Is EBC any good? Does it exist? Well yes to both. We were on the tele! RTVE La 2

EBC must exist and be pretty good because EBC was used as part of an RTVE La 2 programme “Aquí Hay Trabajo” that helps people get jobs. Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) La 2 runs a daily program to help people find work. Ironically, there are usually several hundred jobs placed by advertisers each day, but they are usually jobs requiring technical skills.

We will not flog a dead horse anymore, but we have been saying for a very long time that the unemployment problem in Spain mainly affects the unskilled. Skilled people have no trouble finding work.

The modern world

The saying goes, “fifteen minutes of fame” in today’s world that came to 60 seconds. The thirty minute TV show (aired last week) shows EBC Owner and Managing Director Tita Ashton giving a coaching class to a small group of locals who want to improve their English and pass interviews in English with English speaking companies.

She also comments as well that English interviews concentrate as much on the job skills shown on a candidate’s CV as they do on the candidate’s personality regarding working habits, problem-solving, innovation, etc. The latter is not common during a Spanish interview. A Spanish interview will include the usual “what your strengths and weakness are” and “what do/did you like most and dislike most about your current/previous job” questions, but they don’t delve into what makes the candidate tick. Spanish and English interviews are different. Is one interview style better than the other? No, they are just different. The Spanish must be taught the differences and prepared to answer questions that they may never have been asked during previous job interviews.

What this means for you

The Spanish need English. Here is a job site showing clearly that jobs require English (inglés).

Many Spaniards have gone to work in the UK. They needed to tune-up their English to pass interviews. Here is an article in El País. One of the people mentioned in the article, Inés Manso, states “El nivel de inglés de un español en general está a la cola del resto de Europa.” (“The level of English of a Spaniard, in general, is at the tail end of the rest of Europe.”)

They need English, there are not enough English teachers so they need you.

I mentioned earlier that the crisis had not affected the skilled sectors. Well, here is some good news. An English teacher (properly trained and officially certified) is viewed as a member of the skilled sector. The average pay for an English teacher in Spain is three times the minimum inter-professional wage and about 20% higher than the national average wage.

Your future

EBC is playing its part to help the Spanish improve. At last, EBC has the recognition it deserves for its efforts. EBC needs teachers. EBC needs you.

Let us train you and get you working in Madrid. Get in touch!

EBC graduates

Hi to everyone that has taken our course and is now teaching. If you watch the video, you will see Tita’s interview. There are a few of your group photos in the shot. Are you in them?