An EFL teacher’s “Self-Care” Sunday

It’s Isabelle here again – yes, the uncoordinated Isabelle at the gym in her ”Espalda Sana” (Healthy Back) class. What I do on my “Self-Care Sunday”.

Everyone should practice self-care to refresh their body and improve their mental health. It may sound like an excuse to be selfish, but it’s very different. Self-care allows you to take some time to take care of yourself to feel your best.

Self-care focuses on activities and rituals that help you feel healthy, happy, relaxed, and energized. As for “Self-Care Sunday”, it is a weekly practice that allows you to end the weekend on a positive, refreshing note to feel great going into the week ahead.

Why is “Self-Care Sunday” an important ritual?

The workweek has us focused on pleasing others, working hard, and taking care of our responsibilities. While this is important, you will improve your productivity during the week if you can take some time. If we don’t take the time to schedule some self-care, it’s all too easy for the week to run away from us.

A “Self-Care Sunday” routine allows you to focus on what makes you feel good and healthy to feel sharp for the start of the week. Doing this consistently without regularly breaking for self-care can cause you to feel depressed or worn out. You may feel stressed or overbooked during the weekdays, leading to unhealthy eating or spending too much time on things that don’t bring you joy.

self-care Sunday ideas to help you recharge before next week

Self-care Sunday ideas to help you recharge before next week

If you are new to self-care, read on and get some tips on planning your perfect “Self-Care Sunday”. They are primarily DIY (do it yourself) ideas that won’t drain your bank account.

Watch your favourite movie

You can make it memorable on your Sunday by preparing your favourite food and watching a film. Sometimes, it’s okay to veg out in front of the television. This will allow you to forget about what may be stressing you out, and you can step into a new reality that you love.

Try a new recipe

Whether you like to bake or cook, trying a new recipe is a fun activity that can translate into the week ahead. If you make enough of your recipe to feed yourself more than once, you will have a homemade meal or snack to bring to work.

Use a face mask

The hustle and bustle of the workweek may keep you so busy that you start to neglect your skincare. This might lead your skin to break out or appear dull, which will decrease your confidence during the week. Instead, try a refreshing face mask to clear your skin of dirt or bacteria to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation can help you disconnect from all of the stress in the world and centre your mind. There are multiple benefits of practising meditation for your mental and physical health. You can easily find guided meditations online for free, and the best part is that you can practice them anywhere you want.

Do some yoga

Yoga can help your mind and body relax while also giving you a chance to get some exercise. There is yoga for all kinds of people, from beginners to experts, so don’t be shy. Whether you go to a class or watch a tutorial, it’s easy to find a yoga routine that makes you feel great.


It’s easy to get lost in your thoughts, sometimes to the point where it causes your mind to spiral into stress. Taking your thoughts to paper and journal on a Sunday can help clear and organize your thoughts so you feel less scatterbrained.

Go to therapy

Let’s say you can book a therapy appointment on a Sunday every so often. In that case, it can help you collect your thoughts and strategize a more positive outlook. The business of the weekdays can make you bottle up your emotions in an unhealthy way, so therapy allows you to let it all out.

Do your laundry

A fresh load of laundry can make a huge difference in your health and happiness. If you don’t regularly wash your sheets or towels, they can quickly accumulate bacteria that lead to health problems. Doing your laundry every Sunday can help you make sure that your linens & towels are always fresh and clean each week. It feels great to fall asleep in a freshly made bed with clean sheets.

Take a walk somewhere new

You may feel like you’re always stuck inside the office during the workweek. When the weekend comes around, it will significantly benefit you to get some fresh air and sunshine. Taking a walk will also help you take a break from electronics to enjoy some light exercise and pretty scenery. Kick it up a notch by taking a walk somewhere you’re unfamiliar with.

Use essential oils

Essential oils are a great way to practice self-care, as they have plenty of benefits for mental and physical health. You can try roll-ons to promote wellness and relief and nasal inhalers or essential oil diffusers.

Turn off your alarm

On Sunday, you should let yourself sleep in for a lovely rest. Turning off your alarms allows you to stay sound asleep until you are ready to wake up and take on your last day of the weekend. This can also be a good tip if you’ve been partying the Saturday before.

Create a home spa

There is nothing better than a spa day for your self-care routine, but booking an appointment every weekend is not easy. Instead, try to create a spa-like environment at home with comfortable, relaxing features. This might include some essential oils, relaxing music, or even a comfy robe.

Get a massage

A Sunday massage can make your body feel much better before the workweek. Depending on your weekly responsibilities, the weekdays can day a toll on your body. Massages can heal that stress, even if it’s not a professional massage and just one from your partner with some essential oils and soothing music.


Taking the time to exercise can get your mind off everything that you are overthinking and allow you to focus on wellness. In addition, exercise can reenergize you and release endorphins to boost your mood. Plus, it’s good for your body and fitness.

Eat healthily

Your schedule is super busy during the week. It may be easier for you to eat fast food or any available meal (even if it isn’t healthy). On Sundays, you can renourish your body with a healthy dinner, smoothie, or dessert.

Learn a new hobby

You may feel like you’ve tried everything, but self-care should also be a time to explore hobbies that make you happy. Calligraphy, baking, painting – there’s so much to try. Tutorials on YouTube and online classes make it easy to get into whatever hobby piques your interest. Maybe there is something you’ve always wanted to try but never had the time, so try it on Sunday! You might enjoy it so much, and you want to do it every weekend.


We can’t deny that many people like to spend their Saturday nights partying with a drink or two, or three… maybe more. That is perfectly fine, but it will lead to some dehydration. So make sure to incorporate hydration into your self-care routine with some ice-cold glasses of water and your favourite reusable straw.

Soak up the sun (easy to do in Madrid!!)

If you are in a dark office all week that doesn’t get much sun, you may want to take some time to fill up on Vitamin D. Spend some time in the sun. It will boost your mood and improve your health.

Take a trip

You don’t have to go far, but sometimes getting out of your everyday surroundings can make you feel instantly better. For example, if you feel like every week is the same repetitive, boring routine– taking a trip to somewhere new or a place you love can turn things around.

Run a bath

This is a great way to relax on Sunday night, and you can make it more relaxing with some bubble bath products. After a bath, you will feel fresh, clean, and super zen.

Light a candle

Certain fragrances can boost your mood, so doing something as simple as lighting a candle can be helpful. It creates a soothing ambience that puts you at ease and promotes positivity. Just don’t forget to blow out the candle after some time.

Clean your room

After a long weekday, you probably won’t feel motivated to clean your room up. This can lead to a significant mess if you put it off too long, which can be stressful. So stay on top of it by spending time every Sunday to clean up before the week ahead.

Go shopping

Treat yourself to a shopping trip to buy something that makes you happy. It can be something that will improve your week ahead, like a pair of comfortable shoes or a new outfit. No matter what you want to buy, it can be a big mood-booster to do some fun shopping.

Plan your week

Plan it out if you are used to getting the “Sunday Scaries” because you are stressed about the week ahead. Taking time to plan your week with an easy schedule to follow will make it seem more manageable.

Sleep well

A good night’s sleep will make all the difference for the following Monday. It will help you feel refreshed, focused, and ready to take on the week. If you are having trouble sleeping, you may find that lavender oil will help you relax for better rest.

We hope you enjoy these tips for a Self-Care Sunday. Remember that your health and wellness will benefit from regular self-care, and you deserve it.