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Trinity CertTESOL Madrid Spain

Welcome to EBC’s TEFL course Madrid Spain programme

All packages include our unrivalled EBC exclusive pro-active, world wide, lifetime guaranteed job placement programme and bonus extra teaching material

Will I get a job after I complete the course?

Based on our track record so far, YES you will.

Since we started way back in 2002, everyone who has taken the course and has wanted to stay and get a job teaching English in Madrid has done so. This is regardless of what passport the person holds. If you want to work straight away, our highly efficient job placement programme will have you interviewing and working within a few days of finishing the course.


“It should be understood that while you (EBC) cannot guarantee that everyone will be employed, it’s pretty much going to happen.”

Carrie Smith,

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


We get your CV/Resume out to around hundreds of language schools in Madrid. We help you every step along the way and we guarantee that you will get job interviews. The only thing we cannot do is pass the job interview for you.

Average pay rates for teaching English in Madrid are between 15€ to 20€ per hour for academies and up to 25€ per hour for private clients. Your earnings compared to other workers in Madrid are at the higher end. So far, all students that have studied with EBC and then wanted to stay on and work have done so.

The TEFL course Madrid Spain training centre also runs a language school. Subject to availability, you may get offered a job teaching English in Madrid by the language school at the end of the course.

What will I learn?

In four weeks, you will learn to teach English. When you finish the EBC TEFL course Madrid Spain programme you will be prepared for entry into the TEFL profession.

When you graduate you will:

  • Be an English teaching professional capable of getting EFL teaching jobs almost anywhere in the world;
  • Understand language use and analysis;
  • Be knowledgeable of teaching theory and its practical application;
  • Know how to manage your classroom;
  • Be able to identify student learning difficulties and develop remedial action plans;
  • Know how to plan, design, develop and deliver effective lessons;
  • Be able to teach in both a TEFL and TESOL classroom environment.

Why should I choose EBC?

Most of our students attend EBC because of our unrivaled, guaranteed job placement. Our job placement is second to none and we give you an unrivaled, lifelong commitment to helping you find work.

Some other good reasons are:

  • Our classroom course meets the internationally recognised TEFL certificate requirements of at least 100 training hours and 6 hours of observed teaching practice
  • We give two certificates in TESOL and TEFL
  • Trainers with years of experience
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Many hours of teaching practice (24 on the four week classroom course)
  • Regular Teacher/Student interaction and appraisal
  • We have higher entry requirements than almost all other schools
  • Our courses are designed for teachers by teachers
  • We NEVER cancel courses
  • High student satisfaction
  • Great cities to study and work in
  • EBC trains and prepares course students to succeed as English language teachers.
  • We operate at a higher level than most other courses
  • Our TEFL/TESOL certificate courses are written to QCF level 5 standards
  • Our job placement programme is unrivalled with a 100% success record

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