Trinity CertPT, accredited CPD for practising teachers

CertPT syllabus, CPD for practising teachers. Ofqual level 6 accredited certificate. Continuing Professional Development. Ten university credits.

Trinity CertPT syllabus, CPD for practising teachers

What is CPD? CPD or Continuing Professional Development is formal training that updates your professional skills and knowledge. In addition, it develops the personal qualities required for carrying out professional and technical duties during a professional’s life. Therefore, CPD develops your technical and non-technical skills and knowledge.

  1. Are you looking to learn more teaching skills and increase your value as an English teacher?
  2. Are you not sure who to trust with your continuing professional development training?

Trinity College London is here to offer you the CertPT, official and accredited continuing professional development certificate courses.

The CertPT is a registered UK government Ofqual level 6 registered course awarding up to 10 university credits.

Dual award TESOL and TEFL certificate course

The Trinity College London (TCL) Certificate for Practising Teachers (CertPT) is an innovative Ofqual level 6 qualification that supports your professional development as a teacher. The course takes six weeks to complete. The Trinity CertPT gives you to access specialist training and certification that will transform your teaching style.

We run Trinity CertPT CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses specialising in Business EnglishCommunicative Language Teaching (CLT)Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), and Teaching English online .

All our CertPT courses have a total of 100 hours, run for six weeks part-time and cost 899€.

CertPT course syllabus by week

Trinity CertPT accredited CPD week 1

Week 1

  1. Welcome and introduction to the course
  2. Teaching methodology
  3. Receptive and productive tasks
  4. Language clarification, motivation and correction
  5. Practical teaching skills
  6. Assessed outputs task reviews

Trinity CertPT accredited CPD week 2

Week 2

  1. Review of lesson staging
  2. Text-based presentation
  3. Test-teach-test
  4. Task-based learning
  5. Lesson aims
  6. Lesson stage aims
  7. Lesson cohesion

Trinity CertPT accredited CPD week 3

Week 3

  1. Base language vs the English language
  2. Translation
  3. Translanguaging
  4. Parallel texts
  5. Task 4 input – reflection on a teaching resource
  6. Submit assessed outputs task 3

Trinity CertPT accredited CPD week 4

Week 4

  1. Assessment for learning
  2. Success criteria
  3. Differentiation
  4. Critical moments (plan vs learners, learning to be flexible)
  5. Submit assessed outputs tasks 1 and 2

Trinity CertPT accredited CPD week 5

Week 5

  1. Using feedback to feed-forward
  2. Accuracy vs fluency
  3. Classroom management review

Trinity CertPT accredited CPD week 6

Week 6

  1. Course review
  2. Revisiting strengths and weaknesses
  3. Self-evaluation
  4. Reflective journal
  5. Evidence-based review
  6. Creating an action plan for ongoing development
  7. Submit assessed outputs task 4

Questions and answers about CertPT courses

Who can take the CertPT?

If you are a teacher, you can apply to take a CertPT course. You must meet Group 1 or Group 2 requirements to apply for the course.

  1. Group 1 – completed an initial certificate or qualification in education or TESOL and have at least six months of classroom or online teaching experience
  2. Group 2 – at least two years of teaching experience.

Non-native English speakers are accepted with a minimum English ability of C1 on the CEFR scale.

What skills will I learn?

When you finish the course, you will have increased your skills to:

  1. critically evaluate lesson materials in line with learner needs;
  2. apply pedagogical theory to practice;
  3. employ efficient and effective teaching techniques to boost learner motivation and engagement; and
  4. plan and reflect on development both past, present and future.

What will I study?

The CertPT course focuses on the skills you need to evaluate, adapt, create and deliver teaching resources to a specific group of learners. There are four assessed output tasks you must complete. These are 1) find and evaluate an original teaching resource, 2) adapt the resource, 3) create a resource and 4) reflect on the use of the resource.

You will receive input focused on TESOL approaches and methods, lesson planning, classroom management, materials design, task design and effective classroom procedures. You will have 10 hours of live online tutorials with your peers and your course tutor.

You will teach one lesson, using a resource you created. The outcome and your evaluation of the class and resource effectiveness provides the input for task 4.

What qualification do I get?

You get the Trinity CertPT qualification that is externally validated by Trinity College London, an internationally recognised qualifications provider.

Having a Trinity College London qualification guarantees the quality of delivery and accuracy of the assessment.

The qualification is at Ofqual level 6 in the UK’s list of regulated qualifications (RQF). The CertPT is at the same level as the final year of a bachelors degree. Your CertPT can give you up to 10 university credits.

Can I study while I am working?

Yes, the course is built for working teachers. The CertPT is in-service training. You must be actively teaching a group of learners (face-to-face or online) or you will not be able to complete the four assessed output tasks. The course works hand-in-hand with your current teaching and is designed not to overload you during your daily teaching schedule.

How long is the course and how much does it cost?

The CertPT course has a total of 100 study hours.

The study period is six weeks, part-time.

The six-week timetable is split into two sections:

  1. One week of subject study comprising approximately 20 self-study input hours using online material in the Moodle training system and 5 hours of trainer input given face-to-face using ZOOM meetings.
  2. Five weeks to research and create the four output tasks required to pass the course and a weekly, one-hour trainer input session for guidance and feedback.

All our CertPT courses cost 899€

Can I talk to my course tutor?

Yes, you get ten hours live contact with the course tutor, both in a group with your classmates and individually for each course unit. The contact hours give you input, guidance, feedback and answers to questions you may have about the course and the assessed output tasks. In addition to live contact, you get feedback on your assessed output tasks. Your course tutor will e-moderate your work and provide guidance.

How do I apply and pay?

You must first apply to take the course. Click here to apply.

If your application matches the course entry requirements, you must attend an admissions interview.

After passing the admissions interview, you will be offered a course place.

Pay for the course to reserve and guarantee your place. Click here to pay.

Finally, one week before the course starts, we will send you your welcome pack containing your login details.

When do I get my certificate?

Due to Trinity College London limitations, we file your work for certification when we reach the Trinity required minimum of five submissions.

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