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  • EBC International TEFL Certificate course
  • Instituto de Cervantes accredited Spanish programme
  • Guaranteed job placement
  • Globally accepted English teaching certificate
  • One year student visa

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What international jobs are there for me?

You can work almost anywhere you want.

Madrid, Paris, Rome, London, Buenos Aires, anywhere that there is a need for qualified and certified EBC TEFL teachers.

We have been running this course since 2002.

We have graduated thousands of successful English teachers.

If you do not get a job after graduating from our course, you will be the first.

Why is teaching English a great skill to have?

Knowing how to teach English is a great skill to have because you can use it anywhere.

If you know how to teach English, you’ll earn a decent wage and be able to work virtually anywhere.

It is a skill that opens many doors and is also a satisfying profession.

English is the world’s number one language for almost everything. This means that their are millions of people around the world who want to learn English.


I don't have a European Union passport. Can I attend?

If you are not from the European Union, no problem.

We offer an all-in-one package that includes a one year student visa so that you can stay legally in Spain.

As long as you meet our entry requirements, you can take this course. The entry requirements are as follows:

  • You must be at least 21
  • Have a degree or a minimum of 5 years work experience
  • Be a native English speaker or have achieved a C1 English as a foreign language test grade
What will I earn?

You can earn-back your full tuition after one month’s work teaching English.

Based on the experience of our EBC TEFL graduates, they work 20 to 25 hours a week and earn 17 to 25 Euros an hour.

This means that they earn between 1,360 and 2,500 Euros a month.

What will I learn?

In four weeks, you will learn to teach English. When you finish the course you will be prepared for entry into the TEFL profession.

When you graduate you will:

  • Be an English teaching professional capable of getting EFL teaching jobs almost anywhere in the world;
  • Understand language use and analysis;
  • Be knowledgeable of teaching theory and its practical application;
  • Know how to manage your classroom;
  • Be able to identify student learning difficulties and develop remedial action plans;
  • Know how to plan, design, develop and deliver effective lessons;
  • Be able to teach in both a TEFL and TESOL classroom environment.
Why should I choose EBC?

Guaranteed jobs

Most of our students attend EBC because of our unrivaled, guaranteed job placement. Our job placement is second to none. We give you an unrivaled, lifelong commitment to helping you find work.

Quality, professional and friendly

EBC has the best value-for-money TEFL, Spanish and student visa programme in Madrid.
TEFL course Madrid Spain
We have also been around since 2002, so we are one of the oldest TEFL courses in Spain.

Some other good reasons are:

  • Our classroom course meets the internationally recognised TEFL certificate requirements of at least 100 training hours and 6 hours of observed teaching practice
  • We give two certificates in TESOL and TEFL
  • Trainers with years of experience
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Many hours of  teaching practice (24 on the four week classroom course)
  • Regular Teacher/Student interaction and appraisal
  • We have higher entry requirements than almost all other schools
  • Our courses are designed for teachers by teachers
  • We NEVER cancel courses
  • High student satisfaction
  • Great cities to study and work in
Let's get started. Welcome to the EBC family!

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TEFL Training - English teaching Jobs - Study Spanish - One year student visa

teach English in Madrid

EBC - your Road2Spain - from €2,560

What is on offer?

  1. TEFL course
  2. TEFL and TESOL certificate
  3. One year Student Visa
  4. One academic year Spanish programme
  5. Accommodation options
  6. Guaranteed Job placement programme for Europe, Latin America, Asia, anywhere in the world
  7. After-course help
  8. Lifetime, worldwide job placement

Tate: Super informative, lots of practice, easy to understand

Paul: Excellent preparation, practical, realistic, student visa

This course is for you if ...

  1. You are a native English speaker or you have an advanced (C1) level of English
  2. You want to work and live in Europe, Latin America, Asia or anywhere in the world
  3. You want to use your teaching salary to finance your travels
  4. You want to learn or improve your Spanish while earning as an English teacher
  5. You want to use your work, living and travel experience abroad for better and more powerful resumes in the future

Watch some of our students practice teaching

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