Trinity CertTESOL course Madrid Spain

Trinity CertTESOL Madrid Spain

The Trinity CertTESOL premium certificate

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  • Educational consultant: Leading projects for Unicef, the British Council and others.
  • Award-winning author: ELTON-winning, best-selling author of books for teachers.
  • Award-winning researcher: Articles and papers in leading ELT journals and periodicals.
  • Experienced public speaker: Plenary speaker at ELT conferences worldwide and online.
  • Teacher educator and trainer: Pre-service and in-service teacher training and development.

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The fee? 1,400 Euros with NO hidden extras. Less than a CELTA and only 25 Euros more than the Madrid IATQuo course.

Premium quality

A “gold standard” premium accreditation course

Value for money

Very well priced

Job placement for life

Proactive, lifetime, worldwide job placement at no extra cost

Opens more doors to jobs

Unlocks worldwide jobs with the British Council

University credits

Get up to 60 university credits

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Why should you get an accredited TEFL certificate?

Our Madrid TEFL Certificate course is accredited and externally moderated by Trinity College London. Trinity’s quality is recognised by the British Council and employers around the world.

Just look at a few quality job adverts and you will see a pattern emerging:

  • UK job: A recognised teaching qualification such as Cambridge CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL
  • Italy job: Preferred: CELTA, Trinity CertTESOL
  • Russia job: Hold a recognised qualification: CELTA, Trinity TESOL
  • Spain job: Minimum Level 4 or 5 Certificate of Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (CELTA or Trinity)

To summarise the above in three words – MORE JOB OPPORTUNITIES

Don’t close the door on yourself for jobs

The Trinity CertTESOL opens doors to jobs with language schools and with the British Council. The British Council is the world’s standard for teaching English. Most good schools abide by its standards when hiring new teachers.

The British Council is an international organisation that has schools in 109 countries with good pay and conditions.

The Trinity CertTESOL is one of two certificates that is guaranteed to meet British Council standards and is truly internationally accepted. Other TEFL schools may claim to be accredited but the British Council will not accept their certificates.

The British Council will ONLY hire teachers who have a certificate that meets its requirements.

  • EBC trains and prepares course students to succeed as English language teachers.
  • We operate at a higher level than most other courses
  • Our TEFL/TESOL certificate courses are written to QCF level 5 standards
  • Our job placement programme is unrivalled with a 100% success record

TESOL / TEFL courses from EBC

  • Work in Europe – English teaching jobs in Spain
  • EBC International TEFL Certificate course
  • Instituto de Cervantes accredited Spanish programme
  • Guaranteed job placement
  • Globally accepted English teaching certificate
  • One year student visa

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Don’t limit your job choices

Why is accreditation important?

Choosing the right TEFL course is essential. By taking the Trinity CertTESOL, employers know that you made sure that you took a worthwhile training programme.

You learnt valuable personal and professional skills that you can take into any classroom. If you want to travel, your Trinity CertTESOL certificate will be accepted and you will be able to work as an English teacher.

Some countries require your certificate to be officially authenticated or apostilled to get a work permit. Your Trinity CertTESOL can be apostilled, home-grown and pseudo-accredited certificates cannot.

What are the advantages of a Trinity-accredited course?

The Trinity CertTESOL is independently moderated by Trinity external moderators which means that the quality of your training meets the highest standards.

The Trinity stamp of approval is now one of the two “gold standard” TEFL certificates trusted by TEFL employers worldwide. The Trinity CertTESOL is accepted by the British Council as an initial TESOL or TEFL qualification for teachers in its global network of accredited English schools.

The Trinity CertTESOL can also give you up to 60 credits towards degree programmes.

What about the other TEFL certificates?

An unaccredited course is an unknown quantity. It may be good, it may be bad. You just don’t know. You also have no idea whether it will be accepted by English language schools when you apply for jobs.

Some courses have second-rate accreditation by an organisation such as IATQuo who provide a cheap accreditation procedure. These type of certificates are not specified by name in TEFL job ads. It is not likely that they will be accepted by the British Council. This form of accreditation does not include regular external moderation visits to every course. The cheap accreditation usually involves an exchange of cash for a certificate and no external moderation site visits on a course-by-course basis.

Graduate reviews

“The course has been really useful and the teacher, John, made the classes so much fun and very interesting. It is has been a great experience and has helped me realise how much I really enjoy teaching. It has also been a bit intense at times but I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to become an English teacher”



Natasha Jimenez

“I had a good time doing my TEFL here in Madrid with EBC. The classes always started on time with a very realistic approach used to teach. I would recommend people to do TEFL from EBC to learn good ways to teach English and make it fun for students.”



Gaurav Swamy

“I’ve just finished my EBC TEFL course. It was a great experience. I definitely recommend this course. John is an amazing teacher and he is very professional. It was just a pleasure. Thank you so much and good luck!”




Natalia Egorova

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