Our job placement makes EBC unique

We operate at a higher level than most other courses
  • Our TEFL certificate courses are written to QCF level 5 standards
  • Our job placement programme is unrivalled with a 100% success record
TEFL certificate courses from EBC

What is EBC?

Trinity CertTESOL Madrid SpainEBC offers TEFL certificate courses. EBC is a full service education and training organisation. EBC trains and prepares course students to succeed as English language teachers.

All EBC TEFL certificate courses include lifetime, worldwide, pro-active job placement to help graduates to quickly get an English language teaching job.

EBC’s full-service support includes travel help, accommodation, TEFL and TESOL certificate training, interview preparation and getting a job through EBC’s exclusive job programme.

TEFL certificate courses from EBC

EBC – the journey so far

Executive Business Communications started in Madrid in 1995. Over the years EBC has become a respected English language training organisation. Our experience means that we know exactly what it takes to become a highly employable English language teacher.

In 2002 the owners of EBC saw that the days of the back-packer teacher were. Clients demanded serious and rigorous teacher training. EBC found the local supply of “trained” teachers was weak. Many had little exposure to the day-to-day, practical issues when teaching English.

The need for well-trained teachers prompted the start of EBC’s TEFL course. EBC is now a well-respected TEFL certificate course provider.

    TEFL certificate courses from EBC

    Inadequate “best” TEFL courses

    Chances are you have not made your final course decision. We would like you to take one of our courses but there are others. The EBC course was born because we saw that other courses lacked academic content, practice and after-course support.

    Everyone will say that their course was the best. What else would they say? Challenge anyone who says they took the best course.

    EBC found that teachers who attended one of the “best” TEFL courses lacked teaching skills because their practice was artificial. This same course runs teaching practice in a production line in 20 minute slots and only to two language learner levels. This is fake practice. It is not how you teach in the real world.

    TEFL certificate courses from EBC

    EBC TEFL courses take off

    The EBC International TEFL Certificate course project took off in the Autumn of 2002.

    When the EBC International TEFL Certificate course was ready, we built this web site for it. It’s changed a lot over the years, but it was created on November 13, 2002. That’s how long EBC has been around.

    For those who like to do domain checks, this site runs with two. www.ebc-tefl-course.com established in 2002 and www.ebcteflcourse.com established in 2014 because we decided to get rid of the hyphens.

    TEFL certificate courses from EBC

    EBC TEFL certificate course training

    • no surprises
    • no doubts
    • no worries
    • no hidden extra costs

    We respect your privacy. For more information please read our data privacy policy.

    Courses awarding the EBC International TEFL Certificate are identical. The schedule, syllabus, material, teaching practice, English teaching job placement assistance, etc. is identical.

    Seriously, we don’t know any other TEFL certificate course on this planet that can make this statement.

    TEFL certificate courses from EBC

    EBC’s unique promise

    EBC promises the following for all the EBC International TEFL Certificate courses we run and no other course can match this promise.

    • Same course
    • Same schedule
    • Same syllabus
    • Same material, manuals, handouts, etc.
    • Same teaching practice
    • Same English teaching job placement
    • Same certification
    • IN ALL OUR CAMPUS LOCATIONS offering the EBC International TEFL Certificate 
    TEFL certificate courses from EBC
    • EBC Madrid is an accredited centre of Trinity College
    • From October 2018, EBC runs the premium Trinity CertTESOL course in Madrid
    • Our  training program course and centre coordinator is a founding member of the Chartered College of Teaching.
    • All trainers have a minimum of 5 years English teaching experience.
    • All trainers have, at least, a Bachelors degree in education and/or English language.
    • Many of our trainers have more than one degree and some have been university professors.
    • EBC is a member of the Camara de Comercio in Spain. The same as the “Better Business Bureau” in the USA.
    • EBC is an accredited English centre of Anglia Examinations an international EFL/ESL testing organisation.
    • EBC is recognised representative of Chichester College.
    • EBC’s 4 week TEFL course is written to UK QCF level 5 standards.

    Simple, step by step course application: choose your course, select your start date, enter your details and that's it.


    Why should I choose EBC?

    Here is a summary of some very good reasons to choose EBC:

    • A TEFL course that meets the internationally recognised TEFL certificate requirements of at least 100 training hours and 6 hours of observed teaching practice
    • An EBC certificate dual award certificate in TESOL and TEFL
    • Experience
    • Top quality trainers
    • Staff approachability
    • 24 hours of  teaching practice
    • Teacher/Student interaction
    • International recognition
    • Student intake quality
    • Training quality: designed for teachers by teachers and we NEVER cancel courses
    • Student satisfaction
    • Great cities to study and work in

    and lastly but most importantly

    • Jobs – Our unrivalled, lifelong commitment to helping you find work


    We have been providing EFL training, language translation and other language services in Madrid, Spain since 1996. EBC is now a successful and well known language centre. Don’t believe us!, look at EBC y Asociados clients. We now want to share our wealth of knowledge and practical experience with people like you who would like to enter the English as a Foreign Language teaching profession by offering the EBC International TEFL Certificate.

    Since our EBC International TEFL certificate course started we have trained and placed over 1,000 satisfied teachers throughout the world. We get a continual stream of requests from language schools throughout the world requesting lists of our graduates. Why? because we are one of the very few TEFL courses in the world that insists on an applicant having a degree/5 years professional work experience and being at least 21 as a standard entry requirement. This means that prospective employers know that our intake standards are high and therefore our graduates will be top quality.

    Top quality trainers

    As you are the best, we believe that you should be taught by people who are experts in TEFL. Our trainers each have, on average, 10 to 15 years experience teaching English as a foreign language. In addition to TEFL experience, our EBC TEFL trainers hold BAs and Masters degrees in just about every language related area you can think of.

    Our trainers also give external lectures on teacher training, organise UNICEF English summer camps and have authored TEFL text books and audio tapes. These people know their subject and even more importantly, they know how to teach it effectively.

    By comparison, other courses insist on 5 years or even less TEFL experience and in some cases don’t even insist that the prospective trainer has a degree.

    Staff approachability

    We want you to feel comfortable from day 1. Our centres are in Spanish speaking countries but if you don’t speak Spanish don’t worry. You will find that all of our TEFL trainers, support staff and management all speak advanced level Spanish so if you need help with anything in Spanish that you don’t understand you can ask anyone.

    In addition, if you have any other questions relating to life in general, our campus locations, how you’re getting on, study problems, you name it – you will find us there for you. If you have any problems, great or small, let us know and we will be happy to help you resolve it.

    24 hours of teaching practice

    “Practice makes perfect”, so we’ve made sure you get a fair crack at perfecting your teaching style by the time you graduate. Compare what we offer to the 6 or so hours you’d get taking other well-known courses.

    An outline of the practice sessions

    EBC has scheduled a total of 24 hours teaching practice time into the course. This comprises

    • 8 hours of EBC trainer demonstration classes;
    • 8 hours of peer group practice sessions (rehearsals);
    • 8 hours teaching 8, 1 hour classes to groups of non-native English speakers.

    EBC trainer demonstration classes

    You may never have taught before, so rather than throw you straight in at the deep end, we introduce you to teaching in a gradual manner. The EBC trainers will give you demonstration classes in order to highlight do’s and don’ts in the classroom. The classes also serve to introduce you to different approaches to teaching the main aspects of English to non-native speakers.

    The first demonstration class you will be given serves two purposes: it serves as a vehicle to show you how to teach and it also serves to help you understand the difficulties in learning a foreign language as you will not be taught in English. Instead you will be given a language lesson in one of a few rather obscure languages.

    There is an open analysis and feed-back session after each demonstration class.

    Observed peer group practice sessions

    Prior to delivering each one hour class, you will be given the opportunity to rehearse your lesson in front of your peers and course trainer. You’ll be asked to stand up and teach a segment of your planned lesson and walk through how the plan will help your students reach the lesson objective.

    You will receive feed-back from both your peers and your EBC course tutor.

    Observed 8 x 1 hour classes to groups of non-native English speakers

    These 8, 1 hour classes are the real thing. You will teach each of your planned lessons to groups on non-English speakers. You will teach at least 2 groups of beginner, 2 groups of intermediate and 2 groups of advanced students. The remaining 2 classes are  allocated at random but they will also be beginner, intermediate or advanced students.

    Every class you teach will be observed by a rotation of the EBC course trainers and your training centre’s Head of Training. This means that you will be observed by a substantial number of people, therefore the analysis and help we can give you during the feed-back sessions will be immense. Everything is designed to help you get into the swing of teaching as quickly as possible. We don’t like leaving things to chance.

    You will receive formally documented feed-back from your EBC course trainer in a private review session.

    Teacher/Student interaction

    We believe very strongly in giving you as much feed-back as possible regarding your course progress. There are times planned into our 4 week schedule when you will have private tutorial sessions with your course trainer in order to discuss your progress. The tutorials are two-way so you’ll get the opportunity to be frank with your trainer and ask questions you possibly would not like to ask in class.

    All criticism will be given in a positive manner. It should also be taken positively and acted upon accordingly. Teacher/student interaction is there because we want to help you pass the course. We take teacher/student interaction very seriously and we do follow up to make sure that you’ve taken it on board.

    International recognition

    Our internationally recognised TEFL and TESOL certificates enable you to teach in any classroom in the world.

    We get a continual stream of requests from language schools throughout the world requesting lists of our graduates. Why? because we are one of the very few TEFL courses in the world that insists on an applicant having a degree/5 years professional work experience and being at least 21 as a standard entry requirement. This means that prospective employers know that our intake standards are high and therefore our graduates will be top quality.

    The quality of our course is recognised by the companies that hire our graduates because if our graduates were second rate, they would not be entertained as TESOL TEFL job applicants.

    Student intake quality

    We believe that the best people get the best jobs. Our  entry requirements are stricter than most other TEFL Certificate courses, including other well-known courses because we want to attract quality rather than quantity. EBC requires you to be at least 21 and to either have a degree or a minimum of 5 years continuous, verifiable work experience. Other well-known courses state in their brochures that 18 year old high school graduates are admissible.

    The reason we have a higher set of requirements than most is because we know that the job market will almost immediately hire someone who is 21 or older, has a degree and/or 5 years work experience and is a TEFL/TESOL certified English teacher. We don’t want anyone who takes the EBC course to suffer the lack of job offer frustrations others have suffered due to taking lower quality certificate courses.

    We accept the fact that stricter entry requirements will attract people who are more demanding and who have higher expectations. Indeed many of our students have had Masters and to date we’ve had several PhD students. We have proved that the EBC International TEFL Certificate course meets both higher demands and expectations.

    Training quality

    A course designed and delivered by teachers for teachers

    EBC is a language training company that was founded by teachers and employs highly skilled teachers. This means that EBC has first hand experience of what the EFL job market requires. This special knowledge has allowed us to develop our course as an intensive, practical and hands-on programme that trains you to be an effective ESOL EFL teaching professional.

    Our one month intensive TEFL certificate course exceeds international certificate course guidelines which state that you have to complete a 100 hundred hour course that includes 6 hours of teaching practice. The EBC TEFL course is 150 hours including 24 hours of teaching practice.

    We do not cancel courses

    For financial reasons, some TEFL Certificate course providers may cancel courses at short notice due to lack of numbers. Some course providers have a right to cancel clause in their contract.

    Cancellation causes stress, inconvenience and financial penalties to the people who may have signed up for a course and already made travel arrangements. We will not cancel courses even if we lose money. Why? Because if you want to come and study with us, why should we inconvenience you because we will suffer financially. It’s greedy and immoral to do this, so we don’t do it.

    The only reason we would not run a course is if no-one signed up for it. So far we haven’t had this problem.

    Student satisfaction

    After each course we ask all course participants for feedback. The reason we do this is not to make us feel good (although it does) but to look for areas in which we can improve existing course areas and add new services/facilities. We take every survey response very seriously.

    Part of the survey asks for a brief testimonial comment about the course. You can see them in the testimonials section.

    Great cities to study and work in

    Our campus locations are terrific cities to study and live in. In addition to learning how to be an EFL teacher you’ll get exposure to an entirely new perspective on life. Our campus location cities are cultural melting pots and have deep historical ties.

    It’ll take you a long time to get bored with our campus location countries, so come prepared to stay for a while.

    Will I be able to work as an English teacher?

    All our EBC TEFL graduates who have wanted to stay and work in Madrid have done so.

    The same goes for our other locations. You will have no problems looking for an English teaching job after graduation.

    After 16 years of delivering TEFL and TESOL courses in our worldwide locations, language schools know us and await our graduating classes to interview for their English teaching positions.

    There is no magic to it. We continuously give the best training, the highest calibre in the market and language schools recognise this at interview time.

    Everyone says they are the best, we simply say - “the proof is in the pudding”. In this business, the EBC pudding is the best, just ask the language schools.

    Students enroling now for an EBC TEFL course have it easy because EBC has proven to language schools and companies that EBC graduates make the best TEFL and TESOL teachers.

    I have heard from friends, people I know that you have an excellent Job Placement Programme. Can you help me find a job? I am already TEFL certified but I can’t find an English teaching job. I studied with another TEFL school in Madrid and they can’t help me.

    We are sorry to hear that your school cannot help you.

    Unfortunately, as you didn't study with EBC we cannot help you either because the EBC worldwide, lifetime job placement service is an exclusive service for our EBC graduates.

    You are not the only one who has approached us with this problem. Many students who attended other courses have the same problem.

    Some people have even offered to pay us for this service, but we have had to decline because this is an exclusive service for our graduates.

    It would be unfair to our graduates if we gave or sold our job placement services to non-EBC graduates.

    Can I get independent references?

    Yes you can. After you’ve applied to take the course (it’s free to apply) you will be able to get references from past course graduates who have kindly agreed to give EBC a reference.

    Click here to apply.

    Do you have video testimonials?

    TEFL course reviews from our course graduates

    The best TEFL course reviews are from the students that took the course. We have many course reviews on video that our course graduates kindly allowed us to make.

    The videos showing EBC’s TEFL course reviews were spontaneous and honest. The content of each of the TEFL course reviews was solely made by the student.

    If you want to see our EBC TEFL course reviews, visit our YouTube channel.

    EBC also has written course reviews that can be seen on our written TEFL course reviews web page. It comes as no surprise that EBC is one of the most valued TEFL course available today. EBC doesn’t say this, our students do. Based on our TEFL course reviews you’ll see why. It’s also no surprise that 80% of our course attendees are recommended by friends, associates and acquaintances who have previously take the EBC TEFL course. It’s not just limited to graduate recommendations, top language schools also recommend unqualified applicants to take the EBC TEFL course.

    Do you have graduate teaching practice videos?

    Watch online teaching practice videos of our course students

    This is how you will be teaching. Watch online teaching practice videos to see what you will accomplish. TEFL teaching practice is crucial to your success as a teacher. No decent school will hire teachers unless they have done a course with TEFL teaching practice.

    If you are interested in teaching English abroad, this is a good place to start as it will give a a true insight into what TEFL teaching practice is all about and what it’s like to teach an English class.

    Below is a small selection of our students teaching practice classes. Click the thumbnails to watch the videos.

    If you want to see more, visit our YouTube channel. EBC TEFL course on YouTube


    EBC guarantees the following for your TEFL teaching practice classes

    • You will teach your 8 hours of observed TEFL teaching practice classes to non-native English speakers.
    • You will have a total of 8 hours of TEFL teaching practice rehearsal BEFORE you teach your classes
    • Your trainer will give you 8 hours of TEFL teaching practice demonstration classes
    • We show you how to create your lessons plans and teaching material.
    • We ensure that your TEFL teaching practice gives you experience teaching to all levels.
    • Teaching to all levels will give you invaluable insight into each level’s learning challenges.
    • Your TEFL teaching practice prepares you for the real world of teaching.
    • You will teach to beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners.
    • You will teach at least 2 classes to each of these learner levels.
    • You will teach to all levels so that you can see first-hand what each level’s learning problems are and the types of questions you are asked.
    • Your TEFL teaching practice schedule will be given to you on the first day of the course.
    • Your classes are grouped by level according to international standards.
    • The accepted codes for the international standards are: Beginner (A1/A2) Intermediate (B1/B2) Advanced (C1/C2).
    • As well as your TEFL teaching practice classes you will also be given 8 hours of trainer demonstration classes.
    • As preparation for your TEFL teaching practice classes there is an additional 8 hours of trainer observed micro-teaching (dress rehearsals).

    What do language schools say about the quality of EBC trained teachers?

    Unedited language school reviews from schools that appreciate EBC’s training

    Here are some of the unedited language school reviews from schools that appreciate EBC’s training plus our graduates knowledge and professionalism. These language school reviews are 100% unsolicited. These language school reviews are a direct result of EBC’s training quality and our course graduates hard work and dedication.

    Language school reviews

    “From experience of interviewing and employing both EBC and TT Mxxxxx teachers, as a rule EBC teachers, come through much stronger in all areas at interview and subsequently we employ more with better results.”

    “Do you have more graduates available?”

    “I am the coordinator and teacher in an institute that gives in-company lessons. As the experience working with qualified native speakers graduated from your school has been highly positive, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could send me the names of native speakers that have recently completed TESOL courses in your school. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks in advance!”

    “My name is Kristin Lauria, and I am an EBC TEFL cert. graduate. My husband, Richard Judkins, and I completed the EBC course in the summer of 2004. We subsequently moved to China and taught English for nearly four years. We had a great experience and were very grateful for our EBC training. I am writing to inform you of a teaching opportunity for TEFL certificate program graduates. The government-run school where we worked for 3 years is currently looking for new teachers. They prefer teachers with TEFL certificates and require a Bachelor’s degree as well. They’re hoping to find teachers from native English-speaking countries. If you know of any current EBC students or recent graduates who might be interested in this opportunity, please feel free to pass along my email address and I will gladly provide additional info.”

    “Thanks a lot for sending us more candidates. We will not hesitate to take them into account for the following academic year, which we start in September. If you have more candidates we will be pleased to receive their CVs.”

    “Nosotros hemos tenido muchos profesores de EBC y estamos encantados de su conocimiento y profesionalismo.”

    [“We’ve taken a lot of teachers from EBC and we are very happy with their knowledge and professionalism.”]

    “Thank you for the CVs. I would also like to take the opportunity to tell you that Peter Arant has been working out wonderfully and that the students are very happy with him. I hope we have him on board for the long haul.”

    “Thanks for sending all the CVs over the years. As you probably know, we have hired quite a few and have had pretty good results in the classroom thanks to them.”

    “Thank you for sending us your candidates, we find they are of a very high quality.”

    “Thank you very much! These student CV’s are absolutely helpful!”

    “Once again, thank you very much for referring teachers to me. Keep doing so … it’s really helpful!”

    “Your e-email could not be more timely as right now I am looking for native speakers to cover positions in my company. Thank you very much for referring Melissa to me. I’ll contact her right away and, please, keep sending me potential teachers, I always need teachers!”

    “First of all, thank you so much for sending us information about EBC graduates. Two of them are already part of our team:  Jacob Baynes and Michael Euell. We are currently recruiting teachers for 2 important projects and I was wondering whether you could circulate this among EBC recent graduates.”

    “Just to say thanks for the teachers that you’ve been sending us this year, we’ve been in touch with many of them and come to agreements with quite a few to collaborate with us. Please keep sending their CVs and feel free to encourage your graduates to pop by or phone us here as we are always looking for teachers. We can offer block academy hours as well as well paid business hours within a professional yet informal atmosphere.”

    “I got your email from one of our teachers that studied with EBC, Oliver Winants. We are looking for teachers to teach in companies urgently. Can you provide me with some teachers who might be interested?”

    “There´s a teacher who’d like to work with us and I suggested he took the Tefl Certificate with you: shall I give him your email address or just the phone number of your offices here in Buenos Aires?”

    “I really appreciate all the names of graduates you are sending me.”

    “This is Andrew from English World Madrid. I’m in need of English teachers to start next week and the following. Please if you can send me some, I would appreciate it very much.”

    “Just to say thanks for sending the CV´s. Very much appreciated.”

    “Thanks for sending CVs of teachers. Please keep sending them.”

    “I am very happy you have contacted. At the moment, my school has hired EBC teachers  and we are all quite satisfied.”

    “Thank you for each and every CV that you are sending us. We really appreciate it.”

    “I was wondering if you will have more certified teachers soon as we still need to hire some.  Pls, forward cvs if there are teachers available.”

    “I wanted to thank you for the individual CVs you have been sending us with interesting candidates. Interviews have been productive and fruitful, and we will be employing some of them.”

    I am an EBC graduate. If I refer someone, do I get a referral bonus?

    EBC graduate? Earn $100 through our TEFL course student referral program

    Our student referral program is available to all EBC TEFL course graduates who would like to refer potential new students to EBC.

    If you have a web site and would like a student referral program widget to automate your referrals, contact us.

    EBC will give you a student referral fee of 100 US Dollars per person referred based on the following terms and conditions:

    • The applicants you refer must put your name on their application form or you will not be able to collect your student referral fee. There are no exceptions to this condition.
    • You will be paid the student referral fee when the student starts the course.
    • If a referred student reverses his/her course payment, we will reverse your student referral fee.
    • We will only pay the student referral fee to a PayPal account you give us.
    • You must claim your student referral fee within 3 months after the course end date. No student referral fees will be paid after this period has expired.
    • EBC will only pay one student referral fee per student. If an applicant indicates two or more people referring him/her, the student referral fee will be divided accordingly. EBC will not get involved in resolving disputes about who receives the payment.
    • Student referral fees cannot be back-dated.
    • There are no limits to the number of times you can receive a student referral fee. For example: if you refer 4 students who attend a course, you get 4 x 100 USD ($400).
    • The student referral fee only applies to attendees of the four week, intensive course.
    • There is no student referral fee for the online course, the blended course and the teaching practice course.
    • The student referral program only applies to students who apply and pay directly through EBC. The program does not apply to students who apply and/or pay through any third party agents.
    • EBC reserves the right to modify or withdraw the student referral program at any time.

    The EBC student referral program has been in effect since April, 2005.

    My parents have questions, what should I tell them?

    For parents, an explanation of what EBC is all about

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I speak to you on behalf of EBC and as a parent who knows that most parents always want the best for their children. I have worked for EBC since it started in 2002 and seen the great results, reception and personal fulfilment of our graduates.

    EBC is looking forward to providing your son or daughter with the teacher training, job assistance, travel support and accommodation that he or she will need in order to become a successful English teacher and find a teaching job after graduation in the shortest time possible.

    EBC provides all the services and tools necessary to enable all our students to get the most out of their study abroad experience with EBC. Having your son or daughter live abroad presents a new and exciting challenge to both you and your child regardless of the length of stay or destination. For this reason I would like to take this opportunity to explain how EBC will be with there to assist your son or daughter every step of the way.

    EBC has been offering its teach English abroad TEFL certification programme since 2002 and has graduated thousands of satisfied teachers. We have also successfully found work for all of our course graduates that wanted to stay on and find work.

    As with all responsible organisations, the comfort and safety of our students is our number one priority. Prior to arrival we help by assisting each attendee through the process. Upon arrival we make sure that each attendee is briefed about the campus location where they are studying.

    In addition to making student safety a priority we also provide the following services to help your son or daughter arrange his/her trip.

    • A flight finder that lists reliable and reputable flight agencies to enable you to get the best flight deals.
    • Recommended accommodation that will give your son or daughter a safe, clean and comfortable place to stay during the course. EBC staff will also give advice about accommodation if your son or daughter decides to stay on and work in the campus location.
    • A travel and health insurance finder that recommends different insurance options and provides a list of of reputable insurance agents that provide coverage abroad.

    To ensure safe arrival at your son or daughter’s chosen campus location, we send out arrival instructions prior to the course start date so that your son or daughter can familiarise him/herself with our campus address. We send a map, instructions of how to get to the training centre and a list of 24/7 contact phone numbers in case of emergencies.

    Our fee processing is handled by Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. These are the most secure, regulated and identify theft-proof payment systems available.

    EBC is a professional training organisation run by teachers with the sole aim of providing a safe and high-quality environment in which your son or daughter can study.

    EBC welcomes your questions and has a transparent, open-door policy for all parent enquiries so if you also want to contact us to ask questions you are more than welcome to do so.


    Jim Ross,
    TEFL Coordinator,
    EBC servicios Linguisticos.

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