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Here are some presentation tips, “the four commandments“,  to ensure that your presentation of new teaching material to your students is a success. We strongly advise that you follow the “Four Commandments” presentation tips when you are presenting teaching material.

If you follow these “commandments”, your students will take in your new material more effectively and will be more likely to retain the new information.

Presentation tips 1. Attention

Make sure of the following:

  • Your students are: alert, focused on the teacher and/or the material to be learned and aware that something is being explained that they need to take in.
  • Your students are paying attention.
  • The material is seen as interesting in itself. Most people prefer to learn from material that is interesting, for example: if you were introducing business vocabulary it would probably be better to use an inspiring, innovative business success story versus a dry, statistical article.

Presentation tips 2. Awareness

Make sure of the following:

  • Your students see or hear the target material clearly.
  • You repeat the material as many times as is necessary in order to reinforce assimilation.
  • Get a response from your students in order to check that they have in fact understood and assimilated the material. Do not use questions that can only give a “yes/no” answer. Do not ask “Did you understand?” or any similar type of question. You know that they’ll all say yes so as not to appear dumb in front of their classmates.

Presentation tips 3. Appreciate

Make sure of the following:

  • Your students appreciate the meaning of the material being introduced.
  • The material you present is connected with something that your students already know and/or can relate to. It could be a previously learned language skill or something they can relate to based on experience, culture, etc.
  • Illustrate the connection by referring to previously learned material, cultural aspects, experience, general knowledge, etc.
  • Get a response from your students to check that they have appreciated, understood and taken in the new material.

Presentation tips 4. Assimilate

Make sure of the following:

  • Your students take in and store the material in their short-term memory.
  • Ensure that your presentation has “impact”. For example: it is colourful, dramatic or unusual.
  • You make a brief summary if an initial, lengthy explanation is necessary.
  • Get a response from your students to check that they have appreciated, understood and taken in the new material.

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