Questions about travel and insurance

Can you help me with health insurance and flights?

Yes we can. EBC provides this service to help you get you the best flights deals possible. EBC is not responsible for any aspect of any flights, insurances or any other services you arrange using this or other services. EBC does not arrange your flights for you but we will offer help and advice as and when we can. All Prices are subject to change without notice. Please ensure that you are fully aware of all fees, deposits, payment terms, refund conditions, etc. prior to buying your flight.

EBC has a discount agreement with AESU. Mention our discount code #141 when you book.

AESU is a full-service travel firm and has been a leader in the travel industry since 1977 offering European tours and city stays. International discount airfares from over 200 US cities to over 180 international cities worldwide.


A quick way to compare flight prices and buy your ticket. Works with multiple airlines and other flight operators from most major airports around the world.

Sky Scanner

Leading travel website that allows you to find flights and make bookings directly with hundreds of airlines quickly and safely.


A leading provider of travel planning services. In 2001, the eighth largest travel agency in the United States. Offers travel services provided by over 450 airlines and 43,000 lodging properties etc.


Travelocity pioneered the online travel space and continues to be the most popular travel service on the Web, giving consumers the tools and information to plan, save and make their travel better.

Last Minute

Based on the idea of matching supply and demand, offers consumers last minute opportunities to book airline tickets, hotel rooms etc.

Student Universe

Student Universe is the online travel service that enables students to travel for less. By negotiating with the major airlines on the their behalf, Student Universe provides students with exclusive, significantly discounted airfares.

STA Travel

The world’s largest student travel organization with offices in more than 20 countries across the globe.


One of the UK’s leading budget airlines for flights to Madrid and Chania.


One of the UK’s leading budget airlines for flights to Madrid and Chania.

Travelcraft USA

A full service travel agency specialising in student travel, group tours and educational trips of all kinds.

Book your insurance

Global insurance cover

Two worldwide companies that offer travel/health insurance are:

Online insurance broker

The following web site is an excellent resource for shopping around for all types of insurance including travel and medical insurance.

  • Insure my trip is an excellent independent site with lots of insurance options.

Do you offer accommodation as well?

Yes we do. EBC has negotiated some great rates for you with reputable local accommodation providers in each one of our course campus locations.

The EBC accommodation service will help you get reliable accommodation without the additional cost of a middle-man.

Each campus location has its own set of accommodation packages.

Click here to go to the campus location main page and select your preferred training centre.

Will I need a travel visa?

Before you send a deposit you must check with your nearest campus location country’s embassy or consulate as to exactly what you need to do in order to apply for a tourist visa.

In order to take the course you must have a tourist visa that will allow you to stay in your chosen campus location’s country for 5 weeks.

If you are taking the Madrid TEFL course Road2Spain programme, we will send you detailed instructions about the entire Student Visa process.

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