Step by step guide to teaching English abroad

With all of the courses available today it is difficult to understand which one is the best. This simple list explains the steps you will need to take to become and EBC accredited English language teacher. If you still have questions, contact us.


1. Contact

Get in touch with us to find out more about TEFL, TESOL, accreditation and jobs. EBC’s experienced TEFL consultants are standing by to give you personalised guidance and advice to help you with your research. We will respond to your enquiries within 24 hours or less.

Meet and Talk

2. Meet and Talk

Finalise your schedule with your dedicated EBC student advisor who will assist and guide you from this moment through to getting your job teaching English abroad. You will get plain, realistic and practical advice about: teaching English abroad, costs, pay, travel, visas, documents, health insurance, housing and more.


3. Apply

Fill out a simple form to apply for your chosen course. We will process your application within 2 working days. You will be sent a confirmation. If you have applied for our CertTESOL course, you will be sent instructions about the Trinity College pre-acceptance process.

Pre-acceptance interview

4. Pre-acceptance interview

The pre-acceptance interview makes sure that you are happy with your chosen course and that EBC can justify your enrolment on an EBC course as a quality student. The pre-acceptance interview is for classroom-based course students.

Enrol and guarantee your course place

5. Enrol and guarantee your course place

To enrol and guarantee your course place you must either send a deposit or the full course payment. You may do this through our secure inline payment system or by bank transfer. Once your payment is received, your place is guaranteed.


6. Travel

Book your travel tickets and get ready to go. If you need accommodation, we can provide it. We can give non-legal advice about visas and other bureaucracy. If you want a student visa for Spain, we can help to arrange for it. Visas are given by governments not by EBC.


7. Train

Take your four-week classroom-based course or your online course. When you pass the course, you will be a certified TEFL teacher.


8. Teach

On the day you pass, you may ask EBC to send your CV to English language schools using our lifetime, proactive, worldwide job placement service. You should be interviewing and teaching within a few days of finishing your classroom-based course.

Join our growing EBC family

To become an English teacher all that is required is some of your time to take one of our EBC training courses. Once you graduate, EBC gives you lifetime, worldwide career support that will get you working quickly and will always be there for you when you want a change.