FAQs about the EBC job programme

FAQs about the EBC job programme. Want to teach English abroad? Our job programme will have you working a few days after graduating.

FAQs about the EBC job programme

What is the EBC job placement programme?

The EBC TEFL job placement program is:

  • Unrivalled,
  • Proactive,
  • Fast,
  • Efficient,
  • Lifetime
  • Worldwide,
  • Exclusive for all EBC graduates.

If you want to teach English abroad, our TEFL job placement programme will have you working within a few days (or less) of graduating.

In addition, EBC will give you advice that should quickly translate into you getting an English teaching job abroad with a reputable educational institution. We can also recommend local EFL schools and, in some cases, assist in arranging interviews.

So far, everyone who has taken our course and then wanted to stay on and teach English has done so. This is regardless of what passport they hold. Most people are attending interviews within a few days of finishing the course. Those who want to stay are usually teaching around a week after graduating.

We will show you how to pass job interviews and get your CV/resume sent to many language schools that want to hire EBC graduates. You will get interviews. You have to pass the interview. It’s the only part we cannot do for you.

The EBC TEFL job placement programme contains

  • Professional CV/resume formatting,
  • Job preparation workshops,
  • Professional cover letter,
  • Personalised introductions to language schools,
  • EBC applies for jobs for you,
  • EBC makes sure that schools contact you to offer you jobs,
  • EBC makes sure that you get work after finishing the course at FULL MARKET RATES,
  • Store your CV/resume, personalise your cover letter and apply for jobs around the world using our exclusive Student Zone website,
  • Get job advice/help from EBC at any time after you graduate,
  • The EBC job assistance programme is lifetime and worldwide,
  • Job and university references when you need them.

EBC gives you all the help and advice you need to teach English abroad with reputable educational institutions.

“On the last day of the course, I got so many calls for jobs, I had to turn my mobile off.”
Mark Sywak (Australia)

“I was inundated with job offers. 20 missed calls, 15 voice mails ….”
Dale Smith (UK)

“It should be understood that while you (EBC) cannot guarantee that everyone will be employed, it’s pretty much going to happen.”
Carrie Smith (USA)

Do you guarantee jobs?

Lifetime, worldwide job placement

We will guarantee that you will get interviews for respectable jobs paying typical market rates. So far, we have a 100% placement record for all EBC graduates, so if you don’t get a job, you’ll be the first one ever.

The EBC job placement programme is only for EBC course graduates

EBC’s lifetime, worldwide job placement is exclusively for EBC TEFL course graduates. If you studied with another school, we regret to inform you that you cannot use this service.

  • As an EBC graduate, you get lifetime access to our lifetime worldwide job placement programme.
  • EBC’s lifetime, worldwide job placement programme gives you access to jobs all over the world.
  • EBC will thoroughly prepare you for the job market.
  • Job placement experts will show you how to write your CV and give you seminars explaining how to pass an interview.
  • EBC’s job placement staff will help you after the course has finished for as long as you need help, advice, assistance and your CV/resume sent to schools anywhere in the world.
  • EBC has been running its lifetime, worldwide job placement programme since the beginning of 2003.

Will you help find me a job after the course?

Absolutely. One thing that makes EBC unique is our 100% dedication to helping our course graduates find work as quickly as possible after completing the course.

So far, we have helped every EBC course graduate find work that pays typical market rates. That’s a 100% success record in getting you work after graduating.

As a graduate of EBC TEFL, you get top priority for teaching jobs available with our sister company EBC y Asociados Idiomas.

Should they not have positions immediately available, we help place you in hundreds of reputable language schools in our campus locations or wherever you’d like to teach.

When you graduate, you’ll get web access to our worldwide school list that includes each school’s website (where available), contact email, phone number and address. This is a lifetime service, so wherever you are in the world, you can always go back to our site and check out the schools. We currently have almost 2,000 schools on the list.

So far, every EBC course graduate has found work that pays typical market rates.

How the EBC job placement programme fits together

Work for EBC

At EBC, we believe that you should get a job with us if you train with us. Our sister company is EBC y Asociados Idiomas, a Madrid based EFL school. If you study in Madrid, there is a good chance that you will get hired (subject to availability) as soon as you graduate and get to work for some of its high-powered clientele.

Work for other reputable language schools

As with all good organisations, we have contingency measures should EBC y Asociados Idiomas not have work immediately available. We are also a supplier of TEFL Certified teachers to hundreds of top-quality language organisations in the areas where we run our courses. The list includes internationally recognised companies.

The list is constantly checked to ensure that the language schools treat our graduates professionally. We do not charge for this service.

How your CV/resume is distributed

EBC sends your pre-formatted CV/resume to each language school along with an official, PERSONALISED cover letter from EBC stating that you are now an EBC graduate.

We tell the schools about the course, your lesson planning skills, study hours, teaching practice classes to non-English speaking students, peer classes, feedback, etc., everything you learned on the course, everything that will make any language school want to interview you for teaching positions.

The EFL schools have requested the cover letter so that they know your application comes from us and that you trained with us. In addition, it helps them sort out the “off-the-street” applications from professional job placement applications.

EBC manages your CV/resume distribution

We manage the distribution process on your behalf, so you don’t have to waste shoe leather pounding the streets knocking on doors, or spending lots of money-making phone calls.

How you find your jobs

After EBC has distributed your CV/Resume, you will have to do the following:

  • Answer your phone.
  • Answer your emails.

A diagram showing how the EBC job placement programme works

If you would like to download a copy of the info-graphic, click here.

how ebc job placement works

That’s it; it’s that simple!
EBC’s job programme is that efficient.

Isn’t all of this better than having to go around knocking on doors like a vacuum cleaner salesman using a photocopied list of schools you’ve been given?

Some cautionary tales from people who did not study with EBC

We get contacted regularly by people who took other courses and believed what they were told about job help.

Would you like to wind up like Andrea, Linda, our chat line visitor, and many other people who did not take their TESOL TEFL certification with EBC and then regretted it due to the total lack of job help?

“I’m finding that I might have studied with the wrong school. Which is really sad because they were also very expensive and probably completely over priced.” Andrea.

“I have just recently become Cambridge CELTA certified (Eastleigh College, UK) & would like to secure a TEFL position in Spain to improve my Spanish. ……. In hind-sight I now realise that it would have been more productive to enrol for my TEFL course with an organisation like yours 🙂 Oh well, I guess that’s life!, Linda”

Visitor : How may I obtain information on teaching English in Spain as a TEFL instructor? My contract expires in March 2014. EBC chat line ((+ 1 mins, 3 secs)): Do you mean to teach English or to be a TEFL course trainer? Visitor ((+ 4 mins, 7 secs)): To teach English at elementary schools, language institutes and even universities. My apologies. EBC chat line ((+ 1 mins, 39 secs)): The best thing to do is google for English teaching jobs in Spain. We offer lifetime job assistance but it’s only for our course graduates. Can’t your TEFL training school help you? Visitor ((+ 1 mins, 48 secs)): I can email them once more, but I have emailed them about teaching jobs in other countries, and I have not had a response.

“I am looking for work next year to teach English as a second language in Argentina. I am 18 and have just obtained an XXXX diploma from Regent’s College Oxford and hope to use this invaluable qualification to teach abroad. I also have A-levels in English, French and Latin. I have such a fascination with Buenos Aires and can speak some Spanish too. If there are any job placements, in any type of school, then please do not hesitate to contact me. I can teach children, adults, one-to-one and big classes. I hope this is what you are looking for and hope to hear from you soon. Yours sincerely, Amelia”

“Please let me know if EBC would consider placing a teacher already qualified in XXXX, with experience, or must one take your course first? Many thanks, Bryony”

“I am a PhD student who is looking at ESL training as part of my dissertation. I just took the XXXX course (to get some idea of training) and was surprised and deeply disappointed. Now that the XXXX course is completed, I have to write a paper on my thoughts about my experience, and the quality of the training generally. I began looking on the internet for other courses to see if my disappointment was warranted and I came across your course. What you seem to offer is what I expected to get from XXXX but did not. In comparison, their course was, how shall we say, LAME! If I could I would take your course . . . My question is would anyone there be willing to briefly correspond with me about any other differences between the two courses than mentioned on the Internet, and more specifically WHY your course is more logically and practically organized (i.e., teaching at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels), practice with peers, UNHOSTILE trainers. One of the things I found most troubling with XXXX was the unwillingness to entertain questions (and not from me as I kept my mouth shut as they told me they didn’t like it that I was doing a PhD.), lack of ANY theory whatsoever (even one lesson’s worth), slavishly following a script, no actual modeling except for how they trained us, well this list could go on. Regards, Sherrie “

“I’m an English teacher, I am looking for work in Argentina, could you please let me know if there is any work at the moment? I have a XXXX . Regards, Gillian”

“I am an experienced English teacher with a degree and a XXXX. I’m an energetic person with a strong desire to teach because I love language and I want other people to share my love of English. I want to work in Madrid as an English teacher. Regards, Jenny”

“I am an American currently working in Japan. I have about 15 years ESL/EFL teaching experience and I am XXXX certified. I have taught beginner through advanced levels, preschool through adult, general conversation, test prep and company lessons. I am Spanish speaking. Regards, Christine”

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