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What you should bring to the TEFL course Chania Greece programme

TEFL course Chania Greece | TEFL courses Greece | Teach English in Chania

When you decide to take the EBC TEFL course Chania Greece programme please take note of the following items that you must bring and those that are optional, but recommended so that you enjoy your TEFL course.

Mandatory items for the TEFL course Chania Greece programme

  • Non-EU citizens: Passport and either a round-trip air ticket or a one way ticket with a forward travel ticket out of Greece.
  • EU citizens: either your Passport or your EU national ID card.
  • Original or copies of your University or College qualifications (degree certificate or transcripts).

Laptop computers while you are taking the TEFL course Chania Greece programme

  • We provide free WIFI internet access, so you can bring your laptop and make use of our free internet access. We strongly recommend bringing a laptop

Mobile/Cell phone

  • If you have a mobile/cell phone that uses a SIM – BRING IT. You will find that it is cheaper to buy a pay-as-you-go card for your phone than it is to buy a new one. Unless your phone is ancient (pre-triband), it will work in Greece.
  • Being contactable by phone is VERY important.

Recommended items for the TEFL course Chania Greece programme

  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that non-EU citizens take out personal accident and health insurance
  • Scissors, notebook, glue, pens and pencils, paper clips, blue-tac (don’t forget to put your scissors and other sharp objects in your check-in baggage)
  • English-Greek phrase book and/or dictionary
  • Presentable clothes for teaching and job interviews. Business suits are required at some client sites
  • Electrical converters. Greece has a 240 volt system
  • A travel alarm clock
  • Towels and Toiletries
  • Money belt

Weather to help you choose clothes to bring

  • Winter – cold (0º to 10º C)
  • Spring – pleasant (10º to 25º C)
  • Summer – dry heat (25º to 40º C)
  • Fall/Autumn – pleasant (10º to 25º C).

Getting around Chania

Chania is a great place to tour on foot, but it is fairly large, so if you want to go further afield use the public transport.


Chania has a well organized bus service (KTEL) and the central bus station is located in Chania.


You can find a taxi quite easily in the capital and in popular resort areas. Charges are predetermined for most of the popular destinations. Always ask “how much?” before getting in.


Car rental services are available at reasonable prices. However, do not forget to bring your driving license.
Whatever transport you choose, you can easily get to our TEFL course Chania Crete training centre.

TEFL course Chania Greece training Centre

TEFL course Chania Greece | TEFL courses Greece | Teach English in Chania

Your TEFL course Chania Crete training centre is only five minutes walk away from the town centre. There are three main teaching areas as well as an office, kitchen and bathroom with shower facilities.

A garden terraced area provides an ideal setting for outdoor classes, private study or relaxation in the sun after finishing for the day. Chania and Crete have some of the oldest and richest cultural regions on earth dating back to the Minoan period of 2,700 BC.

You can immerse yourself in an inviting, friendly culture while gaining the experience and knowledge that will enable you to live and work abroad. Chania’s Old Town is considered the most beautiful urban district on Crete, especially the crumbling Venetian harbour.Chania is an international tourist destination so it has an ongoing need for English.

Chania and Crete in general has a frenzied night life, Greek style. Crete is a friendly and hospitable country with great food, varied cuisine, ancient and modern architecture and lots to do and see. We hope that you are looking forward to your TEFL training in Chania Crete.

TEFL course Chania Greece accommodation options

TEFL course Chania Greece | TEFL courses Greece | Teach English in Chania

Our TEFL course Chania Crete student accommodation is clean, well priced and conveniently located to the training centre.

  • All student accommodation offered is with a known entity.
  • We know the people who provide the student accommodation.
  • All accommodation is within a maximum of 30 minutes travel to the training centre.
  • Some are within walking distance.

Student accommodation Chania starting from €625

The package includes:

  • 4 week’s student accommodation close to the EBC TEFL campus
  • FREE Welcome drinks
  • FREE Graduation party
  • Organised outings and activities
  • Island tours

4 week’s student accommodation only from €625

The student accommodation contains all or some of the following:

  • Double or single beach-front hotel room overlooking the old Venetian harbour.

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