A pleasant Sunday in and around Madrid

I think Sunday is my favourite day of the week. It is a chill-out day.

Cows having a siesta

Last Sunday, I took advantage of going out into the countryside around Madrid, made a quick visit to El Escorial, and then meandered back into the city for a late lunch near the river Manzanares.

The countryside around Madrid is quite impressive.

The difference between city and country in Spain is more pronounced than in other countries I have lived in. It is hilly, mountainous, and lush green in the winter and sienna brown in summer.

After a quick stop, I went to El Escorial. An amazing place. It is a monastery, but it is immense, imposing and incredible. The farm animals laze around, chewing grass (or what’s left of it) and lying around in the shade.

El Escorial

After a walk around and a well-deserved ice cream (32C in the shade), it was time to head back to Madrid for lunch. After all, it was 2:30 pm. Even by Spanish standards, I was going for a late lunch.

It only takes about thirty minutes to drive back to Madrid. The area at the end of the freeway into Madrid is called Moncloa.

One of my favourite eating places in the area is called Casa Mingo (founded in 1888), and it is on Paseo de la Florida.

Casa Mingo in Madrid

Great food and good prices. It only sells one thing; charcoal spit roast chicken, fresh salad and Asturian cider. You can sit in, out or upstairs on a shaded terrace.

Lunch was over, so it was time to go home for a siesta. I had parked in a park next to Casa Mingo.

The park has an interesting name, “Parque de la bombilla” (light-bulb park). Every summer there is an open-air cinema starting around midnight, “Cine de Verano“. I have been a few times.

They show recent movies, and it is a welcome retreat for sitting outside in the cooler air.

I found some interesting graffiti in the park and took a few photos.

I do like Madrid. I have been here for eighteen years. It is varied and is full of contrasts. It is also a good place to live and work.

Grafitti in Madrid’s Parque de la Bombilla

Grafitti of an old man
Madrid Grafitti
Ghost Grafitti
Grafitti with letters
Madrid Grafitti