Madrid summer activities and attractions

Madrid summer activities and attractions, a well-kept secret

Madrid summer activities and attractions offer something for everyone.

A well-kept secret is the abundance of Madrid summer activities and attractions. There is a list of Madrid summer activities, and attractions every summer, some of which are free and others paid.

While New Madrid (the earthquake fault line in the USA) threatens to split the USA in two, old Madrid’s summer activities and attractions promise to unite its residents and visitors in an atmosphere of fun and relaxation from July to September.

The list of activities and attractions is generally badged as “Veranos de la Villa“. The problem is that the schedule is only available in Spanish, so EBC is explaining a few of the highlights in English.

Veranos de la Villa

Veranos de la Villa” is a programme of concert and stage performances showing Madrid’s cultural sophistication during the summer months. Over a hundred top-ranking artists cover all the disciplines of pop, rock, flamenco, theatre, dance and film.

Summer in Madrid

The “Puente del Rey” is the latest addition to “Veranos de la Villa“. The space is at the “Casa de Campo” park entrance next to the river “Manzanares“. It replaces the “Jardines de Sabatini” as the new summer home for flamenco, musical theatre and dance.

Among other shows this summer, we will be seeing the opera Carmen, the Montreal Jazz Ballet and the Moscow Ballet.

Address: Explanada del Puente del Rey

Nearest Metro: Príncipe Pío

Teatro Price

Try the “Teatro Circo Price “if you have a wide range of musical tastes, try the “Teatro Circo Price“. This summer, there are performances from musicians from Spain, Portugal, Cuba, Isreal, Mexico, Belgium, Norway and Africa.

Address: Ronda de Atocha, 35 Web site:

Nearest Metros: Lavapies or Embajadores

Concert in Plaza Mayor

Every summer there is a free classical music concert in the “Plaza Mayor“. This year on July 11 at 10 pm. Víctor Pablo Pérez, Conductor of the Madrid State orchestra and choir, waves the baton over a programme containing the Works of Malcolm Arnold, Jean Sibelius, José Padilla, George Gershwin and Dmitri Shostakovich.

Address: Plaza Mayor

Nearest Metro: Puerta del Sol


For fringe and alternative theatre, offerings go to the “Matadero” cultural centre. The centre itself is somewhat alternative as it used to be Madrid’s central abattoir.

Address: Plaza de Legazpi, 8


Nearest Metro: Legazpi

Galeria de cristal Centero

There are two novel places for cinema lovers to watch movies from sunset through to the early hours. There’s an inside cinema venue in the spectacular, glass-roffed, “Galería de Cristal de Centero”, in the old “Palacio de Comunicaciones” next to “Plaza de Cibeles”.

Address: Plaza de Cibeles

Web site:

Nearest Metro: Banco de España


There’s an outside venue, “Cine de Verano de la Bombilla“, at the south-east end of “Parque de la Bombilla“. So bring a cooler and chill out watching movies under the trees until the wee hours of the morning.

Address: Plaza San Antonio La Florida, 1

Web site:

Nearest Metro: Principe Pio

Terraza in Madrid

There are many more Madrid summer activities and attractions until the middle of September. Some during the day and some during the night. There are also many beautiful terrace bars open from midnight until sun-up during the summer nights. The “Paseo de la Castellana” is one famous location where you can meet the beautiful people and those who think they are, especially between the “Plaza de Cuzco” and “Paseo del Prado”.

Summer in Madrid is pure entertainment.