Travelling pet TEFL course attendee, Teddy, our first canine

Our first travelling pet Teddy, his owner and travelling with your pet


Teddy was the first travelling pet to attend one of our TEFL courses.

Teddy is a small and very well behaved dog.

Carly, Teddy’s owner and soul mate, decided to fly from the USA and attend the EBC Madrid TEFL course in 2011.

We had a few phone calls with Carly before the course started in order to iron out all the details.

Carly was adamant that Teddy was coming and that he would be attending the course every day.

We agreed but made it clear that if Teddy misbehaved he would have to be left at home.

Carly accepted the condition and we waited for the day to arrive.

To cut a long story short, Teddy was a hit.

Everyone on the course loved him and we were all very sad to see him go at the end of the course.

We even awarded him a “best canine attendee” certificate at the end of the course.

Travelling with pets – challenges

A photo of Teddy

It is a great story and we at EBC are happy to have been part of it but travelling abroad with your pet presents quite a few challenges.

  • How much will it cost?
  • What are the conditions imposed by the airline?
  • What veterinary certificates do you need to get before travelling?
  • Will the country you are going to place your pet in quarantine for an extended period?
  • Will I traumatise my pet?
  • And more questions …

Travelling with pets – expert knowledge sites

If you want to travel with your pet, we recommend that you look at the following pet travel expert sites and talk to your vet.

Cesar Millan

How to travel abroad with your dog.

National Geographic

Overseas travel regulations for travelling pets.

Dog Time

FAQs about travelling abroad with dogs.

Pet Travel

Information and facts about getting a Pet Passport and preparing to travel.

These sites cover most of what you will need to know

  • Quarantine and entry requirements
  • Certification of health certificate
  • International health certificate
  • Airline pet policies
  • Transiting a country
  • Microchipping your pet
  • Cabin travel requirements
  • Pet cargo crate requirements
  • Keeping your pet safe when travelling in the cargo hold
  • Airline pet carriers
  • Preparing your pet for travel
  • Pet transporters
  • Looking after your pet when you arrive

Travelling with your pet should not be a problem

As long as you prepare and do things properly, there should not be a problem travelling with your pet.

Carly and Teddy stayed in Madrid for almost two years and had a great time before going back to the USA.

We only have one experience with Teddy, but if Carly and he can do it, so can you.