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All packages include our unrivalled EBC exclusive pro-active, world wide, lifetime guaranteed job placement programme and bonus extra teaching material

Teach English in Madrid

Madrid and Spain are Europe’s top TEFL destinations

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Average pay rates for teaching English in Madrid are between 15€ to 20€ per hour for academies and up to 25€ per hour for private clients. Your earnings compared to other workers in Madrid are at the higher end. So far, all students that have studied with EBC and then wanted to stay on and work have done so.
As a graduate of EBC’s TEFL course Madrid Spain program, you will get priority for jobs teaching English in Madrid that are available with our sister company EBC y Asociados.
Should EBC y Asociados not have any jobs immediately available when you graduate, we have direct contacts with many local language schools. All graduates from the EBC TEFL course Madrid Spain program will be given lifetime job assistance worldwide.

It is easy to find jobs teaching English in Madrid if you have a recognised certificate

  • Madrid has the greatest demand for native English teachers in the whole of Spain.
  • The UK and Ireland are the only countries in the European Union (EU) where English is the mother tongue. There aren’t enough native English teachers in Spain, which is why 60% of the people that take our course are NOT from the EU.
  • EBC is always being asked for teachers by language schools as early as the first week of a new course.
  • All EBC TEFL course Madrid program graduates, EU and non-EU, are usually working within a week of finishing the course at full market rates.

Will I get hired after completing the TEFL course Madrid Spain program?

Based on our track record so far, YES you will. We don’t guarantee a job but so far, everyone who has taken the course and has wanted to stay and work has done get a job teaching English in Madrid has done so. This is regardless of what passport the person holds. If you’re not from the European Union and would like a stress free year in Spain, click the here for our Road2Spain package that includes a one year Student Visa that will allow you to work up to 20 hours a week.


“It should be understood that while you (EBC) cannot guarantee that everyone will be employed, it’s pretty much going to happen.”

Carrie Smith,

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


We get your CV/Resume out to around 250 language schools in Madrid. We help you every step along the way but we cannot pass the job interview for you.

How long does it take to get a teaching job teaching English in Madrid?

This depends on whether you want to work straight away after graduating from the TEFL course Madrid program. If you want to work straight away, our highly efficient job placement programme will have you interviewing and working within a few days of finishing the course.

How much will I earn?

An average range for starting pay for jobs teaching English in Madrid is between 15 to 20 Euros per hour. You can earn more by teaching privately (up to about 25 Euros per hour) but you’ll need to make your own arrangements for how and when you get paid by your private students.

What are normal working hours?

Most people work between 20 hours a week. Teaching more than 30 hours a week can get stressful. Working between 20 to 30 hours a week will earn you enough to have a pretty decent life-style.

When do teaching jobs in Madrid start/end? Is it continuous?

The school year runs from September to June. July and August are the summer. There is work available year-round, even in the summer when there are jobs available teaching intensive courses and in summer camps. This is the reality of the current work situation in Madrid. NOTE: The rates we state here are standard rates, some schools may pay more, others may pay less. EBC does not recommend accepting work below these rates unless the school is offering other incentives that make the job offer attractive.

General information about teaching English in Madrid and Spain

  • The demand for English teachers in Spain remains VERY HIGH and COMPETITIVE.
  • The Spanish economy is growing and unemployment is falling. Job prospects are better than ever.
  • Americans and other non-EUs can work legally in Spain.
  • Madrid has the greatest demand for English teachers in Spain.
  • There aren’t enough English teachers in Spain.
  • EBC is always being asked for teachers by language schools as early as the first week of a new course.
  • EBC TEFL course Madrid program graduates, EU and non-EU, are usually working within a week of finishing the course at full market rates.
  • Main job availability regions – Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville (EBC has contacts with hundreds of schools in these regions).
  • Main types of teaching -Through “academias”: general English, Business English and English for Young Learners.
  • Busiest periods – the academic year from September to June.
  • Summer jobs – intensive courses, exam preparation, summer camps.
  • Qualifications – an accredited TESOL/TEFL certificate.
  • Job duration – the full (or what remains of) the academic year.
  • Teaching hours per week – 20 to 30.
  • Monthly pay – 1,200€ to 2,000€ depending on hours worked.
  • Freelance work – from 20€ per hour.
  • Average basic monthly expenses – 700€

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To become an English teacher all that is required is some of your time to take one of our EBC training courses. Once you graduate, EBC gives you lifetime, worldwide career support that will get you working quickly and will always be there for you when you want a change.