The Subtle Greecian Tide

There is a beauty to Crete and the people that will forever linger in my heart. There is a magic that happens that is so raw but lasting. I was escorted to my apartment by the director of the school … it was a stone’s throw away from the Mediterranean Sea. I was introduced to the wonderful Polish maintenance man who immediately offered me a shot of ouzo. I gladly accepted.

The building had five stories and roof access. The room was a huge studio with a kitchen-et and a balcony to boot. After a beautiful day at school, I loaded up on the local kiosk’s fruits and vegetables. After that, I walked home and cooked up one of the freshest meals of my life … Feta, Olives, Wine and Tomatoes, I poured a glass of wine and went to the roof. I sat and watched the tide and leather-skinned people of all ages play on the beach and in the water. I saw the sun go down, and after a bit, I watched myself relax into the stunning environment; a place as mystical as the wonders of Eden.

A.Angelo Rhynes