Trump effect on TEFL

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is one of the best professional employment opportunities for native English speakers or bilinguals in English and another commonly spoken language like Spanish, French, and Italian.

The week before the US elections, EBC saw a 55% increase in the number of enquiries, from an average of 280 requests to over 430 requests for information.

The last time we saw a spike in interest like this was when George Bush Junior was elected.

The week after Trump’s victory, the weekly enquiries for EBC TEFL courses showed a dramatic increase of 250% for enquiries per week for our four-week, online TEFL courses.

This dramatic increase in enquiries and subsequent enrolments was prevalent in young people between the ages of 25-30, with most coming from California, New York, Texas, Delaware and Florida.

This shows the spirit of adventure in the youth of a country that always has and will always be great.

They are set on working in another country, learning about other cultures, learning about different working environments and in the process increasing their overall CQ (Cultural Quotient), which translates to a very marketable skill when they go back home.