Free Spanish lessons 100+ useful Spanish regular verbs

We offer free Spanish lessons because some of our TEFL training centres are in Spanish speaking countries. Spanish is not a requirement for teaching, but it is very useful for everyday life outside the classroom.

We dedicate this series of free Spanish lessons to people who would like to know more about the Spanish language.

Our series of free Spanish lessons is designed by people who have learned Spanish as a foreign language. We have first hand experiences of the learning process.

Aside from learning some Spanish, you will also find these free Spanish lessons useful: 1) because they will enlighten you to English grammar and 2) they will enlighten you as to where and why Spanish speakers have problems when learning English.

100+ useful Spanish regular verbs

The list of useful Spanish regular verbs is shown below. Before you read it, you’ll need to understand how to conjugate each verb. DO NOT FRET! These are all regular verbs so they all work the same way. All you need to do is memorise one set of rules and you can apply it to all the useful Spanish regular verbs in the list.

Once you memorise some of these verbs, you’ll be able to start communicating in Spanish.

Conjugating Spanish regular verbs

There are three types of verb endings in Spanish: “ar”, “er” and “ir”. For example: “andar” (to walk). The verb ending is ALWAYS shown by the last two letters of the verb. The stuff before the last two letters is the root of the verb and for regular verbs, the root NEVER changes.

OK, how do we conjugate Spanish regular verbs?

First, look at the last two letters of the verb. Second, replace the last two letters with the endings shown in the table below.

That simple? Yes it is! The tables in this section show the present tense. Spanish uses other tenses for past and future, but for now, we will keep it simple and just learn the present tense. Click here for a conjugation guide PDF in Spanish. Test yourself!

“ar” verbs“er” verbs“ir” verbs

Some examples of how we conjugate Spanish regular verbs

Andar (to walk)Beber (to drink)Vivir (to live)
yoando[I walk]bebo[I drink]vivo[I live]
andas[You walk]bebes[You drink]vives[You live]
él/ellaanda[He/She walks]bebe[He/She drinks]vive[He/She lives]
nosotrosandamos[We walk]bebemos[We drink]vivimos[We live]
vosotrosandáis[You walk]bebéis[You drink]vivís[You live]
ellos/ellasandan[They walk]beben[They drink]viven[They live]

“Ando a la playa.” [I walk to the beach.] “Bebo mucha agua.” [I drink a lot of water.] “Vivo en Londres.” [I live in London.]

TIP 1: When you see “LL” in any Spanish word, it is always spoken like the letter “Y”. Example: “Llego” (I arrive) is spoken as YEGO.

TIP 2: Saying the letter “J” will need a lot of practice, but it must be learned.The letter “J” in Spanish sounds nothing like it does in English. The “J” sound in Spanish is guttural. You need to drop your tongue to the bottom of your mouth and close your throat. Without putting too finer point on it, the “J” sound in Spanish is similar to someone attempting to clear phlegm from his/her throat.

TIP 3: Saying the letter “R” and double “R” will also need practice. The “R” sound in Spanish is very similar to the way the Scottish say it. The “R” rolls by vibrating your tongue. Saying double “R” just means that your tongue has to vibrate a bit longer. Words like “pero” (but) and “perro” (dog) are distinguished only by the length of the rolled “R”. Practice “Pero es mi perro.” (But it is my dog.) If you get it wrong, you may end up saying, “But it is my but.” 🙂

The list of 100+ useful Spanish regular verbs

to answercontestarto passpasar
to arrivellegarto paypagar
to ask a questionpreguntarto permitpermitir
to attendasisitirto practicepracticar
to believecreerto presentpresentar
to annoymolestarto prohibitprohibir
to breakromperto promiseprometer
to burnquemarto readleer
to buycomprarto receiverecibir
to callllamarto respondresponder
to changecambiarto restdescansar
to cleanlimpiarto returnregresar
to go upsubirto checkrevisar
to comprehendcomprenderto ridemontar
to congratulatefelicitarto runcorrer
to consistconsistirto seever
to cookcocinarto sellvender
to cryllorarto sendmandar
to dancebailarto sharecompartir
to deliverentregarto singcantar
to wishdesearto skatepatinar
to drawdibujarto skiesquiar
to drinkbeberto smokefumar
to drivemanejarto speakhablar
to eatcomerto talkhablar
to endterminarto spendgastar
to enterentrarto stealrobar
to explainexplicarto robrobar
to take outsacarto put awayguardar
to fillllenarto studyestudiar
to fixarreglarto sweatsudar
to get offbajarto sweepbarrer
to get downbajarto swimnadar
to give a giftregalarto take care ofcuidar
to greetsaludarto taketomar
to guessadivinarto eat or drinktomar
to have dinnercenarto takellevar
to helpayudarto wearllevar
to hideesconderto carryllevar
to hugabrazarto teachenseñar
to insistinsistirto touchtocar
to kissbesarto play an instrumenttocar
to know factssaberto travelviajar
to lastdurarto treattratar
to leavedejarto turn offapagar
to lendprestarto useusar
to listenescucharto varyvariar
to livevivirto verifyverificar
to look atmirarto visitvisitar
to watchmirarto waitesperar
to look forbuscarto walkandar
to neednecesitarto washlavar
to occurocurrirto winganar
to openabrirto earnganar
to owedeberto worktrabajar
to paintpintarto writeescribir

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