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What you should bring to the TEFL course Boracay Philippines programme

TEFL course Boracay Philippines | TEFL courses Philippines | Teach English in Boracay

TEFL course Boracay Philippines programme – a list of what you should bring

When you decide to take the EBC TEFL course Boracay Philippines programme please take note of the following items that you must bring and those that are optional, but recommended so that you enjoy your TEFL course.

Mandatory items for the TEFL course Boracay Philippines programme

  • Passport and either a round-trip air ticket or a one way ticket with a forward travel ticket out of the Philippines.
  • Original or copies of your University or College qualifications (degree certificate or transcripts).

Laptop computers while you are taking the TEFL course Boracay Philippines programme

  • We provide free WIFI internet access, so you can bring your laptop and make use of our free internet access. We strongly recommend bringing a laptop.

Mobile/Cell phone

  • If you have a mobile/cell phone that uses a SIM – BRING IT. You will find that it is cheaper to buy a pay-as-you-go card for your phone than it is to buy a new one. Unless your phone is ancient (pre-triband), it will work in the Philippines.
  • Being contactable by phone is VERY important.

Recommended items for the TEFL course Boracay Philippines programme

  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you take out personal accident and health insurance
  • Scissors, notebook, glue, pens and pencils, paper clips, blue-tac (don’t forget to put your scissors and other sharp objects in your check-in baggage)
  • Presentable clothes for teaching and job interviews. Business suits are required at some client sites
  • Electrical converters. The Philippines has a 240 volt system
  • A travel alarm clock
  • Towels and Toiletries
  • Money belt

Weather to help you choose clothes to bring

  • November to February, 25ºC to 32ºC
  • March to June, 28ºC to 38ºC
  • July to October, 20º C to 30ºC

Getting around Boracay

Boracay is a great place to tour on foot, but there is also local transportation. Transportation on Boracay is by tricycle (motorcycle + sidecar) or minibus. There are lots of them. All you need to do is flag one down and tell the driver where you want to go. The price is fixed by destination and it is customary to give around a 10% tip. You can easily get to our TEFL course Boracay Philippines programme training centre on foot or by tricycle.

TEFL course Boracay Philippines training Centre

TEFL course Boracay Philippines | TEFL courses Philippines | Teach English in Boracay

Your TEFL training in Boracay Philippines is given in our TEFL course Boracay Philippines campus at the southern end of the island. As Boracay is a small island, the campus is also close most things. It only takes 5 minutes to walk to the four kilometre long White Beach and 15 minutes to get to D’Mall, the main commercial area which is full of interesting local and international shops plus an incredibly wide range of cafes, restaurants and bars.

The campus has been designed with the your needs in mind. The centre has WIFI access, reference books and free access to purified cold water and hot water for coffee and tea making.

In addition to the teaching rooms, The EBC TEFL course Boracay Philippines campus also has a study room where you can do your course work. The centre is equipped with WIFI so, if you bring your WIFI ready PC, you can work in the study room with free internet access.

As everything is so close you can easily take part in outdoor and local activities after class. Activities available are visiting major tourist attractions on Boracay and the surrounding Islands. Also beach days, sea kayaking, hiking, beach volleyball, sailing, beach soccer, horseback riding, snorkelling, Island touring, glass bottom boat, tennis, fishing, badminton, shuffleboard, many water sports and much more. We hope that you are looking forward to your TEFL training in Boracay Philippines.

TEFL course Boracay Philippines accommodation options

TEFL course Boracay Philippines | TEFL courses Philippines | Teach English in Boracay

Our student accommodation is clean, well priced and conveniently located to the training centre.

  • All student accommodation offered is with a known entity.
  • We know the people who provide the student accommodation.
  • All accommodation is within a maximum of 30 minutes travel to the training centre.
  • Some are within walking distance.

Student accommodation starting from 500 USD

  • 4 week’s Dorm Stay student accommodation close to the campus
  • Room shared with 1 other student
  • Shared bathroom, kitchen and living room
  • Some rooms have their own bathroom
  • No meals are included
  • FREE Welcome reception
  • Graduation celebration
  • Organised outings: town, beach, skin diving, water sports

4 week’s accommodation only for the TEFL course Boracay Philippines programme

    • All packages include free airport pickup.

All fees for services shown below are paid directly to our Boracay training centre.

Home Stay student accommodation from 730 USD

  • Room shared with 1 other student in an English speaking family’s home
  • Breakfast and dinner every weekday
  • Home-Stay families all come from a Western Culture and have Western mixed with Filipino style homes

Resort Stay student accommodation from 920 USD

  • Resort Stay is in a 3 or 4 star resort
  • Private room and bathroom
  • All the amenities you would expect from a western style resort
  • Resorts usually have a pool and are close to a beach
  • Meals are NOT included

Airport pick-up and 4 week lunch options

  • Airport pick-up – 25 USD
  • Daily lunch covering the entire 4 week course – 95 USD

EBC is providing this service to help you get reliable accommodation without the additional cost of a middle-man. EBC is not responsible for any aspect of any accommodation arranged using these or other services. All Prices are subject to change without notice. Please ensure that you are fully aware of all fees, deposits, payment terms etc. prior to contracting one of these services.

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