical advice and experience, and most helpful support. If you are interested in teaching - and it doesn´t matter wether you have or not previous experience – this is definitely the course for you, and the best way to get skillful experience, self-confidence and a desire to teach! I am proud to be part of the EBC family.
I had a wonderful experience at Ebc! I discovered my capabilities and it had broaden my horizons. I met new friends and the whole team were very helpful!I will definitely recommend this to others!Congratulations to EBC and more power!!!!
I had a great experience at EBC. It can be a bit overwhelming at first but it's worth it.
If you are looking to really gain the knowledge that you need to be an efficient TEFL teacher, then this is the perfect school for you. I am fully prepared to start working as a teacher here in Madrid, after a very informative and intensive four week course.
Great course. Looking for my first TEFL job was easy because our resumes were blasted to lots of good schools in Madrid. I was getting calls from so many schools, sometimes it was overwhelming. EBC was also forwarding us emails from academies contacting them for teachers. It was very intense, the job placement help they give but it is great to have so many choices. Fantastic job placement. Definitely recommend it if you want to see Europe and find work fast. It was more than I expected. Thanks guys.
I had a great experience at EBC. At first, I thought that it was going to be one of those things where you pay your money and basically just get a certificate, with maybe a little bit of training or information thrown in. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the course was rigorous and that I learned a great deal. I earned that certificate! My instructor was excellent and the experience helped me a lot. The staff are all very friendly, professional, and extremely supportive. I very much recommend EBC.
I trained with EBC in Argentina back in 2006 and here I am, 10 years on, still enjoying the journey of teaching English around the world. The skills I gained on the course transformed my life! Their support in finding work in Argentina was invaluable and their continued support throughout the years has been most welcome. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a TEFL certificate.
I had the privilege of taking the EBC International TEFL Certificate in October 2007. What an amazing experience!! This course is very comprehensive, increasing the knowledge and understanding of native English speakers in how they use their language to communicate. A lot of instruction, practice teaching, and fun is jam-packed into 4 busy weeks, in one of the great cities of the world. The professional staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in assisting students to achieve the objectives of the course AND enjoy their experience. Perhaps most importantly is that the instruction is superb with a teacher who models so well the principles being taught in the course. It’s one thing to acquire the information on how to teach; it’s so helpful to see the “how-to-do-it” in action! Finding a job is what it’s all about, right? At EBC, the lifetime support offered to their graduates in finding suitable jobs wherever they are located in the world is a gift beyond measure. If you’re reading this review, thinking you might like to take a TEFL Course and teach English, this is the course to take. It will start you down the path of a wonderful educational and enriching experience which might just change your life forever in a most marvellous way. I love the EBC family!
My Husband and I had a fantastic experience with Olga and Anna at EBC in Chania, Crete. They were fantastic teachers and wonderful people who helped us successfully pass the course and became great friends as well. The added bonus was that EBC sent our CV's to a number of schools and we got a job immediately. I could not recommend the course more highly.
I got my TEFL certification from EBC in 2005, and even after 11 years, I know that I can still rely on them for support, and that in and of itself is an indication of excellence. The attention that I received and still receive today when I need it is exceptional. The course itself was engaging, with really dynamic teaching methods which I still use today, since I am still in TEFL, having decided to make it my long term career after being inspired, in large part, by EBC. Taking this course is a huge part of what made me decide to stay in the field, and with this certification, I have travelled through Asia, Europe, and South America. I have lived in the UK for 6 years, where I continue to teach and use EBC as a reference. The facilities were great, and although I took the course in Buenos Aires, I went to Spain and got exactly the same great attention and warmth that I had received in Buenos Aires. The employment opportunities which are offered after completion are to fine institutes, and no matter how much time passes, your CV will always remain with them, and their large variety of possibilities will always be available – just as they are still available to me. If you are looking for a course which is dynamic, intensive, engaging, and also great fun, exploring all of the elements that a TEFL instructor could possibly need, this is the place for you. I am thankful to have found this gem with which to carry my career forward.
Excellent course and very helpful team! Lots of support throughout the course which made the challenge much more easier and pleasing. The support continues after the course has finished and it is very easy to get a job as EBC send out your cv to many schools. It is more than I expected and I would highly recommend this course/EBC if you are looking to do TEFL.
The TEFL course was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and met my expectations. It was well structured, covering teaching theory, methods, best practices, and English grammar. In addition to this, there was a sufficient amount of lesson planning, preparation and teaching to adult learners. I left feeling confident in my abilities and would recommend this course.
My experience at EBC International has been very pleasing and fruitful. Being the eldest in the student's group brought a little hesitation in the beginning of the course, but my amazing tutor, Mr. John, made me feel equally comfortable in the teaching and learning process, just like the others. This boosted my confidence in putting my maximum efforts to achieve good results. I will always be grateful to my tutor for bringing out the best in me. The journey at EBC International has been a smooth and challenging one. I would recommend anyone and everyone to be here at EBC International to achieve their goals in the teaching profession.
My experience at EBC was great, i really got what i wanted. I was trained to be a good teacher, they teachers were helpful througout the course and always gave me feedback. I had a fantastic guide towards developing my own teaching style, the classes were assigned that i saw a range of different groups of people, levels and ages which was extremely helpful. The teaching practice was essential in my training and guided me towards my career. Thanks to EBC.
My experience with EBC is nothing short of wonderful. We had a very knowledgeable tutor who also encouraged us throughout the course, friendly staffs and the most amazing course mates. I have made leaps and bounces academically and socially. EBC International, I will definitely recommend to anyone.
A very supportive language school! I called many places before deciding on a program because there are so many options, and it can feel overwhelming without some research. I put in a lot of research! I chose EBC because the head of the school spent so much time answering my questions on the phone and making me feel at ease about the transition to Spain, not an easy task! They were very responsive to my emails and I had continued support throughout the course. I was even able to get hired at a school on my last week of classes, major win! They help you find a job and have a very good reputation with schools from my first interview experience.The course is very well organized and our instructor is beyond qualified and delightful. He has a PhD in linguistics, which I discovered secondhand because it's not something he brags about. It is clear from his instruction that he knows what he's talking about. He was very patient and knowledgable and the class is a lot of fun! It's a quality class with a team of very experienced and helpful people. I've made friends, laughed, and learned. I couldn't be happier with the program and I feel lucky to have found it!
Thanks a lot for amazing 4 weeks. It was really challenge, but full of positive emotions. I´m very grateful for your time and attention to each student.Thanks.Julia.
Hello Tita, just wanted to say that meeting you has really changed my life because since I finished the TEFL course with EBC, the jobs offers haven`t stopped coming. I really appreciate your support and efforts. My warm regards to John and William.
The experience I had at E B C was what I cannot forget. During the time of the course, I learned a lot of new words and their uses. I also realised that it is not just knowing the subjects that is important but also how to teach them is what matters a lot. The lessons, vocabulary, the class evaluations and activities all put together makes the course efficient. How knowledge is best imparted to the students is also something I learned at E B C and at the end of the course I am now able to teach English effectively.
The course is excellent! You really get a job after it.In every interview that I have had EBC is well known and respected.All that you learn is 100% applicable in real classes.I have been working since 2 weeks after I finished the course last Year (Nov. 6th 2015)Great job,Tia and John and thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us.
The job placement is excellent. I just came back to Europe after working in China for almost a year. EBC is as helpful now in helping find teaching jobs in Rome as they were placing me in Shanghai last year. Thanks. You guys still in Orense St? I'll drop by when I'm in Madrid. Thanks again. Ciao.
I loved my experience with EBC TEFL. With the best people, the best Professors and friends..The quality of teaching is at a very high level and it contributed to my job and personal growth. Thanks for your love and patience.

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English Grammar Guide

As an English teacher, you will need to know English grammar. Most non-English speaking countries expect their English teachers to understand English grammar. If you have never been taught English grammar like most people from English-speaking countries, EBC is here to help.

You get our 94 page English Grammar Guide (27 Euro value) with explanations, exercises and an answer sheet included with this course.

Teaching Business English Guide

Many English teachers want to teach Business English but don’t know how to. The EBC Teaching Business English Guide explains what teaching business English is all about. How to prepare, methods to follow, how to assess student needs, five excellent role-play lessons, writing company progress reports and much more.

You get our 97 page Teaching Business English Guide (73 Euro value) included with this course.

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This course prepares you to:

  1. teach English as a foreign language (TEFL)
  2. teach English to speakers of other languages (TESOL)

The course also includes lifetime, worldwide job placement that helps you get an English teaching job whenever you want.

When you graduate, you will:

  1. get an EBC CertTESOL+TEFL certificate in TESOL and TEFL
  2. understand language use and analysis;
  3. be knowledgeable of teaching theory and its practical application;
  4. know how to manage your classroom;
  5. be able to identify student learning difficulties and develop remedial action plans;
  6. know how to plan, design and develop and deliver effective lessons;
  7. be able to teach in both a TEFL and TESOL classroom environment.

The course has ten units. You must pass all of them to pass the course. Details about each course unit are shown in the next section.

  1. Unit 1 – Learning styles – general issues about the learning cycle, different student types, and various learning models.
  2. Unit 2 – Motivation – touches on the different types of motivation techniques and issues in the classroom and the teacher’s responsibility.
  3. Unit 3 – Classroom interaction and management – discusses techniques and theories behind discipline in the classroom. It also looks at teacher behaviour and practical classroom management techniques.
  4. Unit 4 – Grammar, language skills, pronunciation and phonology – introduces basic grammar concepts and guidelines for presenting and teaching grammar.
  5. Unit 5 – How to teach vocabulary – introduces basic concepts and guidelines for presenting and teaching vocabulary.
  6. Unit 6 – How to teach reading and writing – looks at examples for teaching two of the so-called “four skills” – reading and writing.
  7. Unit 7 – How to teach speaking and listening – looks at examples for teaching two of the so-called “four skills” – listening and speaking.
  8. Unit 8 – How to plan effective lessons – looks at lesson structure: language learning, presenting material, explanations and instructions. Explains the lesson planning process and why a plan is necessary. You will also find examples of lesson plans and activities to use in class for students of all levels.
  9. Unit 9 – Observation, Exams and Special Needs – shows you videos of teachers in action. You will watch each video and then comment on what you observe. We then introduce you to protecting and dealing with vulnerable students (safeguarding), special educational needs (SEN) and popular English exams.
  10. Unit 10 – Information, resources and jobs – information about jobs, job prospects, teaching resources, using ZOOM as a virtual classroom and other helpful information.

Details about each course unit’s content

  1. Important information about this course
  2. How to take a review lesson
  3. How to take an end of unit test
  4. Teaching and other resources
  5. Reference books
  6. Useful internet resource sites
  7. FREE ready-to-use classroom material
Unit 1 - Learning styles
  • READ ME FIRST – How to work through Unit 1
  • Unit 1 reading material PDF file
  • Section 1 – The learning cycle and types of learners
    1. The KOLB learning cycle
    2. Types of learners
  • Section 2 – Teaching models that have influenced current teaching methods
    1. Teaching models
      1. Grammar-translation
      2. Audio-lingualism
      3. PPP: Presentation, Practice and Production
      4. Task-Based Learning
      5. Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
  • Review lesson 1 – Learning and teaching models
  • Section 3 – Introduction to the lesson structure and presentation
    1. Introduction to the lesson structure
    2. The four commandments for presenting materials
      1. Attention
      2. Awareness
      3. Appreciate
      4. Assimilate
    3. Presenting material
    4. Examples Of Presenting Material
  • Section 4 – Presenting explanations and instructions
    1. How to give explanations and instructions
    2. Make sure you have the class’ full attention
    3. Present the information more than once
    4. Be brief
    5. Illustrate with examples
    6. Get feedback
  • Review lesson 2 – Lesson structure and presenting
  • Written assignment 1 – Presentation style critique, lesson plan study and reflection – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • Section 5 – What we know about language learning
    1. Our understanding of language learning
    2. What elements are necessary for language learning in a classroom?
    3. Engage, Study, Activate (ESA)
  • Section 6 – How engage, study and activate (ESA) fit together in lesson sequences
    1. Straight Line ESA
    2. Boomerang ESA
    3. Patchwork ESA
  • Review lesson 3 – Language learning and ESA
  • Engaging the learner through context
    1. Lead-in activities
    2. Using a text to contextualise target language
    3. Other ways to develop a context for the target language
  • Unit 1 – End of unit test
Unit 2 - Motivation
  • READ ME FIRST – How to work through Unit 2
  • Unit 2 reading material PDF file
  • Section 1 – Motivation
    1. Motivation
    2. The importance of motivation
    3. Different kinds of motivation
  • Section 2 – The teacher’s responsibility
    1. Reflecting on the characteristics of a good teacher
    2. Results and conclusions
    3. Your responsibility as a teacher
  • Section 3 – Extrinsic motivation
    1. What is extrinsic motivation?
    2. Success and its rewards
    3. Failure and its penalties
    4. Authoritative Demands
    5. Tests
    6. Competition
  • Section 4 – Intrinsic motivation and interest
    1. What is intrinsic motivation?
    2. Ways to build student interest
    3. Hints and tips on how to build interest
      1. Clear goals
      2. Varied topics and tasks
      3. Visuals Tension and challenge games
      4. Entertainment activities
      5. Play-acting
      6. Information gap
      7. Personalisation
      8. Open-ended cues
  • Written assignment 2 – Motivational methods assessment – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • Section 5 – Fluctuations in student interest
    1. Why does student interest go up and down?
    2. Managing rises and falls in student interest
  • Learner motivation and preferences
    1. Different types of learner motivation models
    2. Other motivation models that impact language learning
    3. The role of the teacher in motivating learners
    4. Different ways of learning and learner preferences
    5. Selecting and adapting material for the individual learner
  • Building empathy with learners
    1. What empathy is in our context
    2. What role empathy plays in the classroom
    3. How empathy and rapport are connected
    4. How to show empathy in the classroom
  • Review lesson 4 – Motivation
  • Motivation theories
    1. Abraham Maslow
    2. Frederick Herzberg
    3. David McClelland
    4. David Ausubel
    5. Jerome Bruner
    6. Lev Vygotsky
    7. Albert Bandura
    8. Robert Gagne
    9. B. F. Skinner
    10. Video playlist illustrating their theories
  • Unit 2 – End of unit test
Unit 3 - Classroom interaction and management
  • READ ME FIRST – How to work through Unit 3
  • Unit 3 reading material PDF file
  • Section 1 – Introduction to classroom interaction and management
    1. Getting off to a good start
    2. Show your enthusiasm
    3. Icebreaker activities
    4. Introducing yourself to your students
    5. Setting the course expectations
    6. Managing student questions
    7. Get feedback from your students
    8. A useful checklist for your first day in class
  • Basic classroom management
    1. How to manage a group of learners appropriately
    2. Classroom seating arrangements and interaction patterns
    3. ‘Grading’ language
    4. How to make instructions clear for learners
    5. Special considerations for managing online classrooms
  • Review lesson 5 – Classroom interaction and management
  • Section 2 – Classroom interaction
    1. Some social aspects of classroom interaction
    2. Interaction in the classroom
    3. Initiation – Response – Feedback
    4. Suggested interactive teaching strategies
    5. Interaction, meaning and concepts
    6. Some additional points to bear in mind
  • Using authentic materials
    1. Why we might use authentic materials in the classroom
    2. How to choose authentic materials for your learners
    3. How to use video to develop receptive sub-skills
    4. Use of ‘graded readers’ and other ‘semi-authentic’ materials
  • Review lesson 6 – The classroom
  • Written assignment 3 – Concept teaching – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • Section 3 – Asking questions
    1. Asking questions
    2. Reasons for questioning
    3. Effective questioning
    4. A critical analysis of teacher questions
    5. Teacher questioning exchanges
    6. A critique of the teacher questioning exchanges and advice
  • Review lesson 7 – Asking questions
  • Section 4 – Concept checking
    1. What is concept checking?
    2. Vehicles for concept checking
    3. Concept checking vocabulary
    4. Concept checking a grammar point
    5. Things to think about
  • Review lesson 8 – Concept checking
  • Section 5 – Giving feedback
    1. What is feedback?
    2. Correcting mistakes
    3. Assessment
    4. Performing the assessment
    5. Assessment reference criteria
    6. Assessment grades
    7. Correcting mistakes in oral work
    8. Correcting written work
    9. Considerations for written feedback
    10. What do you think about feedback?
    11. Feedback opinion comparison
    12. The value of assessment and correction for learning
  • Review lesson 9 – Giving feedback
  • In-class assessment
    1. What in-class assessment is
    2. How to conduct an in-class assessment
    3. Why some assessment methods work better than others
  • Written assignment 4 – Correcting written work – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • Section 6 – Classroom discipline
    1. Students keep using their language
    2. What if the students don’t want to talk?
    3. Students are distracted and/or not paying attention
    4. Students are bored and/or unmotivated
    5. Students are unclear what to do or doing the wrong thing at the wrong time
    6. Strong student dominance
    7. Personality clashes
    8. Time management Lateness
  • Review lesson 10 – Classroom discipline
  • Section 7 – Teacher language, drilling and board work
    1. Teacher language
    2. Drilling
    3. Board work
  • Review lesson 11 – Teacher language, drilling and board work
  • Reflection on learning and teaching
    1. What reflection is
    2. How it relates to your teaching
    3. Why it is important to self-reflect
    4. Ways to get started with self-reflection
  • Unit 3 – End of unit test
Unit 4 - Grammar, language skills, pronunciation and phonology
  • READ ME FIRST – How to work through Unit 4
  • Unit 4 reading material PDF file
  • Section 1 – What is grammar?
    1. What is grammar?
    2. A general description of grammar
    3. Grammatical structures
    4. Grammatical meaning
  • Section 2 – Presenting and explaining grammar
    1. Presenting and explaining grammar
    2. Guidelines for presenting and explaining a new grammatical structure
    3. Learning how to explain English grammar
  • Functional language
    1. What is meant by functional language/functional exponents
    2. Context and function
    3. How to describe language by communicative Function
    4. Appropriacy of language
    5. Analysing the form of Functional language
    6. Things to consider when planning a functional language lesson
  • Language awareness 1 – tense, aspect and voice
    1. Tense and aspect
    2. Some common issues with tense and aspect
    3. Active and passive Forms
  • Language awareness 2 – future forms, modals and conditionals
    1. Ways of expressing the Future
    2. Modality and modal verbs
    3. Conditional sentences
  • Language awareness 3 – noun phrases
    1. The structure and use of noun phrases
    2. Countable and uncountable nouns
    3. Some main uses of articles
    4. Relative clauses in noun phrases
    5. Common learner difficulties with noun phrases
  • World Englishes
    1. Kachru’s three circles of English
    2. Implications of World Englishes on English language teaching
    3. Activities to raise learner’s awareness of varieties of English
  • Pronunciation and phonology
    1. The sounds (vowels and consonants) of English
    2. The phonemic chart
    3. Stressed and weak syllables
    4. How to integrate an understanding of the sounds of English and word stress into teaching
  • Section 3 – Present simple
    1. Present simple
    2. Form
    3. Uses
    4. Exercises
  • Section 3 – Present simple – Exercises 1 to 5
  • Section 4 – Present continuous
    1. Present continuous
    2. Form
    3. Uses
    4. Exercises
  • Section 4 – Present continuous – Exercises 6 to 11
  • Section 5 – Past simple and continuous
    1. Past simple and continuous
    2. Form
    3. Uses
    4. Exercises
  • Section 5 – Past simple and continuous – Exercises 12 to 15
  • Section 6 – Past perfect simple and continuous
    1. Past perfect simple and continuous
    2. Form
    3. Uses
    4. Exercises
  • Section 6 – Past perfect simple and continuous – Exercises 16 to 19
  • Section 7 – Present perfect simple
    1. Present perfect simple
    2. Form
    3. Uses
    4. Exercises
  • Section 7 – Present perfect simple – Exercises 20 to 24
  • Section 8 – Present perfect continuous
    1. Present perfect continuous
    2. Form
    3. Uses
    4. Exercises
  • Section 8 – Present perfect continuous – Exercises 25 to 26
  • Section 9 – Future
    1. Future
    2. Form
    3. Uses
    4. Exercises
  • Section 9 – Future – Exercises 27 to 34
  • Section 10 – Conditionals
    1. Conditionals
    2. Form
    3. Uses
    4. Exercises
  • Section 10 – Conditionals – Exercises 35 to 41
  • Written assignment 5 – Grammar teaching exercises – Trainer assessed with feedback
Unit 5 - How to teach vocabulary
  • READ ME FIRST – How to work through Unit 5
  • Unit 5 reading material PDF file
  • Section 1 – Presenting new vocabulary
    1. Different ways of presenting new vocabulary
  • Section 2 – Ideas for vocabulary work in class
    1. Ideas for vocabulary work in class
    2. Brainstorming around an idea
    3. Star diagram example
    4. Fill in the blanks
  • Section 3 – Remembering vocabulary
    1. Remembering Vocabulary
    2. Task one – run a memory test
    3. Task two – tabulate the results
    4. Task three – analyse the results
    5. Results and teaching implications
  • Supporting learners with vocabulary
    1. How to convey the meaning of vocabulary
    2. How to check students’ understanding
    3. Focusing on form, spelling and pronunciation of vocabulary
    4. The stages of a vocabulary presentation
  • Supporting learners with structures
    1. Conveying the meaning of grammatical structure
    2. Checking the understanding of structures
    3. Using the board to clearly present form
    4. Effective drilling of sentences
    5. Decentralising the teacher’s role with a ‘guided discovery’ approach
  • Review lesson 12 – Teaching vocabulary
  • Unit 5 – End of unit test
Unit 6 - How to teach reading and writing
  • READ ME FIRST – How to work through Unit 6
  • Unit 6 reading material PDF file
  • Section 1 – What is really involved in reading?
    1. Are reading and understanding connected?
    2. What is involved in reading?
    3. How do we read?
    4. Examining how we read
    5. Teaching reading guidelines
    6. Thinking about teaching the beginning of reading
    7. Guidelines for beginning reading
  • Review lesson 13 – What is really involved in reading?
  • Section 2 – Real-life reading in the classroom
    1. Simulating real-life reading situations
    2. A comprehension exercise – part 1
    3. A comprehension exercise – part 2
    4. A comprehension exercise – part 3
    5. Reading tasks other than standard questions
    6. Some ideas for reading task activities
  • Review lesson 14 – Real-life reading in the classroom
  • Section 3 – What do reading sequences look like?
    1. Exploit reading texts to the full
    2. Example reading sequences
    3. Example 1 – elementary level students – “Attraction”
    4. The “Main Attraction”
    5. Example 1 – follow-up exercise
    6. Example 2 – lower intermediate level students – “Ghosts”
    7. Sandford Orcas Manor
    8. Example 2 – follow-up exercise
    9. Example 3 – intermediate level students – “Sunbathing”
    10. Sunbathing
    11. Example 3 – follow-up exercises
    12. Example 4 – intermediate to advanced level students – “Poetry”
    13. Fire and Ice by Robert Frost
    14. Example 4 – follow-up exercises
  • Section 4 – Reading activities
    1. More reading activity suggestions
    2. Activities you can develop
  • Planning a receptive skills lesson
    1. How to stage an effective receptive skills lesson
    2. When to ‘pre-teach’ vocabulary
    3. How to design tasks that help learners develop different sub-skills
    4. How to incorporate communicative elements in your reading/listening lessons
  • Section 5 – Written versus spoken text
    1. Written and spoken text compared
    2. Permanence
    3. Explicitness
    4. Standard language
    5. Detachment
    6. The slowness of production, speed of reception
    7. A learned skill
    8. Sheer amount and importance
    9. Organisation
  • Review lesson 15 – Written versus spoken text
  • Section 6 – Tasks that stimulate writing
    1. Thinking about writing tasks
    2. Example writing tasks
    3. Book report
    4. Book review
    5. Instruction sheet
    6. Narrative
    7. Personal story
    8. Describe a view
    9. Describe someone
    10. Describe people
    11. Answer a letter
    12. Job application
    13. Propose a change
    14. News report
    15. Ideal school or job
    16. Describe a process
    17. Film music
  • Written assignment 6 – Design reading and writing activities – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • Section 7 – More writing activities
    1. More ideas for writing activities
  • Section 8 – How to use written and spoken material in class
    1. Using written and spoken material in class
    2. Input and output skills
    3. Combining input and output
    4. Creating output activities
    5. Balancing input and output
    6. What input and output show you
    7. How to choose input and output activities
    8. Potential material selection problems
    9. Teaching writing – Basic skills
    10. Teaching speaking – Basic skills
    11. Teacher talk Specific
    12. Strategies/Activities
  • Planning writing lessons
    1. The product approach to writing
    2. The process approach to writing
    3. Giving Feedback on written work
  • Unit 6 – End of unit test
Unit 7 - How to teach speaking and listening
  • READ ME FIRST – How to work through Unit 7
  • Unit 7 reading material PDF file
  • An overview of receptive skills
    1. The sub-skills of reading and listening
    2. Similarities and differences between reading and listening
    3. ‘Top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ approaches to comprehension
  • Providing practice of language
    1. Controlled and Free practice of language
    2. How to design, select and adapt practice tasks
    3. Using games to practice language
  • Section 1 – Practice for verbal fluency
    1. Practice for verbal fluency
    2. Characteristics of a successful speaking activity
    3. Problems with speaking activities
    4. What you can do to get around these problems
  • Review lesson 16 – Verbal fluency
  • Section 2 – The functions of topic and task
    1. The functions of topic and task
    2. Exercise: Comparing two activities
    3. Topic and task-based activities
    4. Exercise: Trying out activities
    5. Pros and cons of the activities
  • Section 3 – Roleplay and related techniques
    1. Roleplay and related techniques
    2. Dialogue role play
    3. Plays
    4. Simulations
    5. Roleplay
  • Section 4 – What do speaking activities look like?
    1. What do speaking activities look like?
    2. Example 1: information gaps (elementary/intermediate)
    3. Example 2: surveys (elementary)
    4. Example 3: discussion (intermediate/upper intermediate)
    5. Example 4: role play (upper-intermediate/advanced)
    6. Roleplay extensions
  • Section 5 – Speaking activities
    1. How to use speaking activities
    2. Additional speaking activity suggestions
  • Planning speaking lessons
    1. Spoken accuracy and spoken fluency
    2. What makes an effective speaking task
    3. If, when, and how to correct spoken errors
  • Section 6 – What is really involved in real-Life listening?
    1. Listening is crucial for real-life situations
    2. Real-life listening situations
    3. Characteristics of real-life listening situations
  • Section 7 – Real-life listening in the classroom
    1. Simulating real-life listening in the classroom
    2. Listening texts
    3. Listening tasks
  • Review lesson 17 – Listening
  • Section 8 – What do listening sequences look like?
    1. Example listening sequences
    2. Example 1: (elementary)
    3. Example 2: (elementary)
    4. Example 3: (intermediate)
    5. Example 4: (upper-intermediate)
  • Section 9 – Listening activities
    1. Types of listening activities
    2. No overt response
    3. Stories
    4. Songs
    5. Entertainment
    6. Short response activities
    7. Obeying instructions
    8. Ticking off items
    9. True/false
    10. Detecting mistakes
    11. Cloze
    12. Guessing definitions
    13. Skimming and scanning
    14. Longer response activities
    15. Answering questions
    16. Note-taking
    17. Summarising
    18. Long gap-filling
    19. Extended response activities
    20. Problem-solving
    21. Interpretation
    22. What if students don’t understand the audio
    23. The problem
    24. Reasons why they may not understand
    25. Suggested solutions
    26. Storytelling
    27. Using ready-made material
  • Written assignment 7 – Design speaking and listening activities – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • Section 10 – Phonology and pronunciation
    1. An introduction to phonology and pronunciation
    2. The phonetic alphabet
    3. Sounds in combination
    4. Plosives
    5. Fricatives
    6. Intonation
    7. Rhythm
    8. Stressed and unstressed syllables
    9. Long or short stressed vowel sounds
    10. Difficult vowel sounds
    11. Vowels with different sounds
    12. Some difficult consonant sounds
    13. Accents
    14. General difficulties
    15. Vocabulary impact on pronunciation
  • Section 11 – Example games/exercises for pronunciation
    1. Shadow reading
    2. Syllables snap
    3. Word stress – Pellmanism
    4. The “Yes?!” game
    5. Sounds brainstorming board race
    6. Exercise: Pronunciation problems
    7. Audio track 1
    8. Audio track 2
    9. Audio track 3
    10. Audio track 4
  • Section 12 – How to use written and spoken material in class
    1. Using written and spoken material in class
    2. Input and output skills
    3. Combining input and output
    4. Creating output activities
    5. Balancing input and output
    6. What input and output show you
    7. How to choose input and output activities
    8. Potential material selection problems
    9. Teaching writing – Basic skills
    10. Teaching speaking – Basic skills
    11. Teacher talk Specific
    12. Strategies/Activities
  • Planning a series of lessons – storyline output
    1. What to include in a teaching programme
    2. How to assess the needs of the students
    3. What to consider when planning a series
    4. How to sequence the content
  • Unit 7 – End of unit test
Unit 8 - How to plan effective lessons
  • READ ME FIRST – How to work through Unit 8
  • Unit 8 reading material PDF file
  • Lesson planning – frameworks
    1. The PPP, ESA, CAP Framework
    2. How to apply this framework to teaching structures
    3. How to apply this framework to teach lexis
    4. Some of the pitfalls of this framework
  • Alternative approaches to lesson planning
    1. The ARC, test/teach/test, task-based learning and Dogme approaches to language teaching
    2. How to apply these Frameworks
    3. Some potential problems of these Frameworks
    4. How to choose the right framework for your lesson
  • Section 1 – How do I plan my lessons effectively?
    1. Effective lesson planning
    2. What are the aims of a lesson plan?
    3. What should be in a lesson plan?
  • Section 2 – Different lesson components
    1. Different lesson components
    2. Brainstorm planning exercise
    3. Component selection and organisation
    4. Guidelines for ordering lesson components
    5. Lesson management tips
    6. My lesson planning promise
  • Section 3 – Critique of a sample lesson plan
    1. A basic checklist for your critique
    2. The sample lesson plan
  • Section 4 – What are the best kinds of lesson?
    1. Evaluating lesson effectiveness
    2. Evaluation criteria priority
  • Teaching young learners
    1. The stages that young learners pass through as they grow
    2. How to plan a lesson with stirring and settling activities
    3. Discipline and some useful routines For managing groups of young learners
    4. How to adapt what you have learnt about teaching adults to a young learner setting
  • Section 5 – Ideas for planning lessons for different age groups
    1. Can we make assumptions about age and learning?
    2. Some comments about age assumptions
    3. Teaching children
    4. Using pictures
    5. Using stories
    6. Teaching adolescents
    7. How adolescents like to be taught
  • Section 6 – Classroom activities
    1. Survivor spelling
    2. What’s your name?
    3. Human bingo – Getting to know you (I)
    4. Balls
    5. Getting to know a little more about your classmates
    6. Draw the teacher
    7. Acting adverbs Suppose that …
    8. Cut-Up sentence Kabadi
    9. Writing ideas
    10. Martian
    11. Punctuation
    12. Good morning balls
    13. Air-write
    14. Lost in a jungle
    15. Intonation fun
    16. Truth or lie?
    17. Syllables
    18. Karaoke
    19. Getting to know you (II)
    20. Extreme situations
    21. Spot the difference
    22. Add a word
    23. Song puzzle
    24. Hangman
    25. Simon Says
    26. Neither a lender nor a borrower be
    27. Ideas for teaching the conditional
  • List of suggested lesson plan topics
    1. Lesson topic ideas
    2. Beginner
    3. Intermediate
    4. Advanced
  • Samples of lesson plans
    1. Beginner
    2. Intermediate
    3. Advanced
  • Teaching online an introduction
    1. What teaching online involves
    2. The characteristics and skills a good online teacher needs
    3. Top tips and resources for teaching online
    4. Where to find more information on online teaching
  • Teaching English in different contexts (EAP, ESP and online)
    1. Teaching academic English
    2. Teaching English for specific purposes
    3. Teaching English online
  • Written assignment 8 – Lesson plan 1 – Beginner – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • Written assignment 9 – Lesson plan 2 – Intermediate – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • Written assignment 10 – Lesson plan 3 – Advanced – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • Unit 8 – End of unit confirmation
Unit 9 - Observation, Exams and Special Needs
  • READ ME FIRST – How to work through Unit 9
  • Unit 9 reading material PDF file
  • Sample observation answers
  • Written assignment 11 – Teacher observation – Advanced class – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • Written assignment 12 – Teacher observation – Beginner class – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • Written assignment 13 – Teacher observation – Intermediate class – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • Written assignment 14 – Teacher observation – Online class – Trainer assessed with feedback
  • An introduction to safeguarding
    1. What safeguarding is
    2. Common signs of neglect or abuse
    3. What actions you may need to take as a teacher
  • Introduction to special educational needs (SEN)
    1. Terminology related to SEN
    2. How to recognise signs/symptoms of SEN
    3. How to support learners with SEN
  • Introduction to popular English exams
    1. The most popular international English language exams
    2. Useful resources you’ll need for exam preparation courses
    3. Best practices for teaching exam classes
  • Unit 9 – End of unit confirmation
Unit 10 - Information, resources, jobs and ZOOM
  • READ ME FIRST – How to work through Unit 10
  • Unit 10 reading material PDF file
  • Section 1 – Jobs
    1. Types of jobs
    2. I want to teach in ……. but I don’t speak the language
    3. What is teaching like?
    4. Pay and working conditions
    5. What about Visas etc.?
    6. Travel Visas
    7. Work Visas
    8. Do I have to make TESOL TEFL a career?
    9. Tips for how and when to apply for a job
    10. Writing your CV/resume
    11. Handling job interviews
    12. Moving on
    13. Teaching private classes
  • Section 2 – Teaching
    1. Problems you may encounter when teaching
    2. Interruptions
    3. Homework
    4. My country is the best
    5. My country has the best food, weather, people, quality of life ……
    6. I don’t want to be in class
    7. Let’s see what the teacher knows
    8. Overcrowded and/or mixed-ability classes
    9. False friends and spelling
    10. General tips on your relationship with your students
    11. Your appearance
    12. Private classes – your first face-to-face meeting
  • Section 3 – Job interviews
    1. TEFL job interview questions
    2. All you need to know for a TEFL job interview – Part 1
    3. All you need to know for a TEFL job interview – Part 2
    4. How to prepare for an online TEFL job interview
  • Section 4 – Employment resources
    1. WTS employment resources
    2. Other resources
    3. Lifetime job placement programme
    4. A sample CV/Resume generated by our job placement service
  • Section 5 – Video tutorial about the ZOOM meeting control panel
    1. The video describes the content shown on the ZOOM meeting control panel and gives a short explanation of all the buttons, icons and controls shown on the meeting screen.
    2. The video you will watch was created by ZOOM.
  • Section 6 – Video tutorial about how to share material in your ZOOM virtual classroom
    1. The video describes the content shown on the ZOOM meeting control panel and gives a short explanation of all the buttons, icons and controls shown on the meeting screen.
    2. The video you will watch was created by ZOOM.
  • Section 7 – Video tutorial about how to use ZOOM breakout rooms to group your students
    1. The video describes how to use ZOOM breakout rooms.
    2. The video you will watch was created by ZOOM.
  • Unit 10 – End of course feedback
  • Get your CertTESOL+TEFL certificate

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Total hours: 200
Academic level: Written to Ofqual level 5 standards
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