Some people like stories to read or to listen to. Some of these intriguing stories are myths.

Here is the Norse creation myth.

Before there was a world, there was a cold place in the north called Niflheim. There was snow and ice. In the south, there was a hot place called Muspell. There was a fire. Between the cold and the hot place was Ginnungagap. There was nothing here.

Eleven rivers of ice went from the north to the south. The ice slowly changed to water, and two animals came out of the water. One was a giant called Ymir, an enormous monster with hair of ice. The other was a big cow named Audumla. Ymir drank the cow´s milk, and Audumla ate the ice.

Ymir gets killed by Froelich

One day, the cow started to eat some ice, and a strange person came out of the ice. He was called Buri. A long time passed. Buri had a son named Bokr. Then Bokr married Bestla, and they had three sons – Odin, Vili and Ve. These were the first Viking gods.

Odin and his brothers didn´t like the giant Ymir. They killed him, and they used his body to make the world. First, they made the earth from his arms and legs. Next, they made the mountains from his teeth. Then, they made the sea from his blood. After that, they made the clouds from his hair, and finally, they made the sun and stars from some fire in Muspell.

One day, Odin and his brothers found two old trees. They made the first man and the first woman from the trees.

… And what happened after … we all know, more or less …