English teacher jobs in Madrid and Barcelona a new complementary service

“English teacher jobs in Madrid and Barcelona” is a new job and CV matching service.

In this time of crisis when all the so-called experts are downing Spain, a long time contact, English teacher and job agent, Todd Bagnall, launched his new “English teacher jobs in Madrid and Barcelona” job and CV matching service.

A brave man, or just someone like EBC who knows the international press is inventing stories to sell papers, print and virtual?

Mark Twain – “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

The data about unemployment in Spain is accurate, but the foreign press fails to say precisely who is suffering.

Here is the profile as per INEM of most unemployed in Spain

INEM is the Spanish employment bureau.

  • Is Spanish
  • Cannot speak English
  • Is under 30
  • Left school at 16
  • Never left home
  • Has no professional skills
  • Before becoming unemployed, he had jobs as a labourer in construction or construction-related company.

Is this you?

If it isn’t, why are you not in Spain teaching English to the millions of Spaniards who now realise that learning English is no longer a “nice to have. English is a must-have.

The English renaissance in Spain

English is booming again in Spain, especially in Madrid. We have a teacher shortage, but everyone outside Spain is too scared to look through the total BS in the press and come over, get trained and teach. We run a student visa programme that means you can stay and teach on the books in Spain. You can still get work off the books, but we will arrange it for you if you want your papers in order.

Todd’s English teacher jobs in Madrid and Barcelona service

EBC operates a worldwide lifetime job placement service, but it is not designed for job matching.

The EBC English teacher job service gets your CV straight to the desk of hiring managers. Many of them have jobs, so they will call you almost immediately to come in for a job interview.

Todd’s English teacher jobs in Madrid and Barcelona service matches jobs offered by language schools and companies against registered teachers.

EBC’s service is free for all EBC graduates, and Todd’s service is free for teachers. Todd’s system will also send you an email when new jobs are posted, so you are always kept up to date.

These two processes are so complimentary it’s frightening. The EBC job placement process paints the big picture, and Todd’s approach fills in the detail.

Is Todd crazy launching a job site for English teachers in a land of unemployed?

No, he lives in Madrid as we do and probably has a good laugh at the foreign news articles, especially, sad to say, the rubbish spouted in the American press.

Todd is also pretty intelligent and knows his sector very well.

So what are you waiting for? Come to “the land of the unemployed” and work comfortably and successfully as an English teacher.

EBC’s training plus this new combination job service may get you working even faster than before.

Click here to learn more about Todd’s service.