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There are over 60 choices for arranging your Madrid student accommodation. If you prefer, EBC can also arrange your Madrid student accommodation. If you want EBC to arrange your Madrid student accommodation, contact us.

EBC provides this service to help you get reliable accommodation without the additional cost of a middle-man. EBC is not responsible for any aspect of any accommodation arranged using these or other services. All prices are subject to change without notice. All prices shown are per night unless otherwise indicated. Please ensure that you are fully aware of all fees, deposits, payment terms etc., before contracting one of these services.

New to Madrid?

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For your safety and ease of travel, we strongly recommend finding accommodation within the M30 motorway/beltway surrounding Madrid. Most districts that fall inside the M30 are fine. Some districts outside the M30, especially to the east and south-east, are not recommended.

Email us if you want more information about the area you’re interested in.

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AccomMadrid Accommodation service provider. We provide a complete accommodation service: Live with a Spanish family, Apartment shares, Student residences and Studio apartments. For more information visit the AccomMadrid web site, email Monica or phone: (+34) 91 59 30 798 / 608 080 881.

Sal y Ven


Sal y Ven Accommodation service provider. A company dedicated to housing international students in Madrid. Live with a Spanish family, Apartment shares, Student residences and Studio apartments. All houses have been pre-checked to ensure quality and value. For more information, visit the Sal y Ven website, email Isabel or phone: (+34) 91 457 4779 or fax: (+34) 91 457 4777.



EASO Student residencies. Accommodation for university students and course trainees, in a single or double room, in a shared flat in our residences in Gran Via, Callao, Puerta del Sol and Opera in central Madrid. For more information, visit the EASO site or email Elena.

Apartment agencies

Madrid Easy A complete accommodation service that caters for the particular needs of each student. A wide range of flats and apartments is available.

Hostels: names with approximate From / To prices in Euros

IMPORTANT: The prices shown are indicative. EBC accepts no responsibility if the prices on the indicated websites are different.

From To
Hostal Mirentxu 16 48
Hostal Las Murallas 18 45
Hostal Hispano America 19 45
Pension Antonio 20 42 Special rates for stays of over 5 days
Hostal Gonzalo 25 34
Hostal Plaza D’Ort 27 100
Hostal Rivera 27 39
Hostal Aliste 28 38
70 90 Apartment rates
Hostal Reconquista 28 52
Hostal Triana 28 54
Hostal Alistana 29 39
Hostal Aresol 30 45
Hostal La Plata 30 60
Hostal Lopez 30 50
Hostal Splendid 30 60
Hostal Zabala 30 45
Hostal Cervelo 33 48
Hostal Playa 34 58
Hostal Oporto 35 60
Hostal Chelo 36 48
Hostal Continental 36 63 Up to 10% discount for stays over 3 days
Hostal Cruz Sol 36 59
Hostal Dulcinea 36 48
Hostal La Perla Asturiana 36 63 Up to 10% discount for stays over 3 days
Hostal Las Fuentes 36 60
Hostal San Isidro 38 78
Hostal Tijcal 39 113
Hostal Adriano 41 63
Hostal Astoria 41 63
Hostal Lisboa 42 51
Hostal Marlasca 45 81
Hostal San Lorenzo 45 118
Hospedaje Madrid 48 84 Room rates
84 108 Apartment rates
Hostal Alhambra 48 84
Hostal Don Diego 48 91
Hostal Hispano Argentino 48 96
Hotel Plaza Mayor 48 90
Hotel Europa
Hostal Persal
60 120
Hotel Regente 63 136
Hotel Los Condes 69 122
Hotel Anaco 70 125
Hotel Cortezo 80 180
Hotel Regina 85 160
Hotel Opera 90 156
Hotel Carlos V 98 188