Best Idea Ever: The Trinity College CertPT course for practising teachers

Trinity College CertPT courses for practising teachers – the Best Idea Ever

Increase your value as a teacher by taking Trinity College CertPT courses (Certificate for Practising Teachers) which award an Ofqual level 6 qualification and support your professional development as a teacher. The Trinity CertPT is for teachers seeking to update, improve and enrich their professional teaching skills. EBC offers four great Trinity CertPT courses in Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), teaching English online and Business English. These courses will increase your skills and value.

Online Trinity CertTESOL course

Online Trinity CertTESOL course – why should I take this course?

This article goes through some of the most frequently asked questions our course applicants ask. Tita Ashton, our CEO, takes you through these questions and answers. We’ve also added some recent comments from our course graduates who have found out that EBC walks the talk and are very happy with what they learned and got as EBC course graduates.

freelance online English teacher

Be a freelance online English teacher – 7 easy steps to success

How to be a freelance online English teacher. Never fear; EBC is here. We have done the work of putting together a list of 7 easy steps to being a successful freelance online English teacher. If you want to be a freelance online English teacher, this article is for you. We talk about working for a language school and then seven easy steps that show you how to set up as a freelance online English teacher.

Teaching conditionals using jokes as a training method

Teaching conditionals using jokes as a training method

Whether you are teaching the zero, the first, the second or the third conditional, you are bound to find some challenges lurking around the corner.
Here is a fun lesson for English language learners with levels from B2 to C1. The objective is having fun at the same time as practising language concepts.

Accredited teaching English online course, Trinity CertPT Online

Accredited teaching English online course – Trinity CertPT Online

Learn diploma level online English teaching skills. Do you want to earn more as an English teacher? Do you want to grow as a modern educator? Take an advanced level course in teaching English online. The accredited Trinity CertPT in teaching English online makes you more marketable. If you have a white-label TEFL certificate, why not upgrade to a recognised and accredited Trinity CertPT Online?