The steps for a Student Visa renewal for Language Assistants in Spain

Many Language Assistants in Spain are left high and dry at the end of their state school contract. They do not know how to go about Student Visa renewal. Failing to renew on time or not doing it correctly almost certainly guarantees that your Student Visa renewal will be rejected.

EBC is an expert in first-time Student Visa applications and subsequent Student Visa renewals. Here are the steps you should follow.

Ten steps to Student Visa renewal for Language Assistants in Spain

You came to Spain to work as a Language Assistant in a state school in Spain. You are contracted to work in the state for a school year. The school year in Spain runs from mid-September to late June of the following year.

You want to stay in Spain legally and continue working as an English teacher. You have a Language Assistant contract with a Ministerio de Educación school (or any other “auxiliar de conversación” programme) somewhere in Spain with a one-year Student Visa.

An example

  • Your student visa expires on July 1, 2023
  • Your school hasn’t done any of the paperwork to renew your student visa
  • You have spoken to them about it, but they seem to be dragging their feet
  • If they don’t give you a new Language Assistant contract, you cannot renew your Student Visa

If you don’t get a new contract, here is what you do

  1. According to the law, you have 90 days to renew your student visa from when it expires. Using our earlier example, you must renew your Student Visa no later than October 1, 2022.
  2. Based on experience, you should submit your renewal one month before your Student Visa expires. Using the example, you should submit your papers on June 1, 2023. Our EBC Road2Spain programme, mentioned below, allows you to renew your Student Visa two months before it expires.
  3. Your school is dragging its feet and has not given you the new Language Assistant contract you need to renew your Student Visa. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence.
  4. You do what they call a programme switch. For example, you can renew your student visa if you are enrolled on a one-year Student Visa/Spanish Programme. You can do this renewal while you are in Spain.
  5. EBC offers you the Road2Spain programme, which gives you the choice of:
    • an accredited online, live-streaming 4-week Ofqual level 5 Trinity CertTESOL course with a 1-year Student Visa and Spanish Programme
    • an accredited 6-week part-time Ofqual level 6 Trinity CertPT course with a 1-year Student Visa and Spanish Programme.
  6. By enrolling on our Road2Spain programme, you will be able to renew your Student Visa faster.
  7. We will give you a letter of invitation (“Carta de Invitacion”) stating that you are enrolled on a 1-year Spanish programme with one of our Cervantes Institute accredited Spanish partner schools. Our accredited partner Spanish schools have been in the Spanish teaching sector for close to almost 50 years now. Their years of experience guarantee you the best Spanish programme in the country.
  8. With EBC, you can do the programme switch as early as two months before your initial Student Visa expires.
  9. You can hire a lawyer to submit all your papers for the Student Visa renewal or do it yourself. Based on feedback from our students on the programme switch, at a minimal cost of 60 Euros (lawyer’s fee), they opted for him to do all the legwork. You will also save yourself from having something lost in the translation and unmet requirements. The lawyer can also act as your advisor on your Student Visa renewal.
  10. When your Student Visa renewal has been submitted, you will be given a “resguardo” (receipt). The “resguardo” shows your application has been submitted, and your Student Visa is in process. The “resguardo” keeps your expired Student Visa alive and valid until your renewal is finalised.

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