We all (EBC graduates and staff) look forward to hearing what you have to say about your teaching English abroad experiences.

We want to bring together everyone who has been through the EBC program and create a great source of public information and shared experiences about teaching English abroad.

One of our 2004 Madrid graduates, Victorio Korjhan, sums it up the best:

“Your new project is truly a wonderful way of bringing together so many of your former TEFL graduates to share their experiences. I will, of course, be looking forward to periodically contributing some of my own experiences to share with you, and with so many of your former students.” Victorio Korjhan

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The only technical requirement is that your teaching English abroad experiences articles should have at least 300 words. More than 300 is even better.

If you have photos you would like to add, email them to EBC, and we’ll add them in. Please make sure that they are your photos, or the copyright police may come knocking on the door.

Stuck on what to write about your teaching English abroad experiences? Here are some suggestions

Here are some suggestions for articles describing your teaching English abroad experiences.

They are in the form of questions you could answer or think about to get your creative juices flowing.

If you remember the first day of your TEFL course, we gave you a list of suggested topics for your first two lessons. This works the same way.

Personal information

  • How old are you?
  • What is your nationality?
  • What city are you from?
  • What are your education level and background?
  • Did you have work experience before you joined the course?
  • Before you joined the course, in which sector did you work, what did you do, for how long did you work?
  • If you were working before you joined the course, why did you leave your job teaching English abroad?

Previous travel/studies

  • Have you ever travelled abroad before?
  • If you have travelled abroad, where did you go, what did you see, what were your experiences?
  • Have you studied abroad before?
  • If you have studied abroad before, where did you learn, what were your experiences?

Teaching English abroad experiences – impressions about teaching English abroad

  • What got you interested in teaching English abroad?
  • What did your friends and family think about going abroad to train/teach English?
  • What were your primary concerns about teaching English abroad?
  • Where did you choose to teach English abroad and why?
  • What research did you do before you chose EBC?
  • Why did you choose EBC?

Teaching English abroad experiences – the TEFL course

  • Which TEFL course did you take?
  • In which city did you take the TEFL course?
  • In what month did you take the TEFL course?
  • How did you like the TEFL course?
  • How were your classmates?
  • Did you make new friends on the TEFL course?
  • Are you still in contact with these friends?

Teaching English abroad experiences – work teaching English abroad

  • Did the EBC job placement program help you get your first job?
  • If it did, how did it help?
  • Have you used the EBC job placement program more than once?
  • If you have never used the EBC job placement program or only used one, why (it is a lifetime service)?
  • What was the interview process for getting your first job teaching English abroad?
  • Where are you teaching?
  • What school(s) do you work for?
  • Are your students good to work with?
  • Does/do the school/s treat you fairly and pay you on time?
  • What is the pay, and how many hours a week do you work?
  • How has your TEFL training helped you in your current teaching position?
  • Do you earn enough to live on?
  • Did you get a student visa?
  • Did you get a work visa?
  • If you did not get any type of work papers, what is it like working off the books?
  • What kind of classroom challenges have you faced?
  • What is the most memorable/rewarding lesson you have taught?
  • What teaching techniques have you found work well or do not work well?
  • Do you find that some teaching techniques work well with some groups and not with others?
  • Are your students appreciative of your work?
  • Do you have any tips about specific areas of teaching (presenting, testing, vocabulary, verb tenses, etc.)?
  • What are common challenges when teaching beginner, intermediate or advanced level students?
  • What have you found is the most challenging area for beginner, intermediate or advanced level students to master?

Teaching English abroad experiences – the country or countries where you teach or have taught

  • In how many countries have you been teaching English abroad?
  • How long have you been in your current country and how much longer do you think you will stay?
  • How is the food, social life, entertainment and availability of things to do?
  • What surprised you most about the local culture when you arrived?
  • What do you do when you aren’t working?
  • Can you travel around easily?
  • What were some of the significant challenges you faced during your first months?
  • What country-specific tips would you give to people thinking about teaching English abroad in the countries where you taught English?
  • What general tips would you give to people thinking about teaching English abroad?