“Non-natives can teach English as a foreign language” – Naglaa Monem (Egypt)

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Attended: EBC Madrid, Spain in August 2013

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Non-natives can teach English as a foreign language

Naglaa Monem "Non-natives can teach English as a foreign language and are not looked down on."

Naglaa Monem “Non-natives can teach English as a foreign language and are not looked down on.”

My name is Naglaa. I took the EBC TEFL course in Madrid in August 2013. I have B.A in English language and Literature from Cairo University. By the way, I was born and raised in Egypt. English is not my native language and I now know that non-natives can teach English as a foreign language and are not looked down on.

The first time I ever taught English was to primary school children in Cairo  in 2001.

I left Egypt many years ago and moved to Spain to continue my academic education. I have worked in various jobs, most of which were related to languages (English, Arabic and Spanish). I decided to go back to teaching English because I find it rewarding to teach someone a language, especially different ways of using and thinking about a language.

I decided that I needed to refresh what I knew about teaching English and get a certificate that proves it as well. Because of this, I took the EBC TEFL course in August 2013. I have to say that the teaching was very professional and the course was VERY organized.

Being a non-native speaker of English, I had some fears about finding work, but my professional experience has proved that I was DEFINITELY wrong.

Being native is important, but studying the English language is even MORE important, because in many cases students need to understand the reason behind some aspects in the language. Moreover, fluency in spoken English is essential, especially when you are not a native English speaker.

My EBC TEFL course group photo

My EBC TEFL course group photo

Ever since I passed the course, I have been teaching English.



Naglaa Monem.

If you would like to know more about my experiences on the course and as a non-native speaking English teacher, please feel free to contact me.

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